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I hired Giancarlo from My AZ Lawyers for my family court case and couldn’t be happier I found this firm. I did all the filing myself in the case up until a couple months ago. But was wanting a attorney to cover all the relocation factors during the trial and sum up the juvenile case I went through with dcs and time family court case. The trial couldn’t have went any better, for Giancarlo was so informed after researching my case, it was almost as if he was my attorney through the beginning of both cases. The outcome also couldn’t have ended up any better either because not only was I being granted full custody of my son, but also was given permission to relocate to Nebraska for work and family. I would recommend Giancarlo and his paralegal Jamie to anyone for nice, friendly, and professional service that takes their job seriously!
Matt D., Gilbert
From the very first meeting with Giancarlo Sapelli of My AZ Lawyers, we felt we were being listened to and that we were in very capable hands. This was so important because we were dealing with a rather contentious Child Custody Case where the Children’s physical and mental health were at risk. As the Father of the Children (and Grandparents), knowing that sole custody was going to be a hard fight, it was imperative that we had a person that was aggressive and willing to put forth all the skill and effort to helping win the case. Giancarlo sat and talked with us explaining what we could expect realistically and helped to keep us all calm. Amanda was also great at keeping us informed and organizing the evidence. Without going into much detail, He won our case with the best outcome possible. We could not ask for a better outcome and are highly satisfied with the work He and his team put in for us. I would definitely recommend My AZ Lawyers, Giancarlo and his team.
Jordon P., Phoenix
Charles W. Brown Jr. was my attorney for my divorce and custody of a minor child case. My case was particularly difficult because I was petitioning the court to relocate out of state with my minor child. I interviewed with two other law firms prior to selecting Charles. The other attorneys were very doubtful that I could show the burden of proof required to win. Charles was the only attorney to review my case and tell me that he thought I had a chance. At the time, I was feeling very discouraged. His belief in my case meant the world to me. His words really gave me the strength to move forward and fight for my child. In the end he WON my case! I have the courts permission to relocate! Charles is an excellent attorney! He knows the law and he knew which levers to pull to substantiate my case and ensure we met the burden of proof for the court. He was very professional and understood that I wanted to win my case respectfully and without an expensive legal “blood bath.” I recommend Charles for all those who want to WIN! He’s the BEST!
Cheryl L., Chandler
The Bankruptcy Law attorneys at My AZ Lawyers were amazing. From my first sit down until the completion of my case Morgan and Heather were professional and extremely knowledgeable. I owe great thanks in helping me with my situation and recommend anyone looking for a good attorney to go to My AZ Lawyers.
Jennifer S., Surprise
Charles Brown was my lawyer for my divorce case. He was very very very professional. Charles Brown knew his stuff!!! Getting a lawyer is never fun. Charles Brown really treated me very well. Mr. Brown ALWAYS ANSWERED MY CALLS OR CALLED ME RIGHT BACK THE SAME DAY!!! That is a plus! I am a business owner, and Charles walked me thru the whole process to make sure I did not loose my business. Charles Brown is a AWESOME Lawyer. I would recommend Charles Brown to anyone in need for a Lawyer!!!
Natasha W., Phoenix
Mr. Rob Curigliano went above and beyond with my case. His team were very thorough and straight forward with me. They communicated with the Marana prosecuting attorney’s office and had my best interests at hand. I was continuously informed and well aware of all of my options. They returned my calls and emails in a very timely manner. I was not a “client” I was truly a friend. The turn out from my case was the absolute best possible scenario due to the harsh situation I had brought on to my self. I would recommend Rob and his team to anyone. I have nothing but absolute respect for him and his staff. Even after the smoke had cleared he still had absolutely no problem returning my calls just to clear up a couple confusing state law issues.
Kevin D., Willcox
Me and my husband hired Nicole and her wonderful paralegal Cynthia to assist us with our family law case. They were nothing but helpful and extremely wonderful to work with. I am very pleased with the service and help they were able to provide for us and the constant follow up and check ins they still provide even after our case ending. I would with out a doubt refer Nicole and Cynthia and continue to stay in touch with them for any legal advice they possibly could provide us. Nicole and Cynthia you’re awesome!! Thank you for not being a typical lawyer and making us feel like our case mattered.
KaeLyn & Chris L., Chandler
I was represented by Robert Curigliano of your firm, concerning a DUI case. Mr. Curigliano kept me informed and always acted in a timely manner. I am very happy with the manner he has approached my case, (it has some unusual aspects). I feel I have been represented in a very professional manner and would definitely engage your firm in the future. I know he wasn’t entirely happy with the outcome, but I feel he got the best results that could be obtained given the circumstances.
Lawrence F., Mesa
I’ve had two experiences with My AZ Lawyers in the past year or so, both of which were good. The first time was when one of my dry-cleaning businesses went into bankruptcy and being that I knew nothing about the legal side of bankruptcy I contact My AZ Lawyers. One of their attorneys; Heather, was extremely helpful and made the entire experience very pleasant and straightforward. The second experience I had was when I was getting a divorce, I needed a good divorce lawyer and seeing as I had good experiences with AZ Lawyers beforehand I contacted them to be my attorney. Their divorce attorney, Giancarlo, once again, like before made the entire feeling of getting a divorce straightforward (from a legal standpoint). Giving my time with AZ Lawyers I’d recommend them for anyone living in AZ who needs an attorney.
Jake H., Arizona City
This is the first time I needed a lawyer to deal with a situation in my life. After calling a few places, I decided to use MY AZ LAWYERS. I am going through a child custody case and am represented my Nicole Bernabe. Her and her staff have help me get through this with a positive outlook. I appericate the time she took to listen and talk to me when I needed it. She always returned my phone calls and let me know how things were going with my case and what I needed to do. She was always professional and cared about me and my case. Since using MY AZ LAWYERS, I now have time with my son, which I am very greatful for. My attitude and outlook on my custody case is way more positive and I am happy. Thanks Nicole and Cynithia for everything and caring.
Arturo G., Phoenix
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