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Arizona Personal Injury Laws

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My AZ Lawyers Personal Injury attorneys Know the Arizona Personal Injury laws.  They have full knowledge of which laws apply in cases of injury or accident in Arizona.

Statute of Limitations in Arizona

Arizona does have time limits on injury lawsuits.  A law known as the “statute of limitations” sets a limit of time to bring an injury case to the court.  Any case that is filed in court after an injury or an accident is affected by this statute.  To file a lawsuit in relation to a personal injury in Arizona, a person has two years.  Typically, the two year period is from the time of the accident.  Sometimes injuries aren’t discovered until after the accident, so it is possible that the time limit may start later than the date of the accident.

Arizona Auto Insurance Laws

In order to handle automobile accident cases, Arizona uses an “at-fault” system.  A person injured in an accident has the right to try to settle with the insurance companies or to prove fault and seek damages in court.  Arizona is a state that does require drivers to have auto-insurance coverage. The laws in Arizona for at-fault auto insurance laws do have some flexibility built in, which is helpful when trying to reach a settlement.

Arizona Dog Bite Rules

Arizona has specific statues that make a dog owner “strictly liable” if their dog injures someone. Regardless of any past behavior of the animal, a dog owner is responsible for any personal injury caused by the dog.  In other states, dog owners are protected from liability somewhat and to some degree.  Arizona has a “strict” liability law for dog bites or attack cases.

Arizona Damage Caps

Arizona does not have any caps on damages in personal injury cases.  Many states  limit the amount of compensation an injured person can receive in specific cases.  This “damage cap” usually applies for certain types of injury or harm, and is different depending on the state.

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