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Lyft Accident Attorney in Arizona

As the popularity of Lyft and other ride-share continue to increase, more and more Arizona residents find themselves in need of an Arizona Lyft accident lawyer.   Inevitably, as the number of rides through lift increase, the potential for a Lyft accident during these rides go up as well.  The need for a Lyft accident attorney is necessary.

As an alternative to taxis or public transportation, Arizona residents use Lyft ride-share service.  Lyft and Uber are the 2 most popular ride shares.  Using Lyft is as convenient as using the app and scheduling a ride from a phone. Accidents involving Lyft drivers are complicated. A victim of a Lyft accident receives compensation if injury or damage occurred as a result of another party’s negligence.  Additionally, your Lyft Accident Attorney in Phoenix can assist.

Lyft Accidents and Liability in Phoenix

Lyft accident attorney in Arizona, Phoenix Lyft Accident AttorneyAlso, during an accident case involving a Lyft driver, possible negligent, or liable parties include many.  Lyft, Lyft of Phoenix, the Lyft driver, or another third-party driver could all be responsible. When responsibility is determined for an accident, our experienced personal injury lawyer will pursue full and fair compensation for all losses.

Having the legal representation of My AZ Lawyers when dealing with an accident involving a ride share company such as Lyft is crucial. Our legal team will protect your rights.  We take on insurance companies to achieve the best resolution for a case.  Therefore, it is in your best interest to make us your accident lawyer in Arizona.

Protect Your Rights in a Lyft Car Crash

First, if you are involved in an accident, call your Arizona Lyft accident attorneys at My AZ Lawyers immediately. Our firm protects your rights and begin legal services right away. It is important that you discuss the details of your case with an attorney so that your potential claim can be examined.  Every step of an accident injury case is important.  Experienced Arizona injury lawyers make a difference when negotiating with insurance companies and adjusters.

When we take a client’s Lyft accident personal injury case, we discover evidence about the accident by talking to medical professionals and any witnesses who have knowledge of your claim. Next, our legal team files a lawsuit on your behalf and takes care of all necessary legal paperwork and deadlines.  Additionally, we fight for to get what is yours.  

Plus, the Lyft accident lawyers at our firm understand the Arizona personal injury law and courts, and have experience filing an effective lawsuit against the liable party or negligent persons. This claim will hold all negligent parties accountable for the compensation of the injured victim.  Also, of note is the fact that we don’t get paid if we don’t win.  Plus, we only take 25% in legal fees.  Most Arizona Injury Lawyers charge 33-40% in fees.  Save money with our car crash attorneys.

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