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Child Support creates several issues for people in Arizona going through divorce or having issues with a person that they share a child.  Parents in Arizona share the responsibility for providing financial for their children. In the case of a divorce involving children, many issues arise regarding the division of care, custody, and funds.

Support paid by one party provides children with the financial support needed for education, basic costs, and healthcare. Many parents going through divorce have concerns about how much support they will pay or receive, plus, how the support is enforced.

How Arizona Courts calculate child support contact our child support attorney in Ariizona

An Arizona family law court takes into consideration several factors to determine the amount of child support to award in a divorce:

  • Primary parenting time and how much time each parent is spending with the child including expenses related to this time
  • The age of the children.
  • Each parent’s income.
  • The standard of living a child would have had if not for the separation/divorce.
  • Costs of heath care and dental insurance.
  • Special needs of any children.

Often, the court uses state guidelines to determine and award support. The Arizona family court does have discretion, however, to deviate. In some divorce cases, the court considers legal factors and standards of living.

Arizona child support services

How long will a support of a child obligation last? In Arizona, support payments are made until the child is 18. If the child does not complete school by age 18, child support continues until he/she graduates from high school or turns 19, which ever comes first.

Payments for support are received, recorded, and processed by the Support Payment Clearinghouse. For additional information, or to connect with Arizona child support services, visit the Arizona Department of Economic Security website.

Arizona Modifications of Support

If either parent’s income or other circumstances change after the initial child support judgement, an attorney needs to file a modification proceeding. Contact My AZ Lawyers to consult with an attorney experienced in Arizona support cases involving children.  A lawyer will review your modifications, or appropriate changes to the ordered support. In order to reduce or change the amount of support, a parent needs a court order. Regardless if both parents agree to reduce child support payment, a formal court order should confirm these wishes.

Free initial consultation with an experienced family law support attorney

Therefore, when you consult with an attorney at My AZ Lawyers, we can discuss an approximate amount we estimate that you are entitled to receive for child support, or what you may have to pay.  Plus, our experienced support lawyers know the Arizona laws and standards regarding support payments.

Child support is based upon written guidelines and Arizona laws. Therefore, the amount a court will award depends on childcare costs, each parents income, cost for dental and medical insurance, daycare costs, how old the children are, or special needs of the children. Find more general information on  Arizona Child Support Guidelines web page.

My AZ Lawyers Family Law Attorneys and legal team

My AZ Lawyers will answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding child support, parenting time, visitation rights, or modifications. We help our clients understand better the legal process.  We explain how the law affects specific situations and provide options. In order to proceed and make the best decisions for your family, it is important to learn what to expect and it is crucial that you have expert legal representation.  Keep in mind, a divorce that involves children can be a complicated case.  Therefore, clients in Arizona call our law firm because we offer dedicated legal services.  Plus, our staff is understanding, yet aggressive in pursuit of the best possible outcome for each case.

Child Support and College tuition

Parents who wish to negotiate the responsibility of college expenses after a divorce is not uncommon. As part of a final divorce agreement, this issue may be agreed upon with the help of an attorney. The jurisdiction of the Arizona Court regarding financial obligation ends when a child is an adult (18 years old). The court, therefore, does not award support for a parent for college financial payment.

A couple may enter into an agreement, or a contract for support for college expenses.  However, it is not part of the child custody law (Title 25). Arizona law does recognize financial obligation for a child over the age of 18 attending college. A legal contract may be developed to address this.  However, the language needs to be specific to ensure that both parents are in a agreement as to the details of the agreed expense of college.

If the goal is to make sure that the child’s college is paid, an option may be to take a portion of the marital assets and put them aside for college expenses. Again, this trust needs to be legally sound and carefully drafted by an attorney. My Arizona Lawyers team can handle the family law and trust law issue that arises when parents wish to confront the importance of paying for college expenses/ support in a divorce.

Our Arizona Custody Attorneys Can Help

If both spouses determine that planning for a child’s college tuition is a priority when discussing divorce and support of the children, it is best to consult a lawyer in order to legally secure this agreement.  An attorney can help make sure that the wishes of both spouses are best met.  Plus, they do the best to assure that the tuition is addressed.

Possibly, parents have already started saving for a college fund. If a parent has invested or started a savings account to benefit a child’s college education, these must be addressed in the divorce decree. Especially in a 529 plan, the goal of this asset must be clearly defined to ensure the money is available for college.

Again, so many issues arise with a divorce involving children. Clients have so many questions about which expenses get paid in support payments. Only our experienced family law, divorce, and child payments lawyers can navigate the legal process to make sure there are few or no problems in the future.

Always Gaining Knowledge and Working as a Team

We believe on staying up on the ever changing rules in Arizona Family Law.  Our experienced family law lawyers attend numerous divorce, custody, and family law conferences to keep the knowledge fresh.  Thus, each year, in order to maximize our lawyers’ expertise regarding complex family law issues, we continue to educate ourselves. Additionally, our custody lawyers collaborate as they meet regularly to discuss cases.  We provide a team approach to handling our family law and child custody cases.

Support payments enforcement in Arizona

Child support is not optional. When the Arizona court hands down a child support order, payments must be mad in full and on time throughout the duration of that order. In the case where child support payments are not paid, there are means of enforcing the law, including wage garnishment, seizure of assets, property liens, or license suspension. Some cases must pursue criminal charges if a parent fails to make child support payments.

Arizona child support attorney free consultation

Our clients are both custodial and noncustodial parents. Support for children has an impact on the lives of families in Arizona. The law and child support obligations can be complex, and are best dealt with when My AZ Lawyers takes over the legal representation. Our experienced family law legal team will communicate everything and anything you need to know regarding child support. Often times divorce is ugly. Communication breaks down and the future of your family is at risk. We know the legal process, and we know how to successfully represent divorce and child custody cases to serve the best interests of our clients.

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