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The tough economy of the last decade has cause many Mesa residents to struggle financially and bankruptcy is often a legitimate way to reboot your financial future and eliminate crushing debt. Reasons for being under a financial strain are varied. Maybe you have lost your employment, because your company is downsizing or had to shut down, maybe you had to quit your job to take care of a loved one, or you have been sick and unable to work. No matter the reasons, our team of Mesa Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers can assist you and help you to gain a fresh and positive outlook on your financial future.

Often the assistance of an experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorney will help you determine which chapter of bankruptcy you should choose.  Far and away, the most popular chapter of bankruptcy filed in Arizona is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.  Also known as liquidation bankruptcy, because unlike in a Chapter 13 where a payment plan is devised to pay of your debt, your non-exempt assets might be sold off to satisfy the claims of your creditors.

It is important to remember that bankruptcy and bankruptcy laws are designed to protect the debtor and to assist him or her to start over financially with Mesa debt relief. Chapter 7 is the fastest and easiest type of bankruptcy to pursue and our legal team can determine with the means test, if Chapter 7 is the right type of bankruptcy for your financial situation.

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The Arizona debt relief team of Mesa Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys and staff understand the complexity and intricacies of bankruptcy proceedings. Plus, our experienced Arizona attorneys know that bankruptcy can be intimidating which is why we strive to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision on your own. Plus, we know that you have many questions and we will make sure to answer all of them. Also we take time to sit down with our bankruptcy clients to make certain that no information will go overlooked and that they understand exactly what is going to happen and when. We are your partner in this important process.

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Contacting us and scheduling a free bankruptcy consultation is an important first step. Our Mesa bankruptcy attorneys offer both in office or bankruptcy by phone consult options.  We will gather all the information we need from you and go from there. Also, you will need to disclose your entire financial situations for proper evaluation. Thus, while you certainly do not need a lawyer (legally at least) it is a very wise decision to hire one to assist you with your bankruptcy. That way you know you get proper legal presentation, the best possible outcome and nothing goes overlooked. While a lawyer might charge you a bit more than you might like, the results will be definitely worth it.

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Do not spend another sleepless night worrying about your finances. Let us help to get your finances and life back on track. The best thing about a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the automatic stay which prevents most creditors from being able to collect from you (at least for a while). This means your car cannot be repossessed and your wages won’t be garnished. It also protects you from foreclosure and your accounts being emptied. If you would like to learn more about bankruptcy and which chapter is right for you, contact our Mesa bankruptcy lawyers team today. Now is the time to get back on your financial feet.

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For compassionate and qualified bankruptcy presentation, schedule an appointment with our Mesa bankruptcy lawyers. My AZ Lawyers is dedicated to offer affordable and comprehensive legal services to their clients.  We offer Chapter 7, Chapter, 13, Bankruptcy by Phone, Zero Down Bankruptcy and Emergency Bankruptcy filings.   Additionally to bankruptcy presentation, we can also assist you with DUI  and criminal defense cases, family law, divorce and more.

For your free bankruptcy consultation and to learn more about bankruptcy and how it can benefit your unique, personal situation, call our experienced Mesa bankruptcy attorneys today, visit the contact page on our website, or send us a message with the contact form below.

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