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Our Strategic Arizona Legal Team is comprehensive. We stay one step ahead and are a powerful opponent. Therefore, when you hire our firm to manage your case, you have hired a team of legal advocates who care.  Diligently, we will keep you informed, fight for you, and be the voice you need to represent you against the opposing party and their attorneys. This dedication leads to peer recommendations, client recommendations, and we are confident that soon you will too. 
Below is a small sample of what some of our clients have had to say about us.

Dion Phillips Dion Phillips – Local Guide

34 reviews

June 2018

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
My husband and I have used My AZ Lawyers not once but twice. We used them for Family law and for Bankruptcy. Our experience with both departments was very positive. We have recommended them to our friend who has also used them.

Samantha DavilaSamantha Davila – Local Guide

74 reviews

June 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
The service at My AZ Lawyers is professional and exceptional. The process was explained and helped tremendously to set realistic expectations. The attorney fought for my case and updated me every step of the way. My questions were answered
same day. I felt heard and as though the team cared to see my case end well. Thank you to My AZ Lawyers for helping my family see the end of a dark chapter in our lives and begin again.

The Webster'sThe Webster’s – Local Guide

260 reviews

July 2019

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
We hired them after a detailed consult. So far, they have had fantastic contact. They respond rapidly and was ready to tackle the case. I will update once we are finished.

Dawn HeinleinDawn Heinlein

27 reviews

June 2018

From the very moment I walked in the door to My AZ Lawyers I was greeted with respect and integrity. This entire office has helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I don’t know what I would have done without them. The entire staff worked together with diligence and professionalism at all times. Not only do they come highly recommended, but I owe My Attorney and the entire Staff at My AZ Lawyers a very big thank you! Dawn Heinlein

Deborah WebbDeborah Webb

77 reviews

June, 2020

I was told I had no case for myself by another firm, and furious and in disbelief, I called MY AZ LAWYERS. They begged to disagree., and took me in. and guess what? Not only did I have a case, I WON the
case. They were fantastic and provided me with a settlement that I wasn’t expecting. If you are seeking a good injury attorney, look up these guys, they’re the best.

Lenny SmiegelLenny Smiegel

32 reviews

July 2017

Court rooms are a scary place, and these guys were my security blanket. My attorney met with me at times that fit my schedule, and help me settle my disputes quickly and painlessly. I highly recommend using them if you ever find yourself in need of legal representation. Thanks again.

Nancy VallettaNancy Valletta – Local Guide

18 reviews

April, 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Alison with My AZ Lawyers is fabulous! If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer…be sure to contact Alison. She takes her business and your situation seriously, yet always has a smile and a kind word to offer. She will work for you , and guideyou each step of your journey with complete confidence and determination.

Angel SunigaAngel Suniga – Local Guide

137 reviews

June 2020

Quick ,fast and reliable service.

Melody KaneMelody Kane

311 reviews

July, 2019

My AZ Lawyers over in Glendale are an awesome group of legal professionals. From the lawyers to the paralegals and the girls I’ve spoken with on the phone. I always has a good experience when I was in the office, or on the phone with them. They were respectful and took care of me. I’d recommend them for any type of legal help you need.

Bobby LaurenBobby Lauren

193 reviews

July 2017

Handled my case and got me more than I ever thought I would get. My divorce wasn’t your run of the mill divorce, it was trickier than most I suppose. I am so happy that part of my life is behind me and it’s tie to move on. Thank you My AZ Lawyers! I would recommend Candace and her staff to anyone.

Lisa Allyson TweeddaleLisa Allyson Tweeddale – Local Guide

15 reviews

July, 2017

Pleasant office, friendly and very helpful and knowledgeable

Rachel AnRachel An

18 reviews

July 2016

My experience with Heather and My AZ Lawyers was much better than I expected. My mother had to file bankruptcy in order to pay for back taxes and neither of us had filed bankruptcy before, so this was all new. We had a free consultation with Heather and the firm. They guided and informed us of all our options and always let us know what to expect during and after the process. They were very professional and they explained every step of the process, which took so much weight off our shoulders. They are hardworking, trustworthy, and efficient. They gave my mother and my family the peace of mind we needed.We are very thankful for their services and highly recommend this firm!

Brett JoyBrett Joy

1 review

June 30, 2020

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Katherine V. Stapleton Did a great job on my case. Katherine was able to get most of my money back because my ex was being so unreasonable. I was very pleased on the outcome of the case.

Kevin RodriguezKevin Rodriguez

18 reviews

June 2019

After an accident that really messed me up, I called mt AZ Lawyers and they got the case going good. Got set up with a great doctor that they referred and in the end, we won! All thanks to their skill and hard work. You’re life savers, truly!

Christian TribbleChristian Tribble

22 reviews

July 2019

My Arizona Lawyers were my divorce lawyers after 2 failed marriages. I think I’m done being married! Anyway they were really good at everything divorce related. Their fees are pretty good and they are knowledgeable legal professionals. I recommend them, 5 stars!

Lena ChandraniLena Chandrani

30 reviews

July 2019

Patricia Lenzner is very open-minded, while having integrity and emotional intelligence. You can’t find a better combination of good qualities that lead to a positive legal experience. Want quality family law lawyers? Look no further, you’re in good hands!

Emalia JohnsonEmalia Johnson

16 reviews

June 2019

My attorney was very professional and spoke with me like an old friend, keeping in contact and answering even the most absurd questions to keep me happy. They won the case and I couldn’t be happier.

Elizabeth LebonElizabeth Lebon

3 reviews

July 2019

Just won custody of my niece who I’ve cared for for the last year. I’m so thankful for the team at My AZ for everything they did for her. The place she was in was horrible for a little girl and once my attorney seen everything that was happening, he made our case a personal priority. I thank God every day for him and hope he continues to be successful because he deserves it.

luisa alverluisa alver

38 reviews

October 2019

Katie and the ladies on my team were all amazing! They communicated clearly and with such knowledge about the proceedings it made me confident enough to be able to get a divorce from someone scary. They were able to work with my small budget, and work up a payment plan I could afford. I would never have been able to do it without their support, encouragement, and knowledge. The day I showed up for court Katie briefed me on exactly what needed to be done and said. Overall, the entire proceeding took less than seven minutes and I was officially free from a nightmare! I was actually very impressive we sat there for over an hour watching all the other divorces go on. A scary majority had to keep going back to have their paperwork redone . When we got up there Katie had everything so well in order that the judge let her take the reins for a moment and it actually gave the judge a break! I was very proud to have such a well organized attorney on my team. Words can’t express how grateful I am to my team for all of their hard work! Thank you Katherine V. Stapleton,Esq.
Associate Attorney with My AZ Lawyers, for everything. Being free feels great💕

Allen TayteAllen Tayte

62 reviews

October 2019

I found myself in a very tough situation. Bankruptcy was the only way to go. My company went underwater and my personal life was suffering greatly. After hiring Ryan from My AZ Lawyers, I finally began to see light. They handled my case from beginning to end and I’m very pleased with the results. Got my bankruptcy discharge and I am ready for a new beginning. Thank you guys so much.

shannon bybieshannon bybie

29 reviews

December 2019

Before I came to My Az Lawyers, several different lawyers turned me down saying I didn’t have a case or telling me to take the plea bargain. The dedicated, fearless team at this firm took my case with confidence and won me my freedom. Thank you Craig, Jon, and Tara.

Joss RyansJoss Ryans

61 reviews

November 2019

This Mesa law firm was the best choice for me. They were not only affordable but they worked with me every step of the way. Thank you for all the help.

Eric and Rebekah PetersonEric and Rebekah Peterson

21 reviews

November 2019

best of a bad situation with a DUI case, thanks to the constant communication we were in and the extraordinary effort he put into the case. I ended up with diversion and a small fine. Well worth the money. Appreciate all of their help.

Evan RogerEvan Roger

19 reviews

August 2019

I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again, if ever needed. My custody case went over exactly as I wished for the good of me and my child. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to what is right.

Jill ReidJill Reid

34 reviews

July 2019

I needed to hire an attorney for a recent accident, and found My AZ lawyers. They were professional and made sure I got what I deserved from the settlement. I’m very happy to have found these guys!

Noah IdahosaNoah Idahosa

34 reviews

July 2019

My wife and I recently split. It was a very forgettable time in the my life. This was my first time getting divorced (hopefully my last time). I saw an ad for My AZ lawyers and called up. I have no legal education and was very apprehensive about getting bamboozled. I was very happy and lucky to have Nicole represent me. I love how easy and straight forward she was. She explained to me what needed to be done and when it needed to be done. One a personal note, I truly appreciate her work. During such a rough time, I could have been taken advantaged off.
Nicole dutifully and properly represented me and protect me and my few assets/belongings. No one want to use a lawyer. It is never a good sign but when you want one try Nicole from My AZ lawyers. She is an outstanding lawyer and a much better person

Candi BaldwinCandi Baldwin

3 reviews

July 2019

I can’t thank Lisa and everyone at My Arizona Lawyers enough for getting my custody of my baby girl back. The litigation went on for awhile before I hired them and I wish I had known about them from the start. Lisa was so caring and I could tell she genuinely wanted to help. I think she knew what a good mother I am and how much it hurt me to see my baby taken away from me. She fought tooth and nail and just last week I was awarded permanent custody rights. I’m beyond grateful and overjoyed they were able to do this for me. I’ll forever recommend them.

David L Hasting JrDavid L Hasting Jr

1 review

July 2019

RYAN DORN HAS BEEN AMAZING .Hes went far above and beyond, with every aspect of my case.He has been more than willing to sit w me, and walk me through all details of my case, enabling me to understand it.I realize he had no need to spend the time he took from his busy schedule,BUT HE DID.!!BEST ESQUIRE I EVER HAD PLEASURE TO MEET.He is the real deal. Nicole dutifully and properly represented me and protect me and my few assets/belongings. No one want to use a lawyer. It is never a good sign but when you want one try Nicole from My AZ lawyers. She is an outstanding lawyer and a much better person

Elias MartinezElias Martinez

14 reviews

August 2019

They came to bat for me on a personal injury claim and did an excellent job. Couldn’t imagine where I would be without their honest, hardworking nature. They always stayed in great communication with me

Mallory HectorMallory Hector

7 review

July 2017

I hired My Az Lawyers to help out with an injury I received from a car accident, and Rob did a great job handling it! Everyone at this law office is friendly and very professional, and they’re conveniently located near my home in Mesa, so getting to them was no trouble. I would recommend coming here for any kind of injury case you wish to pursue!

Alena StuhmerAlena Stuhmer

4 reviews

October 2019

I used them for divorce, but I didn’t know they did personal injury. I’m glad the paralegal on my divorce told me because I would have ended up going to some other place. I’m frustrated and I’m hurting all the time and had to get my car fixed so I can to go to work and doctor appointments. But my attorney (Alison Briggs) and her paralegal (Erin Lambson) are very nice and understanding. I always feel like I’m a priority to them, not just another number. So far, they’ve just made me feel a lot less overwhelmed.

Yuuki TalamaraYuuki Talamara

1 review

April 2020

I’m going to be honest, my divorce looked scary! I have one child still in Texas finishing out high school and prep college courses and the younger two children with me. Not only did Katie take my case confidently, she walked me through one of the toughest times of my life. I was prepared during my court session. All communication was prompt and concise. She is a lady who does not allow the muddy parts of a relationship to interfere with the common goal. Not only that, but we were so in-synch with each other, after a month of no face to face contact (let’s be honest, she had my back and I knew it) that we literally walked into the court matching. I also have to say, her paralegal team is top notch. There was never a moment when they lost paperwork, had to re-edit or fumble in any sort of way. Ladies and Gents, Ms. Katie and her team are the Team for you.

Lucas RuddLucas Rudd

10 reviews

August 2019

Would BY FAR recommend this law firm over any of the local competitors. They’ve done some amazing work for me, far beyond what I’ve come to expect from law firms. They are the way lawyers SHOULD be.

Natasha SanfordNatasha Sanford

2 reviews

July 2019

Just finished getting divorced. Happy that’s over. Patricia at My AZ Lawyers was my attorney and she did the best she could to make it a “not so bad” experience. Really happy with what she was able to do for me and the special care that she and Laura showed me.

Jason BarraganJason Barragan

24 reviews

July 2018

What’s a great please, I ran into some legal trouble and my AZ lawyers was there to help me. Thank you guys!!!

Clarence MurphyClarence Murphy – Local Guide

7 reviews

July 2016

I need to get a bankruptcy done so I contact AZ lawyers and consulted with Heather. She helped me every step of the way. She took my issue to heart and ran with it like it was her personal issue. I actually felt like she cared about my situation. Without the help the AZ lawyers I would be in serious terrible with my finances. Once again Heather was wonderful and I can’t thank her enough.

Colethea JenkinsColethea Jenkins

4 reviews

July 2019

What’s a great please, I ran into some legal trouble and my AZ lawyers was there to help me. Thank you guys!!!

Cynthia MonroeCynthia Monroe

1 review

July 2016

I had a long 2 year battle with my ex-husband over settling custody for our 3 children. My AZ saved me and ended the mess quickly. I got a fair custody settlement thankfully due to their help and didn’t go broke paying attorney’s fees. They’re reasonable professionals that are worth far more than they charge.

Andre SparksAndre Sparks

3 reviews

August 2019

I have never seen this quality of legal work. The personal interest they take is just amazing. And it feels very good to have people like this on your side in a case that can seriously impact your future. Many thanks! Couldn’t have got through my accident with you.
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