6 Documents You Will Need To Give Your Bankruptcy Attorney

Dealing With Paperwork Before Filing For Bankruptcy In Arizona

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, you have to demonstrate every single aspect of your finances to your Ahwatukee bankruptcy lawyer. As you can guess, these documents will also be available for the court. There’s no way to escape this fact. The only attorney who would not ask you for these documents would be incompetent.

Filing for bankruptcy will be tedious because of the paperwork. It may be a short process, but it’s not sweet.

So, now that you know that you will have to deal with paperwork, what documents are necessary for your attorney? Continue reading to find out.

Bankruptcy documentation in Arizona

Your Taxes

You will need to show your income taxes from the last two years. You will also have to include taxes related to business operations (if possible), like payroll tax. If you haven’t filed taxes, you should start immediately. Your taxes must be filed shortly after your bankruptcy case is filed.

If you don’t want to get your case dismissed, file your taxes before filing for bankruptcy. It’s the safest way to avoid any issues with the timeline.

It’s best if you offer your complete tax forms, but not everyone has these available. You can ask for a tax transcript from your federal taxing authorities. This will summarize your tax details on a few pieces of paper and help your Glendale bankruptcy lawyer. That should be proof enough of your tax record.

You can also file your taxes at the actual IRS and state tax offices, but only if you are filing taxes from previous years before filing for bankruptcy. By doing this, the state tax office will give you stamped proof that you’ve filed your taxes. This way, legal authorities will know that your taxes have been officially filed.

Your Bank Statements

You cannot forget about bank statements. You have to offer copies from every bank account you have, whether it’s a checking or savings account. You can provide a six-months bank statement to make sure everything will go fine.

The bankruptcy trustee will combine those statements in detail to ensure you are not trying to hide money or pay off debts that you shouldn’t pay before filing. If your bank statements include money going in and out in a typical pattern, you aren’t going to have issues.

Your Pay Stubs

Income is also crucial when you file for bankruptcy. You have to meet certain requirements to qualify for chapter 7, and most of them involve money restrictions.

You can analyze whether you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy by reviewing your paystubs. You have to provide at least two months’ worth. However, the authorities may require six months’ worth.

If you don’t have pay stubs or you are self-employed, you may still have to offer your taxes with more recent proof of your recent income. You may also need a profit and loss statement.

All Your Debts

The court will also ask you to provide all your current debts. Your credit report is usually invaluable for this process, but your attorney may need it, so ask them if you’ll have to supply it or not. You have to provide recent bills received in the mail too.

If you do your best to provide recent bills and a credit report, you’ll be fine, that’s all the court asks for.

Mortgage Statement Or Car Loan Statement

Your lawyer will probably ask you to provide a mortgage statement. However, we emphasize that you have to bring this only IF applicable, if not, you don’t have to worry because it won’t stop you from filing.

If you don’t know what applicable means or you are unsure about giving this document, look it up. Ask your Chandler bankruptcy lawyer to receive more information about it.

Life Insurance & Others

Last but not least, don’t forget about life insurance, IRA/401K, or other retirement accounts. Each life insurance document is treated differently, so whatever statements you have, you should give them to your attorney. These documents can have an impact on how your case is handled.

Get Ready With a Reliable Mesa Bankruptcy Attorney

This is only a brief list of the documents you may need to file for bankruptcy, but there may be more depending on your case. If you want to learn more about filing for bankruptcy, contact My AZ Lawyers now, we guarantee the best debt-free solution for your case. Plus, your first consultation is completely FREE. Contact us now by phone or email.


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