Can Your Divorce be Harmonious and Stress-Free?

Useful Tips to Settle Your Divorce With Minimal Stress

Divorce will test you in unique ways. You will likely never be in a situation in your life where you have so much at stake and where you are in opposition to someone who was once closer to you than any other person. You will be fighting for your home, for the money you shared, for your retirement accounts, and other assets. You may also be fighting over who gets to have the most time with your children and who will need to pay support.

Working with a good divorce lawyer in Mesa can help you manage all these things with grace, while still getting what you want from the divorce. But you’ll need to prepare yourself for what’s ahead and make some choices about how you’ll handle the whole process, or else you may be in for the battle of your life. Here are a few things you can do to make your divorce harmonious and stress-free:.

Married couple trying to get a stress-free divorce with tips from My AZ Lawyers blog

Remain Civil

There are going to be many times that you see your spouse and want to shout obscenities or just rail about all the things that he or she has done wrong and is continuing to do wrong. There are going to be times that your spouse says something that makes you want to scream or say something nasty in return.

You have to resist. Above all, you need to try to remain civil. Keep your responses neutral and factual. Don’t veer into blaming each other or getting angry at each other. Stick to the facts, and leave the rest for therapy. If you are having a hard time doing that, limit your communications or only send messages through your Gilbert divorce lawyer.

Pick Your Battles

Divorce has a way of making you feel like everything is a fight. You may decide that the houseplant that you bought 10 years ago absolutely MUST come to your new home. Or that the souvenirs you got on your honeymoon are absolutely non-negotiable.

You need to pick your battles. Ask yourself what things and issues are most important to you, and use that as your guide. Ask yourself what you actually need out of the divorce (ignoring your desire for revenge or for punishing your spouse). Then decide what are your non-negotiable items. Use the answers to these questions to guide your discussions and your strategy with your Mesa divorce lawyer.

Consider Using a Mediator

Mediation is a way for you and your spouse to come to an agreement on the terms of your divorce together – with the help of a trained intermediary. The mediator is not on your “side” or your spouse’s “side.” The mediator is there to help facilitate an agreement. You can also have your Gilbert divorce attorney in the room to give you advice, but the process is not a contentious back-and-forth, as in a court room.

Mediation can help you reach a peaceful agreement while also saving you a lot of money. Mediation gives you greater control over the outcome of your divorce, if you are able to reach agreement with your spouse. The process can also help you reach a resolution more quickly.

Work With The Right Arizona Divorce Attorney

Divorce is high stakes and highly emotional, but that doesn’t have to mean that the process must be contentious. You can have a stress-free divorce by keeping your focus where it needs to be and working with the right mediator and divorce attorney serving Mesa. Talk through any issues with your attorney to determine an amiable way to reach a resolution quickly – or at least to minimize any conflict. Your Mesa attorney will have strategies to help.

My AZ Lawyers is ready to help if you are thinking of getting a divorce or are currently trying to navigate a contentious divorce. Our team of divorce attorneys are experienced and compassionate, and they can help you develop a strategy that will get you the result you desire without a lot of stress and heartache. They can represent you through mediation or through a court trial. We also have child custody lawyers who can help you get the custody arrangement that is best for your family and who can help you get the right child support order. Call us today to meet with a family law lawyer and learn about your legal options. We serve clients throughout Phoenix, Tucson, Glendale, and Mesa.





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