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Mesa is Arizona’s third-largest city, and it has a higher population than some of the country’s best known cities, such as Miami. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the city is also home to 99,863 families. With a divorce rate still hovering around 50 percent that means that there are a lot of families in Mesa who may be struggling with change.

The experienced Mesa family law and divorce attorneys at My AZ Lawyers are here to help families with what may be a very difficult time. Our divorce attorneys can help clients understand their legal rights in their divorce and to fight for an equitable settlement.

A Mesa divorce attorney may be able to help you:

Mesa Divorce Lawyers and Mesa Family Law Attorneys
  • Divide your property and another assets in a way that is favorable to you
  • Get an award of alimony
  • Maximize the child support you receive
  • Work out a child custody arrangement
  • Assign responsibility for debts
  • Determine whether or not you use your married name
  • And More

Family law encompasses much more than divorce.  A Mesa family law lawyer can help you with adoption proceedings, can represent you in court if you are fighting social services for custody of your children, or can help you make adjustments to a previous child custody agreement if they are necessary. These can all be trying circumstances, and working with a qualified and experienced family law lawyer may make things a little easier by giving you a guide to navigate the legal process.

No matter if you are dealing with an impending divorce, family law matters such as alimony, child support or paternity issues, our Mesa legal team is here for you. We will ensure that your family law matters are handled expediently, efficiently and with the compassion they deserve.

Mesa family law lawyer

Mesa Family Law Lawyers

Our Mesa family lawyers are experienced in everything pertaining to family law issues. No matter if you are a grandparent trying to assert your rights to visit your grandchildren or are a involved in any other family law matter, our lawyers can help. Family law is a delicate area of the law and emotions often run high, which is why it is essential that you consult with a lawyer who combines experience and compassion for your personal situation. If you are dealing with alimony issues, adoption or even domestic violence, you can be sure that we are here to help you. Contact us to learn more about our family law services.

Mesa Divorce attorney

Mesa Divorce Lawyers

While divorce may have become less stigmatized, it has gotten by no means easier. If you are planning on filing for divorce or have just received the divorce papers, contact your Mesa divorce attorney today. We can sit down in our free initial consultation, and together evaluate your individual situation and determine the best course of action. Divorce is an emotional legal process and it is essential that you have a divorce lawyer on your site who has your best interest in mind and can guide you and explain the legal implications of a divorce to you, so that you can make the best decision for your personal future.

Mesa Family law attorney

Mesa Child Custody Lawyers

Probably the most sensitive and delicate family law issues are those involving child custody. While facing divorce is already emotionally challenging on its own, having to look out for the best interest of your child or suddenly having to “share” your child can be emotionally exceedingly stressful for all parties involved. The breaking up of the family is a traumatic experience for every child. To ensure that your child custody matters are handled with the care they deserve, contact out Mesa child custody lawyers today. We will gather all pertinent information and devise a course of action that is beneficial to your children.

Our team of Mesa divorce lawyers know that family law is the legal branch that is among those that are the most personally involved and emotionally challenging. Leave your family law matters in the competent hands of our caring Mesa family law lawyers to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

The team at My AZ Lawyers is ready to talk to you about the details of your case and how one of our experienced Mesa divorce lawyers may be able to help you with your child custody case, divorce settlement, and much more. Call us today in Mesa for an free evaluation of your case, or fill out the contact form shown below to get in touch with one of our experienced family law attorneys in Mesa.

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