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The Tucson Legal Services team at My AZ Lawyers has expert Tucson attorneys and staff with a wide range of training and experience to help you with a number of legal issues that you might face. Whether you are navigating a divorce, have been in an accident, are facing criminal charges, or are trying to explore all your options for bankruptcy or debt relief, our dedicated team of Tucson lawyers may be able to help you. Tucson, AZ Legal Services at My AZ Lawyers, Tucson Legal Services

Our Tucson Legal Service practice areas include:

Tucson family law attorney Tucson Family Law Attorneys

The divorce rate in Tucson is higher than the national average.  As a result, many people seek assistance from Tucson family attorneys.  Though popular, family law can be a complex area of law. Often, the important questions in a case aren’t just a matter of cut-and-dry laws. Therefore, rulings are often subjective and based on the unique circumstances of the case. Additionally, matters of family law can include child custody arrangements, adoption proceedings, domestic violence issues, orders of protection, and defending against accusations of abuse or neglect.

personal injury attorney in Tucson, Tucson Legal Services Tucson Personal Injury Lawyers

Accident Attorneys in Tucson

Personal injury cases in Tucson come in many forms: vehicle accidents, premises accidents, catastrophic accidents, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, traffic accidents, or crime victim liability. Whereas, victims of any accident who have suffered injury in Tucson should consult with My AZ Lawyers Tucson personal injury attorneys.  Because another party is negligent for your accident and injury, you have suffered losses:

Physical damageany injury is serious and recovery time may be lengthy. In some cases, an accident may cause permanent or on-going medical treatment or disability, and it is just that you receive compensation for all economic costs related to your injury. Physical pain and recovery period might mean having to miss work.

Emotional damage: non-economic damages such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, or mental anguish may be recovered in a settlement.

Financial damage: Also, an injury can be financially draining. Our Tucson accident attorney will pursue maximum compensation for monetary damages. Examples include all medical expenses (current and future), property damage, medical equipment, loss or wages or loss of earning capacity.

My AZ Lawyers Tucson accident lawyer is experienced in the Arizona court system. Also, our Tucson legal team knows how to investigate personal injury cases and has the skills to prove a case. Call for a free initial consultation and case review. An injury attorney will listen to your potential case, provide options and advice, and help you understand your rights.

Tucson divorce lawyer Tucson Divorce Lawyers

Divorce is a challenging time for anyone going through it. Besides the emotional challenges, it also presents a number of financial difficulties for many. It is important to get the right legal representation to help you get the best settlement in your Tucson divorce agreement. Otherwise, you could end up without the financial means to start your new, independent life.

Tucson DUI attorney, Tucson Legal Services Tucson DUI Attorneys

Tucson authorities go to extra lengths in attempts to crack down on driving under the influence in Tucson.  Thus, whatever the circumstances of your Tucson DUI, it is a very serious charge, you need experienced Tucson DUI representation to help you get the best possible outcome for your case. Therefore, working with our Tucson legal services team and one of our experienced Tucson DUI lawyers may be able to help you get your sentenced reduced or preferably to have the charges against you dropped.  Therefore, our Tucson attorneys offer free consultations and can often start your case with as little as $1000 down.  Contact us today.

Tucson criminal defense lawyer Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyers

A good Tucson criminal defense is your constitutional right. Our experienced team may be able to work with you on a variety of charges, ranging from traffic offenses to more serious charges. Just like with a DUI, our team may be able to help you get your sentence reduced or to have the charges dropped, depending on the circumstances of your case.

Tucson bankruptcy attorney, Tucson Legal Services Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy is a Tucson solution for debt relief for many people who are struggling to make ends meet. Therefore, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to discharge your unsecured debts like credit cards and medical bills for a new start.  Additionally, you may be able to reorganize your debts so that you pay into one low monthly payment with a lower interest rate.  Thus, you should contact the bankruptcy lawyers at our Tucson legal services team.  Our Tucson attorneys can get you the “Fresh Start” you deserve.

Call My AZ Lawyers today to find out how our experienced and skilled team of Tucson lawyers may be able to help you with your legal needs. Thus, we are ready and waiting to discuss the details of your case.  Plus, we can tell you how we might be able to help.

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