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In need of the services of our Glendale bankruptcy Lawyers?  Like many other communities throughout the United States, the community of Glendale has been continuing to struggle through years of a weak economy.  For example, some people may have experienced layoffs, and others may have remained underemployed for long periods as they were unable to find skilled work in their fields.  While others may have turned to personal loans or credit cards to help them make it through the hard times.  Despite their hard work and their best intentions, those debts may have gotten away from them.

Glendale, Arizona bankruptcy lawyers


If you find yourself in a similar situation, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers may be able to help you get the debt relief you need through bankruptcy.  The expert attorneys at My AZ Lawyers offer free consults and payment plans for people in need of debt relief in Glendale, Peoria, Avondale, and Surprise, Arizona.  Though many people think of bankruptcy as a sign of failure or defeat, it is actually a program created under the law for people like you who are struggling with overwhelming debts and who need a second chance.

One of our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers will work to help you understand your options under this legal protection program.  Bankruptcy is a federal program created to help out people who need a fresh start.

In addition, other reasons you may find yourself needing to consider bankruptcy include:  having gone through a recent divorce or a major illness or injury.  Also, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers do not judge, we understand that hard times happen upon even the best of people.

Bankruptcy may be able to help you discharge unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills and personal loans while possibly keeping assets such as your home and car.

In other cases, bankruptcy can help you reorganize your debt so that you are making one payment that you can afford under a lower interest rate.  Know all of your debt relief options when you are seeking assistance from Glendale bankruptcy lawyers.  Our debt relief team can assist you.  Let our years of experience filing bankruptcies for the people of Glendale, Arizona go to work for you.


GLendale zero down bankruptcy Lawyers

Our Glendale Bankruptcy law firm used to be like many other bankruptcy firms.  We used to require clients to pay their balance in full before their case was filed. However, we realized that this was often something that could not happen or something that took a very long time to accomplish.  
However, our Glendale bankruptcy attorneys quickly realized that paying bankruptcy fees isn’t in our clients’ budgets.  This was especially true of those whose wages are being garnished, or for people in Glendale who are struggling to make minimum monthly payments on their debts. As a solution, we adopted a Zero Down Bankruptcy option for Chapter 7 Bankruptcies.  Contact our Glendale Zero Down Bankruptcy Lawyers for additional information on filing you bankruptcy without coming out of pocket.

Glendale Divorce Lawyer, Attorneys for Divorce in Glendale, AZ

Glendale Divorce Lawyer, Attorneys for Divorce in Glendale, AZ

Glendale Divorce Lawyer, Attorneys for Divorce in Glendale, AZ


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona

Our experienced Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers take a look at some of the most asked questions regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings in Glendale, Arizona.  Our Glendale Bankruptcy Team is made up of attorneys and debt relief agents who are ready and available to assist you with your Glendale Debt Relief needs.

My AZ Lawyers Glendale Bankruptcy Attorneys


Bankruptcies are a matter of public record, so anyone can specifically go search the bankruptcy docket for your name. Your creditors and cosigners on loans will be notified of your bankruptcy, as will your landlord if you break your lease in bankruptcy. Your spouse will need to know and be involved in your bankruptcy filing if you are legally married.



The biggest difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 is that debts aren’t repaid in a Chapter 7, but are in a Chapter 13. Chapter 7 lasts 4-6 months, and Chapter 13 lasts 3-5 years. However, both require that you complete credit counseling, submit a petition, and attend a 341 Meeting of Creditors.



Less than 1% of Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases that are filed without an attorney are dismissed, so filing Chapter 13 on your own is not recommended. You have a better chance of successfully discharging your bankruptcy on your own in Chapter 7, but still risk dismissal, delays, extra fees, surrendering assets, failing to include creditors, etc. Most bankruptcy attorneys will tell you during a consultation if your case is simple enough that you could probably do it yourself or with just a document preparer.



The filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona is $338. The filing fee for a Chapter 13 is $313.



Filing bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona is a legal way for people struggling with debt to discharge or reorganize these debts into more affordable payments. It also protects the debtors against creditor collection while their cases are active. Debtors are no longer liable for debts that are discharged in bankruptcy.



Most consumers choose between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 when filing bankruptcy in Arizona. A Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy, while a Chapter 13 reorganizes debts into a 3-5 year payment plan. Chapter 11 is another type of bankruptcy which is less common, but also has provisions for small business owners.



There are many things that might tell you it’s time to start thinking about filing bankruptcy. Maybe your phone is constantly ringing with creditor calls, you are being denied credit cards and other lines of credit due to your poor credit history, or your wages are being garnished. If you are struggling with debt, the best way to find out if you should file bankruptcy is by consulting with an experienced Glendale, Arizona bankruptcy attorney.



The Automatic Stay is the legal protection that goes into effect once your Glendale bankruptcy is filed. When the Automatic Stay is active, your creditors are barred from collection methods such as repossession, foreclosure, and garnishment. The stay remains effective until your case is discharged or dismissed, with limited exceptions.



Your Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you determine if you qualify for bankruptcy, draft your petition, include all of your creditors on your creditor mailing matrix, assist with document gathering, guide you through the credit counseling process, fielding creditor calls, attending your 341 Meeting of Creditors, and more. Filing your bankruptcy with an attorney is the best way to make sure you don’t pay extra fees, certain debts aren’t excluded from your bankruptcy, or that your case doesn’t end in dismissal.



Zero Down Bankruptcy is available to qualified Chapter 7 filers in Glendale, Arizona. If you select this option, you will pay for your bankruptcy after your case is filed in 12 months with a 0% interest rate. For more information, call to schedule your free consultation.



Medical bills are the top type of debt that causes people to declare bankruptcy. Medical bills can be discharged in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.



Wage garnishments are one of the collection methods that are stopped by the Automatic Stay, which goes into effect once your petition is filed. You will need to file your petition and provide your payroll department with your case number before payroll is run for the garnishment to be stopped before your next paycheck.



If you are behind on your mortgage and want to keep your home, Chapter 7 will only help if you can catch up in a few month period and you have equal to or less equity in the home than your state’s exemption value. Chapter 13, on the other hand, will spread out your past due balance, along with other debts, out over your 3-5 year payment plan. Both Chapters will protect you from foreclosure due to the Automatic Stay until your case is discharged or dismissed.


Glendale Bankruptcy Law Office

Our Glendale bankruptcy law office serves the West Valley of the Phoenix metro area along with the communities of:  Glendale, Peoria, Arrowhead, Surprise, Cave Creek, North Scottsdale, Anthem, and New River, Arizona.  We are also conveniently located at 51st Avenue and the 101 freeway in Glendale, Arizona, our Glendale Bankruptcy Law Office serves people seeking debt relief services in Maricopa County Arizona.

In addition, our Glendale bankruptcy law office located at 20325 N 51st Avenue in Glendale, Arizona 85308 is convenient to people seeking bankruptcy in and around Glendale, Peoria, North Phoenix, Arrowhead, and North Scottsdale.  With same day consultations in most cases, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers will quickly get you the “fresh start” you are seeking.

My AZ Lawyers Can Help

Call the Glendale bankruptcy lawyers from My AZ Lawyers today to discuss the details of your case and to find out if a bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you get the debt relief you need.  You may also be able to start reclaiming your finances sooner than you think and start creating the life you want again.  Plus, our consultations are free and can be either in office or via phone.  By all means, call 480-833-8000 today!

GLENDALE CHAPTER 7 BANKRUPTCY Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer

Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out debt such as credit cards, medical bills, and other unsecured debt.  Also, if you need to eliminate debt due to vehicle repossession or home foreclosure, Chapter 7 may be an option.  Filing a petition for Chapter 7 ends collection attempts by creditors and wage garnishments.  Glendale residents must qualify for Chapter 7 by completing a Means Test, which calculates income and expenses. Income must be less than Arizona’s median income for household size.

$0 Down bankruptcy program

Your new beginning begins with eliminating your debt, and a free debt evaluation with a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer.  In particular, our attorneys provide professional advice and expert legal representation at an affordable cost.  Our firm also offers a free consultation with an experienced attorney, a low fee guarantee, and $0 down bankruptcy program.  $0 down to get a fresh start, and $0 down to file bankruptcy.  In other words, with our $0 down bankruptcy program, filing becomes a possibility for Glendale residents who cannot fund the legal fees up front.

GLENDALE CHAPTER 13 BANKRUPTCY Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney

Also known as a reorganization bankruptcy, Chapter 13 allows a debtor to repay debt over a three to five year period.  A repayment plan is established and a bankruptcy trustee oversees this plan.  The repayment plan is based on income that is left over after necessary monthly expenses are paid (disposable income).  In many cases, Chapter 13 can be a powerful tool to get out of debt. Bankruptcy Chapter 13 can protect assets.  At the end of the reorganization plan, the remaining debs are discharged.


Arizona bankruptcy laws provide certain protections to debtors who need to eliminate debt.  Also, the bankruptcy code is a federal law that details the procedures of bankruptcy and oversees all bankruptcy cases.  In addition, the most common bankruptcy chapter in Arizona is Chapter 7, followed by Chapter 13.  In fact, the main objective of bankruptcy protection, is to give a debtor a fresh start through debt reorganization or liquidation.  Particularly, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers are experts in bankruptcy and will be able to assist you with your debt relief needs.

Additionally, filing bankruptcy is a means that provides debt relief.  Therefore, a bankruptcy discharge of debt may be an option for you if you owe creditors more than you are able to pay.  Furthermore, the Arizona bankruptcy laws provide a discharge (release of all personal liability and legal obligation to pay a debt) and wipes out overwhelming debt.  It is also important to understand which chapter bankruptcy is best for your specific needs and debt relief.  That is to say, our experienced Glendale bankruptcy lawyers can help assure you that you are filing for the correct chapter of bankruptcy.  To put it another way, having an experienced debt relief attorney on your side will greatly increase your chance of receiving a discharge when declaring bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona.


The majority of bankruptcies filed in Glendale, Arizona are Chapter 7.  Also, this chapter of bankruptcy protection can be a powerful tool to get you out of debt.  Before filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition, however, you must qualify.  The Arizona means test is a measure of your income against the Arizona median income.  For example, if your income is less than the average resident in Arizona for the size of your household, you will most likely qualify for Chapter 7.  While if your income is higher than the median income for Arizona families, you may not be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  In Arizona, Chapter 13 is the next most popular bankruptcy filing after Chapter.  Arizona residents who do not qualify for Chapter 7 may seek the bankruptcy protection and benefits of Chapter 13.


Before filing the bankruptcy petition in Glendale, Arizona, you are required to attend an approved credit counseling session.  After completing the course, you receive a certificate that is filed with other bankruptcy paperwork and documents.  There is also a fee for the credit counseling course.  As well as, forms, schedules, and filings must be completed and deadlines for paperwork met.


Our firm is here to help you get out of debt, debt stress, help end wage garnishments, stop harassing collection attempts from creditors, foreclosure proceedings, or vehicle repossession.  When it comes to making the decision to declare bankruptcy for the good of your future, you need an attorney with experience filing bankruptcy in Glendale.  We know the Arizona bankruptcy courts, the trustees, the process, and the Arizona bankruptcy code and laws.

Additionally, My AZ Lawyers Glendale Bankruptcy Law office dedicate themselves to helping Glendale residents with debt relief.  Call our office today to schedule a consultation with an attorney who can eliminate the crushing debt from your life and stop the cycle of debt.  A “Fresh Start” is only a call away.

Our team of professionals at My Arizona Lawyers will help you through every step of the bankruptcy filing process.  We are qualified and experienced in representing Glendale residents seeking a fresh start.  Get control of your debt.


chapter 7 bankruptcy process Once you determine you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection (when you pass the Arizona Means Test), it is important to understand what Chapter 7 bankruptcy can do for you.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Chapter 7 offers immediate debt relief.
  • You will no longer stress about monthly payments, or overwhelming debt.
  • Most Credit card bills are unsecured debt that can be wiped out by a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
  • You can immediately begin to repair and rebuild your credit.
  • Vehicle repossession actions will stop.
  • You have a brand new financial future and a new beginning with a clean financial slate.
  • Paycheck garnishments and bank account garnishments will stop.
  • All foreclosure actions will end.
  • Medical bills will be discharged (erased)
  • Civil Lawsuits to collect a debt will stop.
  • You may keep your property that is exempt under Arizona exemption law, which is most of what you own, typically.
  • Creditor harassment must end.  Creditors or collection agencies are no longer allowed to call you to collect a debt.
  • There are no debt limits that would hold up a discharge.
  • Your earnings after filing a bankruptcy petition will be free of any discharged obligations.
  • There are no repayment plans to prepare or submit.
  • Chapter 7 legal fees are typically less than other chapter bankruptcy filings.
  • Unsecured debts will be wiped out.
  • You have no legal obligation to repay debt after receiving your discharge.
  • All debts that are discharged will never have to be repaid: credit card bills, payday loans, auto loans, some judgments, repossession deficiency balances.
  • Your fresh start includes a feeling of freedom from the effects debt has on your family, personal, and professional life.


Basically, the process will allow you to get out of debt, eliminate stress caused by severe debt, then rebuild credit to start a new chapter in your life.  This new beginning begins with an appointment with a Glendale bankruptcy lawyer.  You probably have fears, questions, and concerns about filing bankruptcy.  It is common for our clients to be apprehensive about declaring bankruptcy.  Then they get the information and facts that they need to help them make positive decisions toward debt relief.

With our Glendale Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys, one of our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers will assess your debt and evaluate your specific financial and debt situation in order to provide the best legal representation for your needs.  Every bankruptcy case is different and presents itself with unique circumstances.  Our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers have the knowledge of the Arizona bankruptcy law, the resources, the experience filing bankruptcy in Glendale, and an exceptional debt relief team that will help you get out of debt.  The attorney will explore all debt relief options and advise you on your best option for debt relief.


Which type of debt relief is best for your financial goals and personal needs?  If you need to eliminate debt, bankruptcy is an option.  The process can be complex, and our bankruptcy law firm will give you the guidance and representation to see you through the entire process.

After a thorough debt evaluation, an attorney will prepare a strategy that will result in the best possible outcome for your case.  We will protect your rights as a debtor as we proceed through the bankruptcy process.  Next, we will determine which chapter bankruptcy is best for you.  For example, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the most common bankruptcies filed in Glendale.  Each have distinct benefits, and treat debt and assets differently.

Steps of Filing Bankruptcy in Glendale, Arizona

contact glendale debt relief lawyers, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step One:

In the Chapter 7 bankruptcy process:  contact My AZ Lawyers Glendale Bankruptcy Law office.  Schedule an appointment for a free case evaluation and consultation with an attorney.  Ask about our $0 down bankruptcy program, which allows you to pay no money down in legal fees to file a bankruptcy in Glendale. Also visit with our team about the affordable payment options available.  Immediately feel better that you are taking control over your debt and making positive steps toward improving your financial future.  Even if you choose not to use our debt relief services, you are on your way to gaining information you need to deal with your debt.

Arizona means test, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step Two:

Complete the Arizona Bankruptcy Means Test.  You need to prove that you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection.  They call it a test, but the questions you must answer to “pass” and be eligible for Chapter 7 have to do with your income.  Also, the test uses a formula to compare your average household income to the Arizona median (average) income.  If your income is below the median, you qualify for Chapter 7.  The test also uses “annual” income.  Your “annual” income is based on an average of the 6 months of income before you file your petition for bankruptcy.  As part of our legal service to help you through the process, an attorney at our firm will help you with the means test.

The annual income limits for filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Arizona:

  • Single person household: $56,351
  • Two person household: $60, 392
  • Three person household: $60,392
  • Four person household: $71,195 

Your annual income needs to be less than the above amounts, based on the size of your household, to be eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Of course there are options if you do not qualify for Chapter 7.  You may want to discuss debt settlement or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy with an attorney.

credit counseling course, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step Three:

Complete a pre-filing bankruptcy credit counseling course.  Arizona bankruptcy code requires that debtors complete this credit counseling before they file.  It is also known as and referred to as a credit counseling certification.  The course is available online, and there is a fee for taking the course.  Upon completion, you will receive a certificate that proves you have met the requirements for the credit counseling as the law requires.

gathering information for filing bankruptcy, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step Four:

Gather information needed to file your bankruptcy.  Our debt relief team will assist you with your paperwork needed to successfully file.  We also know exactly which information will be needed for your case.  Typically information is collected such as tax returns, pay stubs, debts owed, creditor information, and property and real estate.

required paperwork for a bankruptcy in Glendale, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step Five:

Fill out the proper forms.  Bankruptcy can be a bit complex — there are petitions, statements, applications, schedules, summaries, and declarations that need to be completed correctly.  Specifically, our clients are most appreciative for the help they get from our experienced staff on this step!  The appropriate paperwork must be filed with the bankruptcy court within the time frame and deadlines set by the court.

bankruptcy petition, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step Six:

A meeting of the creditors.  You must attend a court proceeding called a 341 hearing.  This is a mandatory court appearance.  No worries!  Your attorney will completely prepare you for the hearing.  We will tell you everything to expect, and answer all your questions about this court date.  Many of our clients are fearful about this court hearing, until they hear an explanation from an attorney.  Our clients appear in bankruptcy court with confidence, and their attorney right by their side at the hearing.  

It is called a 341 hearing, because it is required by section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code.  You will meet with a trustee (not a judge) appointed to your bankruptcy case.  In addition, creditors are allowed to attend this hearing.  The trustee will ask you questions about your bankruptcy petition.  Your attorney will prepare you for these questions.  The role of the trustee is to make sure that your creditors get paid as much as possible.  As part of their job, they need to make sure that you didn’t leave out any property of assets in your bankruptcy, and that your income reports are accurate.

341 hearing

Preparation for 341 Hearing

How will our Glendale Bankruptcy attorney make sure you are ready for your 341 hearing?  Before the meeting of the creditors, your attorney will review your bankruptcy petition carefully to make sure there is nothing inaccurate, or that there is no information missing.  You need to bring a photo identification to the court.  Also, your attorney will let you know about anything you need to be responsible for to bring to the hearing.  There will be no judge present, just a trustee who will run the hearing.  After swearing you in, the trustee will ask you questions while you are under oath.  Again, your attorney will cover with you typical questions that the trustee will ask.  The 341 meeting is nothing to be worried about, especially after a lawyer spends time with you and explains what to expect.

Arizona bankruptcy discharge, Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers Step Seven:

Receive a discharge.  At the end of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a discharge is ordered.  Also, the discharge frees you from any legal obligation to pay a debt.  They will grant a discharge upon all the requirements of your bankruptcy being met.  Once your debt listed in the bankruptcy case have been discharged, the creditors may never attempt to collect that debt again.

rebuilding credit after a bankruptcy Step Eight:

Begin rebuilding your credit.  It is true that your credit score will take a hit after filing for bankruptcy.  But how good was your credit, really, before bankruptcy?  Often we see clients with poor credit because their debt was causing them to become behind on payments.  Now that you have cleared up your debt, you have a fresh start. 

Additionally, My AZ Lawyers Glendale bankruptcy attorneys are not going to boot you out the door once you receive your discharge.  Our debt relief team will give you the information and tools available in order to immediately start rebuilding your credit.  We also offer a program that is proven to improve a credit score if followed properly.  Plus, we can advise you on steps you should take to start repairing your credit.  Your life after bankruptcy is going to be a positive one!  No what you have eliminated debt, you start from square one, and begin building your financial future.  Lastly, we will help you to achieve those financial goals!

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