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    Maximize Your Estate Payout with Trusts

    You may have valuable property that you want to pass to your beneficiaries quickly and efficiently after your death. Therefore, a trust will protect any assets you contribute until you pass away, or a certain condition is met. Thus, your Arizona estate planning attorney can help you decide and draft your trust to be either revocable or irrevocable. Plus, your AZ Estate Lawyer will also make sure that your trust is valid, and that your contributions to the trust are as profitable as possible until their transfer.



    Just like wills and trusts, it’s vital that your power of attorney is valid so that it can’t be challenged when it comes time to follow its terms. You can use a power of attorney to give someone the authority to complete one-time transactions, or it can last indefinitely. Additionally, the range of authority can extend to general decisions, business decisions, or even health care decisions, also known as a health care proxy. Plus, you can use powers of attorney when you are available, out of the country, or have a medical condition that makes you unable to voice your wishes because of physical or cognitive symptoms.


    contingency plans to ensure your family wellbeing

    This is your base plan for your estate after you pass away. You can use it in combination with any of the other types of estate planning documents you may need. An Arizona estate planning attorney can help you make sure that all the legal requirements for a valid well are met, and that your will is worded precisely so that your assets go to your intended recipients. Otherwise, your will could be susceptible to challenges and disputes by relatives you didn’t intend to enrich. It will also delay the distribution of your estate and force your beneficiaries to waste money on probate attorney’s fees.


    Wills Are For Anyone Over 18 Years Old

    Many people assume they don’t need an estate plan until they reach a certain age. Therefore, anyone over the age of 18 years old can create an estate plan, and should if they wish to provide for the ones they care about. Because, you never know when an emergency could happen that could make it impossible for you to voice your wishes and needs, or take your life. Thus, give yourself the peace of mind knowing your estate is already planned in case the worst happens.


    Arizona Estate Planning Law Firm Helps You Protect Your Future

    Our Dedicated Estate Planning Lawyers serve people in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Tucson, Arizona. Including the counties of: Pima County, Maricopa County, and Pinal County
    Many people assume they don’t need an estate plan until they reach a certain age. Anyone over the age of 18 years old can create an estate plan, and should if they wish to provide for the ones they care about. You never know when an emergency could happen that could make it impossible for you to voice your wishes and needs, or take your life. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing your estate is already planned in case the worst happens.


    Estate Planning Attorney
    in Arizona

    Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy and those who literally own “estates.” It’s for anyone who has a family, who would like to donate to charity after they die, or that has property they wish to end up in the hands of loved ones. Also, estate planning can help your family avoid probate and minimize the tax liability associated with your estate. Plus, it can make your wishes clear and reduce stress and tension among your family members after your passing.
    Give yourself the peace of mind that your family members will be provided for after your death. Direct your assets to the people and causes you hold near and dear. Make the process more efficient and reduce the risk of disputes by planning your estate with an experienced Arizona estate attorney.

    A will serves more important purposes than just directing your assets after your death. Additionally, you can also use your will to appoint someone that you trust as your estate’s executor. Thus, your executor will validate your will, identify your beneficiaries, and otherwise guide your estate through the probate process after your death. Clearly, you will want to choose someone who is organized and efficient, rather than someone who is notorious for procrastinating.

    If you have young children, one of your will’s most important functions will be assigning someone to be a guardian for your children if you pass away before they turn eighteen. Plus, you should always confirm with your intended guardian that they are willing to accept those responsibilities before listing them in your will.


    • Why is Estate Planning Important?

    Thinking about the end of your life isn’t pleasant, but it is important for the sake of your family and loved ones. With careful planning, your loved ones can get the most out of your estate, and deal with as few taxes and other inconveniences as possible. This is also the only way you can leave some or all of your assets to charitable organizations that support causes close to your heart.

    Properly planning your estate means that you get to decide who gets your assets when you pass away- not the state. Plus, you can also designate who you would like to take care of your children in the event of your passing while they are still minors.

    When you pass away, the property you leave to your loved ones will inevitably be taxed. Identifying all the estate taxes that will apply in your case will help you maximize the amount your relatives receive. Additionally, you can also save your beneficiaries’ money by preventing disputes over your estate after your passing, which can tie up your estate for years and cost thousands in attorney’s fees.

    • A Sound Arizona Estate Plan Usually Includes:

    Our Experienced Arizona Estate Planning Attorneys will make sure you have the following:

    • Revocable Living Trust

    • Certificate of Trust
    • Last Will and Testament
    • Power of Attorney for Finances
    • Durable Mental Health Care Power of Attorney
    • Durable General Health Care Power of Attorney
    • Living Will
    • Our Personal Touch Difference in Estate Planning

    When a person comes to our Arizona Estate Planning law firm, one of our attorneys will take the time and pay close attention to the priorities and objectives that will go into the creation of a sound estate planning.

    Estate Planning with our firm may include any of the following:

    • Last Will and Testament
    • Health Care and/or Financial Power of Attorney
    • Living WIll
    • Trust (Possibly Multiple Trusts)

    Advanced Healthcare Directives

    Save your family guilt and stress should you ever have a medical condition that leaves you unable to voice your opinions. You can use an advanced healthcare directive to make it clear whether or not you would like to be kept on a feeding tube, life support, etc., when in an unresponsive state. You can also appoint someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. Our Arizona estate planning attorneys can help ensure that your family and doctors are prepared in a worst case scenario.

    Power of Attorney

    It’s a fact of life that age can come with medical conditions that affect your decision-making abilities. Or, you could find yourself in one of the other countless life circumstances where a power of attorney is appropriate. Therefore, a power of attorney allows you to assign an agent to handle your medical, financial, and/or business affairs. Plus, a guardianship or a conservatorship may be more suitable for your situation. Thus, an experienced Arizona estate planning lawyer can help walk you through your options and decide which is best for you.

    Our Services

    Our Arizona Estate Planning Attorneys have several offices in Arizona, including in the Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Tucson area. We also offer phone appointments for your convenience.

    • Wills
    • Testamentary Trusts
    • Pet trusts
    • Codicils (Will Amendments)
    • Revocable and
      Irrevocable Living Trusts
    • Special/Supplemental
      Needs Trusts
    • Durable Power of
      Attorney for Healthcare
      Decisions and Business
      and Financial Affairs
    • Advanced Medical Directives
      and HIPAA Waivers

    How To Plan Right Now For Your Estate At Any Age

    Young Adult

    Age 18-25

    Disability documents and a financial power of attorney are necessary at this age to ensure that bills are paid in case of debilitation. A medical power of attorney is needed to make any medical decisions.

    Young Family

    Age 25-35

    A will, at the very least, needs to be made in order to appoint guardianship of your children. When couples marry and have children, it is important to protect the family due to unforeseen life circumstances.

    Young Family & Growing Assets

    Age 35-50

    As a young couple with a home and accumulating assets and retirement accounts, a living trust helps to further manage assets for future generations.


    Age 50-65

    Now that you have build wealth and are in the position to retire, an important consideration is protecting your financial portfolio for the next generation. An asset protection trust, or revocable living trust should also be considered.


    Age 65+

    Plan for long-term care expenses. This and the journey of elderly care are bug issues facing individuals over 65. Medicaid, and power of attorney are a priority.


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