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FAQ coronavirusDo I have to come into the office for a consultation? 

FAQ about coronavirusNo. We offer telephonic consultations all the time, not just during public health crises. This makes it easier for those who work or care for others full time to discuss their case without worrying about taking time off work and arranging transportation and child care. If you have documents you are concerned about explaining over the phone, you may scan them onto your computer so you can email them for review during your consultation.  Keep reading more of our Coronavirus FAQ’s.
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FAQ coronavirusI got laid off because of COVID-19, am I going to have to file bankruptcy? 

FAQ about coronavirusThat depends on how much debt you already have, and how long it takes you to find a new job. Interest rates are low right now so if you take out a loan and find a new job fairly quickly, you probably won’t accrue enough debt to make filing bankruptcy worth it. If you were already facing garnishment, repossession, or foreclosure, being laid off will put you further in the hole. However, if you were only facing a garnishment, it might serve you well to wait until you find a new job. Your paychecks can’t be garnished if you aren’t receiving one, and having a job will help you qualify for $0 down financing at firms that offer that payment option. You should consult an experienced bankruptcy attorney that offers free consultations to discuss whether filing bankruptcy is a good option for you, and when would be a good time to file.
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FAQ coronavirusCan I stay home and still file a bankruptcy? 

FAQ about coronavirusYes!  Our Arizona bankruptcy team offers a File Bankruptcy by Phone option.  Additionally, we can do your consultation over the phone, and collect your documents to draft your petition electronically. Once we draft your petition, we can email it to you so you can review it, and then you will be scheduled to telephonically review your petition with your attorney. If everything is correct and you’re ready to file, your attorney will file your case electronically. Even your credit counseling courses will be taken online. The only part of the bankruptcy that must be completed in person is the 341 Meeting of Creditors. However, these hearings are currently suspended until at least the end of the month. It is unsure if 341 hearings will eventually be held telephonically, but hearings will not resume until the crisis is over. You will have an automatic stay of protection from the moment you file until your case is discharged to prevent from debt collection.  Continue reading our COVID 19 & Coronavirus FAQs.
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FAQ coronavirusHow can I get my paperwork turned in for family law, DUI, bankruptcy or personal Injury and not have to leave the house?

FAQ about coronavirusWe can make this happen.  Dropping off documents in person was already the least popular way to submit documents at our firm. You may also fax or email your documents to avoid in-person contact at the firm. Our staff will be able to call or email you to answer any questions you have about collecting the documents.
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