With My AZ Lawyers


Whatever your circumstances are, an experienced estate planning attorney can help you find the most strategic way to pass down your estate to your loved ones. We will also make sure that your wishes are clear if you ever end up with a medical condition that takes away your legal capacity through powers of attorneys and advanced health care directives.

We will do all this at bargain prices, with affordable payment plan options available. See all the benefits that come with a properly planned estate by scheduling your free consultation at (602) 609-7000.

Factors that should make you consider hiring an estate planning attorney in Arizona:

  • You have a complex estate consisting of several properties, businesses, and other sources of income

  • Or, if you want to leave money for your children or grandchildren to go to college

  • You can’t decide whether you should create a revocable or irrevocable trust 

  • If you want to include pets or charitable organizations as beneficiaries of your trust

  • You have assets that need protection from creditors 

  • Plus, if you need to figure out how to make your estate subject to the least possible amount of taxes

  • You need to revoke or amend an existing living trust