Everything You Need To Know About Child Support

Our Arizona Family Attorneys Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

When you have children, a break-up is never just a break-up. You can’t just focus on the heartbreak or anger you may feel about the end of the relationship. You also have to think about how the split will impact your children, and you need to tend to their emotional responses. Practically, you also need to think about where the children will live, who will make decisions on their behalf, and who will pay for what they need.

That’s where a good Arizona family attorney comes in. Many couples cannot agree on issues of child custody or child support, so an attorney can help you get the agreement that’s right for your family. When you meet with an attorney, you’ll be able to talk through all the issues relevant to your case and get a better understanding of what to expect. Here are some of the common questions that family attorneys get that you may also have:

Our Arizona Family Attorneys Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support

How Much Will I Have To Pay In Child Support?

There is no standard, set amount of child support that is ordered. Instead, the court will look at the amount of time the child spends with each parent, the amount of money each parent makes, and how much is needed to care for the child, factoring in expenses such as daycare, medical expenses, and so on. The court will then determine an amount that each parent is responsible for, take away what they are already paying, and assign child support to the parent who needs to make up the difference.

Though it can sound like awarding child support is a pretty straightforward process, there can still be subjectivity built into it. Your child support lawyer can argue for you paying or getting more or less child support based on extenuating circumstances, finances that were not immediately taken into consideration, and so on. Your attorney will help you understand the possibilities and will build the strongest case on your behalf to present to the court.

What If I Can’t Afford Child Support Or If It Isn’t Enough To Meet My Needs?

If you are the parent who has been ordered to pay child support, you may find that circumstances change over time, and you are no longer able to afford what the court has ordered. If that happens, you may be able to petition the court for a modification to your child support order. However, you will need a strong reason to make this change, including a big change in your income or other financial circumstances. Working with a child support lawyer can help you understand how the courts will evaluate your request and can help you put together the strongest argument to increase your chances of success.

If you are the parent who is receiving child support and you find that the payment is no longer enough to meet the needs of your child, you may also be able to petition the court for an increase in the payment. You will also need to provide evidence, such as a loss of income or an increase in expenses, possibly because your child has new medical or educational needs. Again, work closely with a child support order to understand your options and fight to get what you need.

Is Visitation Dependent On Child Support?

Child support and visitation are two separate matters. If one parent is late with child support or does not pay it at all, that does not mean that the other parent can suspend visitation. However, if you are the parent who is not receiving the child support you are due, it does mean that you should talk to a child support lawyer about getting what you are owed. There are penalties for parents who do not pay their ordered child support, and the legal system has processes in place to see that the non-paying parent becomes compliant or pays the penalty for it.

What If My Ex Stops Paying Child Support?

Sometimes, you may not get child support on time, or a payment may be missed. This could be because of a bank error or processing error. Just check in with your ex or the agency handling the child support payment to get it corrected.

If, however, you aren’t getting payments because your ex simply isn’t making them, you need to talk to a child custody lawyer right away about your options. The court may order the garnishment of your ex’s wages, or your ex’s tax refund could even be seized. In addition to paying you what is owed, your ex can also face serious legal consequences. Sometimes, just hearing about these consequences from your lawyer can be enough to get your ex to come into compliance.

Issues around child custody and child support can be complex – and they only get more so when emotions are involved. But working with an experienced and compassionate child support and custody lawyer can make the process a little easier. Your attorney can help you understand these and other issues a little better and help you explore the legal options to get the resolutions you need for your family.

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