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The need for Mesa Bankruptcy services can come from anyone in Mesa, Arizona.  Some of the top employers in Mesa include the public schools, government and low-paying companies like retail establishments.  As the economy continues to limp along in these sectors and budget cuts continue to be made, many residents are struggling to make ends meet.  Some may find themselves in over their heads and looking for debt relief to climb their way out.  Bankruptcy can be the solution that many people need.

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Many people in Mesa have a negative view of bankruptcy, seeing it as a kind of failure.  In reality, bankruptcy was designed to give people struggling with debts a chance to start over.  Therefore, it is protection afforded under the law to avoid financial ruin.  Sometimes filing for bankruptcy in Mesa, AZ through experienced Mesa bankruptcy services like the bankruptcy attorneys at My AZ Lawyers is the only way to overcome your debt and get a fresh start.

Mesa Bankruptcy Attorneys at My AZ Lawyers Can Recommend What Chapter Of Bankruptcy Is Best

If you are struggling with seemingly insurmountable debts, a bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you get the debt relief that you need.  The Mesa bankruptcy attorneys at My AZ Lawyers can evaluate your circumstances and let you know how bankruptcy may be able to help you.  The experienced lawyers at My AZ Lawyers can recommend what chapter of bankruptcy might be best for you and can help guide you through the process.  The Mesa bankruptcy services from our Mesa debt relief firm are provided with a low fee guarantee and start with a free consultation.

In Arizona, though you technically can file for bankruptcy yourself, it is not recommended.  Filing for bankruptcy can actually be a complicated process, and failing to get all the details just right can result in severe penalties.  By working with a bankruptcy lawyer, you can ensure that all the paperwork is filed appropriately.  Additionally, you are taking advantage of all the opportunities that bankruptcy affords you, such as the possibility of keeping certain assets.

Our Mesa Bankruptcy Team

My AZ Lawyers bankruptcy lawyers Our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys will make sure that every document is filed completely and correctly.  Plus, by hiring a competent and experienced bankruptcy attorney, you can be sure that nothing goes overlooked.  Be aware, declaring bankruptcy can be stressful and intimidating.  However, having appropriate legal counsel, you can relax and be certain that you are on the road to a brighter financial future.  Therefore, our Mesa lawyers of bankruptcy understand the emotional toll debt and bankruptcy can have on our clients.  Thus we work swiftly and efficiently so that you can get a good night’s sleep sooner.

Mesa Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

My AZ Lawyers bankruptcy team A Mesa Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as liquidation bankruptcy.  It is referred as this because assets can and may be used to pay off your creditors.  Additionally, if Chapter 7 is the right fit for you; it will be determined with the means test and during a consultation with our Mesa chapter 7 lawyers.  Therefore, the moment we file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy an automatic stay will prevent all collection attempts from creditors.  The length of this stay can vary.  You should consult your attorney about the terms of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and its implications in your personal financial situation.

Mesa Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Arizona debt free zone A Mesa Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a reorganization bankruptcy.  And, it is called this because your debts are reorganized by a payment plan that allows you to pay off your creditors over the course of three to five years with your monthly income.  Unlike in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you will probably be able to keep most if not all of your assets as they are not used to satisfy the claims of your creditors.  Chapter 13 is a consumer bankruptcy that is designed to alleviate the financial burden that our clients carry with them while trying to keep up with their bills.


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Bankruptcy Attorneys in Mesa, AZ FAQS


Not all debt.  Some debts aren’t dischargeable in a chapter 7 bankruptcy. These include student loans, title loans, domestic obligations such as spousal and child support, plus, many back taxes. A lot of your older tax debt may be discharged in a chapter 7.  Contacting our Mesa bankruptcy lawyer for assistance with your tax debt is the best idea.


Bankruptcy Timeline. Your 341 (Meeting of Creditors) will be approximately 30-45 days after you file for chapter 7 bankruptcy in Mesa, Arizona. Thus, your creditors will have 60 days to object to your debts being discharged after the 341 Meeting of Creditors. Then, once those 60 days are up, your chapter 7 case is eligible for discharge. Thus, from the moment you file until your discharge (if everything goes smoothly) is Approximately 3-4 months.


Many offices will require you to pay your legal fees in whole before your bankruptcy is filed. Our Mesa Bankruptcy office realized that especially for clients whose wages are being garnished, this simply isn’t possible. Thus, if you are unable to pay your fees before your case is filed, we can bifurcate our services. Bifurcating means we are able to split our fees into services provided before your bankruptcy is filed, and services provided after your bankruptcy is filed. You will be set on a payment plan for post-filing services.

Although you may end up paying more in the long run for a $0 down bankruptcy, it isn’t without its benefits. Your payments in a post-filing payment plan will be credit reported, allowing your score to rise faster post-bankruptcy.  Reporting your payments to the credit bureaus makes Life After Bankruptcy something a lot easier to achieve.
A word of caution, you should be wary of attorneys who advertise $0 down but still require you to pay your filing fee up front. As the filing fee is $335, this usually isn’t insignificant to Chapter 7 filers and can delay their case.  Look around and find Mesa’s best zero down bankruptcy attorney.  We are only a phone call away.  (480) 833-8000.


You can if you are able to exempt your home equity through the Chapter 7 Homestead Exemption.   The homestead exemption in Arizona is $150,000. Whereas, you should consult with an attorney if you have over or anywhere close to $150,000 equity in your home to ensure that you are correctly filing for bankruptcy in Mesa, AZ.


Yes, if you meet the vehicle exemption amount for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. Whether you own your car outright or you are making payments, there are limits on how much equity you can have in your car. In Mesa, Arizona as a single filer, you can own a car outright worth up to $6,000, or have $6,000 equity in a vehicle. Additionally, married filers may have two vehicles worth $6,000 each or one vehicle worth $12,000. Also, if applicable, there are special higher exemptions for filers with disabilities that need wheelchair-accessible vehicles.


Yes. The Automatic Stay in a bankruptcy filing will stop your wages from being garnished.
Wage garnishments will be halted once your case is filed.  The automatic stay kicks in immediately. This is because you are protected by an automatic stay when you have an active bankruptcy. Garnishments can only be stopped for pay periods that have not yet been completed.  Contact our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys for more information on the Automatic Stay and how to stop a wage garnishment.

Some debts can’t be discharged in a bankruptcy. Thus, if you are being garnished for one of these, such as child support, the garnishment will resume once your case is discharged or dismissed. Also, if your garnishment is a result of a dischargeable debt, such as credit cards, the garnishment will be permanently stopped once your case is discharged.


No.  Your credit will take a hit but it will not be destroyed.  Bankruptcy will remain on your credit for 7-10 years (for Chapter 13 and Chapter 7, respectively), just because there s a bankruptcy on your record, it does not mean your credit will be destroyed.  Plus, there are many things you can do after your case is completed to help rebuild your credit.  Including, our Arizona Zero Down Bankruptcy program which reports all of your payments to the credit bureaus and gets your credit jump started after a bankruptcy filing.

For Chapter 7 filers, financing a new (or used) vehicle is a great option to help their credit scores. You should be able to finance a vehicle shortly after your case is filed. You will need to wait until discharge to get new credit cards, but this is another way to rebuild your credit. Our firm’s $0 down program uses credit reporting to help boost your score as well.


Forget what you think you know about bankruptcy and contact our Mesa bankruptcy services today.  We can help you to find peace of mind and assist you in taking charge of your financial future. Plus, our Mesa bankruptcy team put an end to sleepless nights and days of endless worry.  Additionally, Arizona bankruptcy laws are put in place to give people struggling with debts a helping hand.  Whereas, Mesa bankruptcy is designed to take away the shadow of debt that is hovering over people.  Therefore, you should take the first step today, you will be glad you did.

Find out how you might be able to get debt relief and start taking back control of your finances by calling My AZ Lawyers today.  A Mesa bankruptcy lawyer may be able to work with you to get you the clean slate that you need.  Also, our Mesa bankruptcy services office offers FREE evening and weekend consultations by appointment.  Call 480-833-8000 and schedule a consult with a Mesa bankruptcy attorney from our Mesa bankruptcy services today.

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