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Our Arizona Criminal Defense Team Can Help You Prepare When the Police are Investigating You for a Crime. While we all have a mental image in our heads of what an arrest looks like from movies and t.v., there is actually a phase in some cases that isn’t often delved into on your favorite crime drama. Can I Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney Before There are Charges?

Sometimes, when a crime scene isn’t so clear-cut, the defendant will spend awhile being investigated before the police actually file charges. When the police are conducting further investigation, you can be left stressed deciding how to proceed until the police have made their decision. While you’re in criminal justice purgatory, you may want to consider consulting with criminal defense attorneys before charges are filed. Our Arizona defense team has specialized experience with competitive rates and payment plans.

Why Should I Hire an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney Before Charges Have Been Filed Against Me?

Even if your liberty isn’t on the line yet, it can serve you well to hire an attorney before there is officially a case against you. Hiring a defense early on in the process can make the later prosecution stage easier, if it does occur.

Some benefits of hiring an attorney during the pre-charge phase include:

  • Your attorney can attend police conversations with you and speak to the police on your behalf. This can prevent you from saying anything to the police that could possibly incriminate yourself. It can also reduce the overall stress you feel throughout the process, which could potentially make you look guilty, even if you are innocent. Your attorney will make sure you are prepared for every interaction that you have with the police before, and potentially after, charges are filed. 

  • Your attorney will stay on top of your case status. When you’re unrepresented and don’t stay up to date with what is going on in your case, it could cause unfortunate consequences, such as being placed under arrest in embarrassing circumstances. No matter how serious the update, your attorney will keep you apprised in a timely manner. 

  • Your attorney can give you a realistic perspective about what the charges against you mean, and how a conviction will impact your life in the future. Your attorney can also inform you on how a conviction could interact with any other active legal affairs you are involved in, such as custody matters or a bankruptcy filing. 

  • Attorney representation can cause prosecution to think twice before hastily filing charges. If your attorney is already in communications with police and prosecution before charges are filed, they are less likely to outlandish or unnecessary charges. 

  • Your attorney can begin crafting your defense before the charges are actually filed. This gives you more time to build a strong defense, rather than be rushed to wrangle one together after you’ve already been arrested. Starting your case early could also mean finding evidence in your defense that could otherwise be lost due to elapsed time. 

  • Your attorney can start negotiating for you before charges are even filed. Sometimes, this can result in reduced charges being filed against you. This can sometimes even result in your charges being dropped. 


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Whether the police have active charges against you, you should be acting swiftly to create a powerful legal defense. This phase is still serious, and making the wrong moves in this time could have disastrous results. But a strategic attorney could help you face charges that are lower than they otherwise would’ve been, or even dismissed. Waiting until after you have been placed under arrest could have negative effects on your case.

Our Arizona defense attorneys will make sure that any investigation against you is conducted fairly, and that you avoid taking any actions that could worsen your current situation. Learn more about what our legal team can do for you for free by filling out our online form or calling 480-833-8000 to schedule your free consultation.

Examples of How Having a Criminal Defense Attorney on Retainer Can Help Before Charges are Filed

Every case is unique, but many of our clients come to us with similar stories. All the following are realistic scenarios where having a criminal defense attorney before charges are filed can come in handy.

You have been accused of and are being investigated for a crime you didn’t commit. Your attorney helps you find evidence that supports your alibi before the police even have a chance to interview you. Your attorney might even recommend that you take a polygraph test, which, while not admissible as evidence in court, could sway the police’s decision in whether to press charges. Therefore, your attorney may also track down witnesses to support your version of events. Furthermore, your AZ criminal defense attorney might even do a background investigation into the person making accusations against you, just in case they have a history of making false statements. All of this can be presented to the police while they are investigating you, and reduce the possibility of them pressing charges.

The police suspect you of a crime, and to be honest, you aren’t exactly innocent. However, during the investigation process, the police overstepped their constitutional authority in some way. Depending on the severity of the constitutional violation, it could damage the prosecution’s case or destroy it altogether. Your defense attorney can present evidence of this to the prosecution, and discuss how it could influence any ensuing criminal proceedings against you. This can result in you getting a favorable plea deal. Factors that make a plea deal favorable include probation or home arrest versus mandatory jail time, and being charged with a misdemeanor versus a felony. Your attorney might be able to get the prosecution to drop the investigation and case against you entirely.

You are being investigated for a crime for which the laws are unique and varying. It’s your attorney’s job to stay up to date on the newest case law that is relevant to your case. This will give your attorney the ability to think a few steps ahead while preparing your defense and dealing with the investigation against you. The uncertainty about their chances in court causes prosecution to reduce or dismiss the charges they intended to file against you.


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You only have the right to a court-appointed attorney when your liberty is at jeopardy, so this right doesn’t kick in until you have been arrested. Public defenders don’t have the time or resources to begin working on legal strategies for people who haven’t even been arrested yet. However, you have the right to retain a private defense attorney during the investigation phase, whether or not you have been arrested and charged.



Whoever is pressing charges against you may have told you about their intentions, or you may simply hear it through the grapevine. The police may have come to you for an informal interview, without bringing you down to the station. You should also be worried about an arrest if the police have executed a warrant to search your house, workplace, etc. You may also be informed that there is a warrant out for your arrest.



Your attorney may seek out the assistance of other professionals to help craft your legal defense. Private investigators, forensic experts, polygraph test conductors, and other scientific experts can help prove that you aren’t guilty before you are ever officially accused. Your attorney will help you figure out which types of experts will be the most relevant depending on the specific facts of your case. Your attorney may also seek out witnesses or places that might have security footage of the incident in question.



At the end of the day, the importance of a police officer’s personal opinion should pale in comparison to protecting your liberty to every extent possible. You can’t be arrested for “looking guilty,” or hiring a lawyer. If anything, retaining an attorney during the investigation phase shows how serious you are about proving your innocence. The fact that you hired an attorney also can’t be used as evidence against you should your case proceed to trial.



At My AZ Lawyers, we strive to make high quality legal representation more affordable. We do this from the start by offering free consultations. Our rates are competitive, and many of our clients qualify for payment plans with low down payments. The amount you pay for a criminal defense attorney could end up saving you far more in the long run if it helps you avoid being arrested and charged with a serious crime.


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