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Proving negligence on the the part of the defendant is the first step to a successful personal injury lawsuit.  Personal injury damages are awarded to people who are negatively affected by an injury or an accident in Arizona.   Also important, proving that negligence led to the injuries suffered by the plaintiff. Finally, determining the damages, or financial compensation awarded for losses.  Monetary damages recovery may include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering.

Compensatory vs. Punitive Personal Injury Damages

The personal injury damages rewarded in a successful injury or accident case may be compensatory or punitive. Compensatory damages are the most common type of financial award in a lawsuit. These losses are needed to be recovered by the injured party, intending to compensate the plaintiff. Any losses due to injury may be awarded in order to bring the victim financial compensation and to get the plaintiff back a to pre-accident way of life. These actual damages should encompass all losses due to the negligence of another party:
  • Medical expenses: emergency room costs, doctor visits, pharmacy and prescription bills, or any related medical care
  • Lost income: present and future income or earning potential lost due to injury
  • Legal fees: missed work, attorney fees, court costs, travel expenses
  • Property damage: vehicle damage, loss or damage of personal property in the vehicle
  • Emotional trauma: mental distress experienced by the victim as a result of the accident including fear, anxiety, insomnia
  • Pain and suffering: physical suffering, impairment or physical disfigurement

Collecting Damages and Compensation in Arizona

Therefore, when collecting compensation for personal injury damages, either a settlement is reached, or a court awards a judgment for damages claimed by the plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. Thus, My Arizona Lawyers personal injury attorney will be a great asset with the collection process. Plus, if collecting the money from the defendant responsible for paying damages becomes an issue, our experienced injury lawyers will discover means to recover. Recovering compensation for personal injury damages may be accomplished by garnishing wages, putting a lien on property, or finding undisclosed assets.

Additionally, My AZ Lawyers is experienced in helping injury victims in Arizona achieve a successful resolution to their personal injury case. Our experienced accident and injury legal team is dedicated to helping victims.  Plus, we navigate the legal system to seek maximum compensation for damages.

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Proving Negligence in an Arizona Injury Accident

Proving negligence on the the part of the defendant is the first step to a successful personal injury lawsuit. Also, proving negligence led to the injuries suffered by the plaintiff.  Finally, determining the damages, or financial compensation awarded for losses.  Monetary damages recovery may include:   property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and/or pain and suffering.

Compensation is unique to each personal injury case and individual victim. The damages vary greatly depending on the specific circumstances of the accident. Special compensatory damages are intended to make a victim whole for expenses and losses due to the incident that caused injury.

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There is no limit to the amount that an injured individual can claim, and special compensatory damages cover any loss due to an injury.

Common types of special damages include:

  • Loss of earnings, present and future
  • Medical bills and future medical care expenses
  • Expenses associated with altered plans or cancelled trips
  • Household expenses

Non-monetary damages related to an injury claim are general compensatory damages. Therefore,  losses are recovered because they address any harm that is typically sustained by an injury. Generally, personal injury victims have some type of general damages. Pain and suffering, mental and emotional anguish, and loss of companionship are examples of general damages. 

Personal Injury Punitive Damages

 In more serious personal injury cases, punitive damages are awarded on top of compensatory damages. Punitive damages help to assure that a defendant is punished and a repeat future incident doesn’t happen. Punitive damages are awarded to an injured victim when a defendant is found guilty of reprehensible, malicious, or fraudulent acts or behavior. These type of damages are most commonly claimed against big companies or repeat offenders. Often, multiple people have been harmed by the negligent party. Negligence, however, is not enough. An intention disregard for the safety or health of others must be proven.

Proving a victim deserves punitive damages requires an attorney at My AZ Lawyers. Our legal team has the high level of expertise in personal injury cases and experiences representing victims who seek punitive damages. A jury may award punitive damages, for example, to a case involving defective products, or health hazards related to prescription drug companies.

Arizona Personal Injury Wrongful Death Damages

Surviving family and loved ones filing a claim for wrongful death to recover damages including:

  • Medical expenses pre-death
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of financial earning contribution
  • Emotional trauma and distress
  • Loss of support
  • Loss of companionship
Types of Damages in Arizona Personal Injury
In Arizona, there are several types of damages that can be awarded through lawsuits for injuries and accidents.  The type and amount of compensation vary depending on the specific fats and circumstances of the individual case.  Compensatory Damages:  With the intention to repay the accident victim for losses, compensatory damages in Arizona are the most commonly awarded type of damages in AZ personal injury cases.  Punitive Damages: Damages designed to punish the defendant.  These damages are act as a deterrent. However, punitive damages are rarely awarded in Arizona personal injury cases.
Compensatory Damages usually are broken down into 2 categories.  There are economic damages and non-economic damages.  Economic damages are designed to compensate for quantifiable pecuniary losses.  This would also factor in lost wages, medical bills, and property damages.  Less concrete damages fall under the umbrella of non-economic damages.  These non-economic damages include such things like: loss of consortium, mental anguish, disfigurement, pain and suffering.


  • Property Loss
  • Wage Loss
  • Medical Expenses
  • Property or Possession Loss
  • Loss of Earning capacity
  • And Other/more


  • Pain and Suffering
  • Enjoyment of Life Loss
  • Mental Anguish
  • Other Possible Damages

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