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When I came to you guys with my Bankruptcy, I was in the middle of a bad divorce, and I was angry. Rob helped me to get through my Bankruptcy, while Candace was awesome, and helped me finalize my split, which was getting messy, great Arizona lawyers.


Linda R., Mesa

Any time a friend or family member is looking for legal representation, I tell them about this firm. The lawyers are great and the paralegals are very competent. everyone works hard to fight for their clients. They helped me with my divorce and then again with getting my ex to pay her bills. The process was smooth and correct. Glad to be single. I’ll be forever grateful.


Kennedy Matthews

Very kind and diligent professionals during a very difficult time in my life. Forever grateful. Great job Ray, Ryan and Vanessa!


Wilhelmina Beatrice
They worked very hard to get me off a DUI and they did a great job. I’m glad I ended up going with them and not another firm I was considering. Because I do not think any other firm would’ve fought for me the way they did. They never gave up and their persistence paid off. Great work. Better attorneys!


Kevin Faulkner
I felt completely confident with the attorney I was matched with. He worked really hard for me and the outcome was better than expected.


Alexandria Ortiz
These attorneys are the best.  They went to the mat for me and not only got me extra time with my daughters, I don’t have to pay her alimony.  For sure, I made the right choice with My AZ lawyers.


Carlos C., Chandler, AZ

Craig Raymond helped me with my criminal case. He was trustworthy, confident, and experienced. He was a force to be reckoned with in court. I highly recommend Craig and the staff.


Adam Walsh

Seriously the most personable lawyers I’ve ever worked with. Good down to Earth people. They kept in contact with me throughout the entire process. Knowing what was going on helped put my mind at ease, in the end it all worked out.


Jenna Crowley

I feel communication is key. My attorney was very easy to get ahold of and always worried about my best interest. Working with this firm was a breeze. I am super happy with their service.


Malinda Kloen

I was so glad to find My AZ Lawyers. I needed to do bankruptcy as a result of a DUI, but had no money to get started. The financing options they provided were an absolute life saver, I wish I knew about them when I was fighting my conviction!


Melissa G.

The lawyers and staff here are wonderful. They know what they’re doing and they’r here to win your case.


Trish Cruz

Best of a bad situation with a DUI case, thanks to the constant communication we were in and the extraordinary effort he put into the case. I ended up with diversion and a small fine. Well worth the money. Appreciate all of their help.


David Allen
Very knowledgeable on bankruptcy, as I would expect. Everything went through flawlessly, nothing bad whatsoever to report. Would recommend.


Natasha Lenard
I hired My Arizona Lawyers to help with my custody case. They definitely swayed the case in my direction. My attorney (Patricia) showed up on time and prepared at each court hearing. We got split custody, which is exactly what I was hoping for.


Lisel de Vos
Great lawyers.


Matthew Rivera




All Practice Areas

Always Gaining Knowledge and Working as Your Legal Team

We believe the more you learn, the more you know.  Whereas, Your Arizona Lawyers prioritize staying up on the ever changing rules and laws in Arizona.  Plus, our experienced lawyers attend numerous DUI, Personal Injury, divorce, custody, and bankruptcy conferences to keep the knowledge fresh.  Thus, each year, in order to maximize our lawyers’ expertise regarding complex issues of Arizona law, we continue to educate ourselves. Additionally, our attorneys and staff collaborate as they meet regularly to discuss cases. Therefore, our team approach to handling cases is very beneficial to our clients and evident in our outcomes.


Candace K.

Candace E. Kallen

Areas of practice include:  adoption, annulments, divorce, child custody and support, modifications, grandparent’s rights, and all general family law matters.

Alison Briggs, My Arizona Lawyers, Personal Injury Attorney, Arizona Divorce Lawyer, Criminal Defense Attorney, Arizona Injury Attorney

Alison Briggs

Ms. Briggs serves as the client services manager and an attorney at My AZ Lawyers. She combines her passion for helping people with the practice of law.  Call this attorney for an appointment Today.

               Alison C Briggs Lawyer Badge

Craig Raymond, My Arizona Lawyers, Criminal Defense Attorney, Family Lawyer, AZ DUI Attorney

Craig Raymond

Mr. Raymond is a family law attorney with over 25 years of legal experience representing Arizona residents. Contact Mr. Raymond if you need assistance from a dedicated and competent family law lawyer.

Patricia Lenzner, My Arizona Lawyers, Divorce Attorney, Wills and Estate Attorney

Patricia Lenzner

Ms. Lenzner practices Family Law and provides Estate Planning legal services. An experienced attorney, she approaches cases with the intensity, dedication, and thoroughness necessary to ensure that clients attain the results they desire.

Katherine Stapleton

Ms. Stapleton is dedicated to providing Arizona residents with experienced, expert, and professional legal representation. Contact this legal professional today for a free consult and case evaluation.

PJ Judd, My Arizona Lawyers, Divorce and Family Law Attorney

PJ Judd

PJ Judd is an attorney with My Arizona Lawyers, practicing Family Law and Divorce. Mr. Judd understands what Arizona residents need and expect in experienced legal representation.

Geoffrey Khotim

Contact Mr. Khotim if you wish to discuss your potential bankruptcy case, or if you wish to schedule a free consultation and debt evaluation. Mr. Khotim is an experienced Arizona debt-relief attorney works with clients to explore every option to help eliminate or reduce debt.

Ryan Dorn

Ryan is a bankruptcy attorney who will work diligently to provide you with a fresh start.  Ryan’s experience in the creditor rights field can help you understand how bankruptcy can help relieve your issues with debt.

 Hollis Joslin

Hollis Joslin is an Author, pilot, Real Estate Agent, Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney, and Personal injury lawyer; most well known for his dystopian political thriller, CITIZENS UNITED (available on Joslin provides dedicated legal representation to Arizona residents.


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