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We don't get paid unless we win. Injury Attorneys in Arizona

You Pay No Fees Unless We  Win Your Case

Our legal fees are directly related to the time invested, and legal services and expertise provided. Attorneys at My AZ Lawyers have experience and knowledge that allows us to offer clients professional service and to prepare a case in an efficient and successful manner.

If you are ready to speak with an attorney about your personal injury claim, contact My AZ Lawyers for a free consultation with an attorney. Ask about the potential for recovery for your specific case. Let us know your questions or concerns about the contingency fees.

What is NO-FEE contingency?

My AZ Lawyers offers experienced legal personal injury representation and promises that our clients pay no up-front legal fees. Based on a contingency fee, all legal assistance is provided AT NO CHARGE to the client until our law firm secures a settlement or is granted a jury award on the client’s behalf.

IF WE DON”T RECOVER DAMAGES, YOU DON’T OWE ANYTHING. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. 

Our Arizona personal injury legal team knows what it takes to win. We work with many clients who have a legitimate case where they suffered injuries do to the liability of another party. These clients counted on our firm to come through with a just settlement so that they could have a means to recover damages incurred from their injuries.

My AZ Lawyers will fight for your rights and work for a successful resolution to your case. Any costs associated with the litigation of the case are contingency based:

  • Court filing fees
  • Court reporter fees
  • Legal / attorney fees
  • Deposition costs
  • Presentation expenses
  • Expert witness testimony fees
  • Attorney case discovery, preparation, court proceedings

When our personal injury law firm works on a contingency basis, we make an investment in our clients. Our focus is on the best interests of our clients, and winning cases, as the fees are based upon a percentage of the amount recovered. Our firm has a reputation for recovering damages for personal injury victims in Arizona.


Getting hurt can really be a burden on you physically and financially.  For one reason or another, your injury has kept you from working, made you lose your job, or simply altered your physicality forever and you will never truly be the same.  Therefore, finding the right Personal Injury Lawyers in Arizona can go a long way when trying to get your life back on track.  With My AZ Lawyers, we can help you get the compensation and care you deserve so that you can finally move on from your life altering experience.  For this reason, our experienced personal injury lawyers dedicate themselves to helping you every step of the way.

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