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Tucson Zero Down Bankruptcy Attorneys

I know what you’re thinking… Is This Really a $0 Down Bankruptcy Filing?

We have handled Arizona Bankruptcy for over a decade. Our Tucson bankruptcy lawyers offer sound guidance for individuals and small businesses who are devastated by unpaid debts and other financial obstacles. Therefore, the first step toward finding a solution to your financial troubles is contacting My AZ Lawyers and discussing your situation with a Tucson bankruptcy lawyer.

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    How Our Top Rated Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers Can Help You

    A petitioner filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Tucson reorganizes debt and develops a debt repayment plan. In addition, the Ch 13 BK case is overseen by a bankruptcy trustee. Given these points, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is beneficial for Tucson, Arizona residents who do not qualify for Chapter 7, or who wish to keep all of most of their property. Zero Money down for a fresh financial start.

    Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers

    Bankruptcy Services Tucson may become necessary as Tucson is a thriving city that has experienced steady growth thanks to employers like the University of Arizona and the local government. Yet, there have been lean times for a lot of workers in industries outside of those mainstays. Some individuals were furloughed or laid off and others were unable to find work in comparison to their qualifications. Therefore, these individuals in Pima County are having to settle for lower-paying jobs. Thus, some may have relied more heavily on their credit during those times, while others may have simply allowed certain bills to go unpaid. All of these things are practices that lead to a rocky financial path.

    Additionally, even good people can fall behind. For example, even the most responsible people can run into trouble financially. Therefore, bankruptcy provides the option for debt relief that some people need. Given these points, consider Tucson bankruptcy services when facing the possibility of declaring bankruptcy in Tucson.

    In particular, our Tucson bankruptcy attorneys have the experience and knowledge that will benefit you greatly. Consider hiring our low cost bankruptcy services Tucson. Call us now at (520) 779-0777 for a free consultation either by phone or in our downtown Tucson bankruptcy office. Bankruptcy Services Tucson, we strive to make you debt free.


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    My AZ Lawyers helped me with my criminal case. He was trustworthy, confident, and experienced. He was a force to be reckoned with in court. I highly recommend this law firm and the staff.

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    I felt completely confident with the attorney I was matched with. He worked really hard for me and the outcome was better than expected.

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    Zero Down Bankruptcy Is Still A Complex Legal Procedure

    What’s the catch? How are you able to offer this? YES, THIS IS REAL! Here is how it works; First, a “skeleton” bankruptcy filing is filed for you at no charge. Next, our bankruptcy services Tucson file the second part of your bankruptcy petition. Our Tucson bankruptcy firm charges for the 2nd part of your bankruptcy filing. However, you don’t have to start paying for your bankruptcy until 30 days after you file. Then, you make simple monthly payments to pay off your bankruptcy. Keep in mind, even a “simple” Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tucson is still a complex legal procedure that takes place in the federal courts. Bankruptcy services Tucson believe that you should not try to file for bankruptcy protection without the assistance of an experienced lawyer. Thus, our simplified “Zero Down BK” process makes it possible for people who may not be able to afford a bankruptcy attorney, now they have an option.


    Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common bankruptcy filing in Tucson. Another key point, Arizona Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection allows debtors to keep exempt and essential assets while eliminating dischargeable debt. Also, a bankruptcy means test indicates who is eligible to file Chapter 7. Our experienced Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys can help you get out of debt.


    Considering filing bankruptcy? Call us about the zero down bankruptcy program. Especially, if your decision includes needing a bankruptcy attorney, but you don’t know how to pay the legal fees up front (which bankruptcy filing requires). Also, if you cannot afford to pay legal fees up front, be sure to call our Tucson Bankruptcy Lawyers (520) 779-0777 find out if you qualify for the $0 down program.

    Bankruptcy Courts in Arizona

    A United States bankruptcy judge presides over the bankruptcy cases. This judge has the power to make decisions over all matters concerning federal bankruptcy cases. For each judicial district in Arizona, there is a bankruptcy court. In Arizona, the bankruptcy courts are located in:


    Payment Plan Options to file Bankruptcy in Tucson – File Now Pay Later!

    Tucson Bankruptcy Services

    What Is It? Bankruptcy Code Explained

    Arizona bankruptcy laws offer certain protections to debtors who are needing to eliminate debt through reorganization or liquidation. Thus, the bankruptcy code, called Title 11 of the United States Code, details these procedures. Furthermore, the bankruptcy code is a uniform federal law that oversees all bankruptcy cases. In addition, it has been amended several times since it’s original completion. In fact, the filing of most bankruptcies in the bankruptcy code fall under Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. Also, when filing for bankruptcy it must occur in a federal bankruptcy court (not a state court). In fact, the bankruptcy law’s main purpose is to give a debtor a fresh start. In providing a fresh start, a bankruptcy relieves the debtor of most debts and/or the debtor pays creditors back through available properties that can be used for payment.