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Known for our relentless pursuit of successful results. Let us protect what you value most.

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I know what you’re thinking… Is This Really a $0 Down Bankruptcy Filing?

We have handled Arizona Bankruptcy for over a decade. Our Tempe bankruptcy lawyers offer sound guidance for individuals and small businesses who are devastated by unpaid debts and other financial obstacles. Therefore, the first step toward finding a solution to your financial troubles is contacting My AZ Lawyers and discussing your situation with a Tempe bankruptcy lawyer.

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    How Our Top Rated TEMPE Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help You

    Have you experienced an unexpected illness or injury? Lost your job? Gone through an expensive divorce? Or do you simply have credit cards and other debts that have gotten out of control? You don’t have to continue the cycle- debt relief is available. The seasoned professionals at My AZ Lawyers are standing by to walk you through these options, and provide bankruptcy representation if that is the best option for you. Our consultations are free of charge, and our representation fees are reasonable and fair. 

    Bankruptcy is a federal program that can be relatively short compared to other legal matters. However, it can also be complex, and the consequences of an incorrectly filed petition can be severe. That’s why it’s best to proceed with guidance from an experienced bankruptcy attorney. 

    Our bankruptcy lawyers have seen it all, and have no judgment for our clients. We will help you discharge unsecured debts like judgments, credit cards, and medical bills, and keep as many of your assets as possible. 

    In some situations, a reorganization bankruptcy may provide you more relief than a liquidation bankruptcy. This can significantly reduce the amount you pay in interest, as well as protect you from your creditors for several years in the meantime. But you don’t have to make this decision alone. Our Tempe bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you decide which form of debt relief will best suit your needs. 

    Additionally, even good people can fall behind. For example, even the most responsible people can run into trouble financially. Therefore, bankruptcy provides the option for debt relief that some people need. Given these points, consider Tempe bankruptcy services when facing the possibility of declaring bankruptcy in Tempe.

    In particular, our Tempe bankruptcy attorneys have the experience and knowledge that will benefit you greatly. Consider hiring our low cost bankruptcy services Tempe. Call us now at (602) 568-7410 for a free consultation either by phone or in our downtown Tempe bankruptcy office. Bankruptcy Services Tempe, we strive to make you debt free.

    Tempe Bankruptcy Services

    What Is It? Bankruptcy Code Explained

    Arizona bankruptcy laws offer certain protections to debtors who are needing to eliminate debt through reorganization or liquidation. Thus, the bankruptcy code, called Title 11 of the United States Code, details these procedures. Furthermore, the bankruptcy code is a uniform federal law that oversees all bankruptcy cases. In addition, it has been amended several times since it’s original completion. In fact, the filing of most bankruptcies in the bankruptcy code fall under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13.

    What types of bankruptcy can I file as a consumer?

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Tempe:

    This is the most popular type of bankruptcy. This could possibly be because it liquidates and discharges most types of unsecured debts. However, assets that aren’t protected by state exemptions can be seized and sold to pay debts. Your bankruptcy petition will need to include information about all of these areas so that the court can analyze and determine if you should be allowed to discharge your debts through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Tempe:

    This type of bankruptcy, which also is referred to as a wage earner’s bankruptcy, reorganizes debts into a payment plan. Many debts must be paid in full in the plan, but some unsecured debts can be discharged with only minimal repayment. Debtors aren’t restricted by the same income limits and asset exemptions as they would be in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Depending on how the debtor’s income compares to the state median, their payment plan will last 3 or 5 years.

    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Tempe: 

    This type of bankruptcy is typically only used by businesses and individuals with extremely high income, assets, and debts. In Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the debtor’s top creditors will join to form a creditor committee which will have authority over major financial decisions, as well as voting approval on the debtor’s proposed plan to emerge from debt. It allows a business to continue operating, where it would be forced to close in other chapters.

    Discount Bankruptcy Services Tempe

    Time is of the essence when deciding if you should file for bankruptcy.  Many of your financial situations are already dire an