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It’s imperative to your physical and financial well-being to consult an injury attorney in Arizona when dealing with an accident or injury case. Even when dealing with your own insurance company, it is recommended to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to assure you are well represented.  Insurance companies are not your friends and will do you no favors.  You are only taking money out of your own pocket by facing them alone.  The insurance company will “low ball” you with a settlement.  They realize an unrepresented accident victim and may take advantage.

Schedule a free consultation with an attorney if you have questions about a case, or potential case. It is best that you contact an attorney immediately so that you can take the proper measures to insure that you rights are protected. Also, an attorney can immediately begin to prepare a case that will deliver the best possible outcome for your personal injury situation.



Our Arizona injury team understands insurance companies are going to offer you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to settle the claim and surrender your rights. Thus, we understand the money can sure come in handy after an accident to cover medical bills, rent, and other expenses. However, you, unrepresented, are extremely vulnerable to settling quickly and for not enough money. Additionally, our experienced accident attorneys know you’re honest and expect the best from everyone.  However, too often we hear, “But all I told them was the truth,”. Of course, we want you to tell the truth, however, we want to protect your claim and represent you first. 

Always remember,  Any insurance company’s first obligation is to itself, not you.  Remember, tackling an insurance company unrepresented is not wise.  Even the smartest, most educated person is no match for the legions of lawyers the insurance company has dedicated to protecting its interest.  Therefore, let us do the heavy lifting and make the fight with your insurance company a fair fight.



Clients who have suffered injury and are not able to come to My AZ Lawyers office, call our firm so an attorney can go to them. An attorney can meet a client who has been injured in an accident and has a personal injury claim. Whether at home, hospital, or at work, we will come to your legal assistance.

Also, getting hurt in a slip and fall or auto accident can really be a burden on you physically and financially.  For one reason or another, your injury has kept you from working, made you lose your job, or simply altered your physicality forever and you will never truly be the same.  

Finding the right Personal Injury Lawyers in Arizona can go a long way when trying to get your life back on track.  With My Arizona Lawyers, our Mesa accident attorneys help you get the compensation and care you deserve so that you can finally move on from your life altering experience.  For this reason, our experienced personal injury lawyers throughout Arizona dedicate themselves to helping you every step of the way.

Arizona Personal Injury Lawyers

Legal Action From Our Arizona Injury Lawyers

Whereas, there are many different reasons for you to pursue legal action for the personal injury you have sustained in Arizona.  For example, first, you could be a victim of an auto accident.  Second, you could have slipped and fell somewhere and want medical and financial compensation.  Third, maybe you are a victim of a dog bite or criminal activity.  Whatever the case, My AZ Lawyers dedicate themselves to helping you get the legal help you need so that you can get your life back on track.  Furthermore, our professional team of accident lawyers and injury attorneys are here to make your life easier.

Arizona Personal Injury ATTORNEYS

Our Arizona personal injury attorneys know the accident laws in Arizona.  Understanding your rights and the law will better help you make the best decisions going forward with your personal injury case.  Our team of professionals are experts, however; leave it up to us to navigate the legal aspects of your case.  We always proceed with the best interests of our clients in mind.
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Why you need MY AZ LAWYERS involved in your Personal Injury case?

Why do you need a Personal Injury / Accident Lawyer?  My AZ Lawyers Personal injury and accident attorney can provide services for all stages of your case.  In addition, our team is qualified to represent clients in Arizona in their personal injury cases.


Unlike some Arizona firms, we do not use a computer program to give you an unrealistic value of your injury or accident case to encourage you hire us.  We realize that each Arizona injury case is different and requires the knowledge and attention of an actual lawyer familiar with the location to determine the value.  We have put together a staff of experienced attorneys and work with some of the best doctors, chiropractors, and professionals to assure you the best outcome in your AZ injury case.  At our Arizona accident firm, an attorney will meet with you to discuss your case and its potential value, free of charge.  Call (480) 833-8000 for your free case evaluation.

Experienced Injury Lawyers for Arizona

Please remember, with our expertly trained team of injury lawyers in Arizona, your personal injury case will not go unattended. Chances are, you have been injured due to intentional harm or someone’s negligence in Arizona. Because of this, you may be facing lost wages, steep medical bills, plus, pain and suffering. Our Arizona accident attorneys have been there many times over many years. We have helped people just like you find peace of mind.

Additionally, we have the skills and knowledge that you need in order to help you take care of your personal injury suit in the best possible fashion.  Remember, we don’t get paid unless we win.  Also, our friendly and caring professionals know how to proceed with the matter and help you through the difficult time in your life.  Also, you get the financial compensation you deserve and regain your footing so that you will suffer no more.  With a satisfaction guarantee, My Arizona Accident Lawyers are here to help you with any personal injury  or accident lawsuit.

Arizona Car Accident Lawyers

Car accidents are among the most common types of personal injury cases that our Arizona accident attorneys are equipped to handle.  Therefore, if someone has been careless with their driving habits and you have suffered as a result of their indifference, our accident lawyers are prepared to help you with any legal battle you wish to pursue. Therefore, rest assured, the experience and expertise of our attorneys will benefit you and your settlement as you pursue your Arizona injury case. 

Don’t let the negligence of others keep you in physical and fiscal strain.  Make this party take responsibility for what they have done.  Our Arizona injury attorneys will help you get your life back on track.  Our AZ injury attorneys will help you with your legal troubles and make sure that you are compensated fairly.  Let our lawyer help you get your!

Dedicated Mesa Car Accident Attorneys

Our experienced personal injury attorneys dedicate themselves to providing the best legal assistance possible so that you can get your life back on track financially, and physically.  A car accident or other injury can happen at any time in Mesa in Tucson, or throughout Arizona.   Let us take care of everything, and you won’t be disappointed.  Also, our caring professionals are here to help you with your accident and injury.

Additionally, for more information about our licensed personal injury lawyers, and to schedule a free consultation, contact us today.  Take the first steps to reclaiming control of your life.  Lastly, My AZ Lawyers and our Arizona car accident injury attorneys are here for you every step of the way.


Each personal injury case is specific and has its unique circumstances. Most cases follow the following process:

  1. A victim experiences injury as a result of an accident
  2. A victim contacts My AZ Lawyers immediately to step in and assist with the case.
  3. An attorney provides legal representation including:
    • Communication with the negligent party and insurance companies
    • Legal documentation and preparation of paperwork to file a claim
    • An extensive investigation of the accident report.
  4. Victim, attorney,  and at-fault party begin negotiating a settlement.
  5. If damages cannot be settled upon, an attorney begins strategy for a lawsuit.
  6. Either a settlement is then reached at court, or an attorney uses litigation before judge and jury to earn fair and maximum compensation.

Depending on the details of your claim, a victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another party is entitled to recover damages such as:

  • Medical expenses (present and future)
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages or loss of earning capacity
  • Emotional trauma or mental distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death – funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of joy in life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Disfigurement or scars

After discussing your case with My AZ Lawyers personal injury attorney, a lawsuit initiating the claim is filed with the appropriate court.

All this requires is a call to My AZ Lawyers (480) 448-9800

Our legal team provides experienced personal injury legal representation. The legal documentation can be complex, and if you have a legitimate claim worth compensation for damages, you need to consult with one of our lawyers. An attorney will help you understand your rights and discuss with you how to pursue the claim and seek maximum compensation.

It is to your benefit to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers before accepting a settlement from an insurance company. Why? Is the settlement offered the maximum amount of compensation for your injury? Our experienced legal team will ensure that all damages – present and future – are recovered. Yes, the insurance company can offer you fast money, but is it a fair amount to cover your damages?

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your case BEFORE taking a settlement from an insurance company. We help clients in Arizona achieve the best possible results for their case, including maximum compensation.

When filing a claim for damages due to an injury suffered from an accident, you need an attorney to make sure that ALL of your expenses are covered. Yes, you can settle with an insurance company for financial compensation, but is that everything you are entitled to recover?

Also, the legal process can be a bit complicated, and the paperwork and documentation should be done by a professional. An attorney at My AZ Lawyers will not only handle all the legal representation, but our personal injury team will investigate the accident, evaluate the claim, examine evidence, and explore medical records and reports in order to ensure you receive maximum compensation for your injury.

As far as cost, My AZ Lawyers works on contingency fee. YOU PAY NOTHING up front in legal fees unless we win an appropriate settlement. This is added assurance for you that we will work toward a successful resolution to your case.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


After an accident, you should go to the emergency room, or visit the doctor as soon as possible. You should follow any advice and instructions the doctor gives you, and take pictures of your injuries. You can take notes to help you remember the accident and the ensuing medical treatments you endured. This will help you build a stronger case, especially with the assistance of an Arizona personal injury attorney. 

At the scene of the accident, it can be helpful to take pictures and videos, as well as ask eyewitnesses for their contact information. Don’t admit fault, and simply exchange insurance information with the other driver. For accidents more severe than minor dings and scratches, you may want to call the police to the scene. They will issue a police report, which can help the insurance companies establish fault. The police report may even designate one party as at fault in the accident, which will speed up the settlement process.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


You may not feel pain immediately after your accident due to adrenaline or the nature of your injury. You should see a doctor afterwards anyway, especially if the collision may have impacted your neck or spine. The doctor will assess you for potential latent injuries and advise you from there.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


For most accidents, the statute of limitations for a personal injury case is 2 years from the date of the accident. However, that time limit is reduced to 6 months if you are bringing a claim against a government entity. The statute of limitations doesn’t start running for a minor until their 18th birthday, unless their parent or legal guardian brings a claim on their behalf before then.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


Arizona is a comparative negligence state, meaning you can collect after an accident even if you were partially to blame for the accident. Your award will be reduced by the percentage you were at fault for the accident. For example, you are in an accident which causes you $50,000 in damages. However, you were 25% at fault for the accident. The potential value of your claim would be reduced by $12,500 due to your fault in the accident. The other party may try to reduce their liability by arguing for your increased fault in the accident. An experienced AZ Accident Lawyer from My AZ Lawyers will make sure that your percentage of fault stays as low as possible.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


Your claim must be settled or escalated to court within the applicable statute of limitations. In general, higher value claims will take longer to settle than lower value claims. However, factors like your treatment and each side’s negotiation strategies can impact how long your claim takes to settle. An experienced personal injury may be able to estimate how long your claim will take to settle during a consultation.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


Your first priority after an accident should be attending to your immediate medical needs. If possible, you should contact a personal injury attorney before contacting either insurance company. This will help you protect yourself from making statements that can damage your claim and reduce its value.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


The recorded statements you give to the insurance company will be analyzed for anything that can prove you had additional blame in causing the accident. They will also be looking for proof that your damages are not as high as you claim. You should never give the insurance company a recorded statement without at least speaking with an Arizona personal injury lawyer. If you retain one, the insurance company will only be able to speak with your attorney instead of you about your case.

Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.

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    The insurance company is unlikely to offer the full value of your claim right off the bat. Additionally, once you accept a settlement offer, you can’t go back and sue for more, even if you discover further injuries and medical costs. Plus, you should consult with an Arizona personal injury attorney to assess the value of your claim before accepting a settlement offer from the insurance company.

    Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


    Rear end collisions are by far the most common type of car accident. They frequently result in injuries to the neck and spine, the symptoms of which can take years to appear. If you are concerned about the cost of seeking medical treatment when unsure about your injuries, call our attorneys at (480) 833-8000 to discuss your options.

    Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.


    You don’t technically need an attorney to handle your injury case, but it will make the process far less stressful for you, and probably yield you a higher settlement. One of the greatest advantages of hiring an attorney is that all legal correspondence about your case- including from the other party’s insurance company- must go through your attorney first. This helps you avoid making statements that the insurance company will use to assign fault in the accident to you, reducing the total amount you can collect.

    When you hire a personal injury attorney, the insurance company knows you are prepared to go to trial if they don’t offer you a reasonable settlement agreement. Your Arizona Lawyers‘ knowledge of Arizona laws, proper use of evidence, and trial procedures can leverage you a higher overall settlement. Your settlement will provide essential income you may have lost due to your injury, so it’s vital that your claim is handled properly. To learn about all the advantages of hiring a personal injury attorney to handle your claim, as well as our discount guaranteed contingency fee, call (480) 833-8000 to schedule your free consultation today.

    Contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation and case evaluation if you would like to discuss your specific accident case.