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Arizona Child Custody & Visitation Lawyers

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custody infographicChild custody and visitation rights are highly contested family law issues.  Divorces can be tough on everyone involved, especially your children. When their family unit is seemingly torn apart, it is hard for them to cope when they cannot be around both of their parents every single day. With child custody and visitation lawyers in Arizona, My AZ Lawyers can help you work out the details of your child support and custody arrangements so that your children will find it much easier to adjust to their new parental arrangements. Don’t let your ex-spouse rip your family away from you. Let us help.

Arizona child custody lawyers and visitation attorneys

Child custody agreements in Arizona can be tricky to navigate. The expert legal professionals at My AZ Lawyers can help you work out the proper arrangement that pleases you and your children. With our child custody and child visitation lawyers, you can learn about the basic types of child custody arrangements and find the one that best suits the situation you have with your ex-spouse. Make sure that your children are properly accommodated and get the proper legal aid you need in order to work out the kinks in the child custody agreement.

Our Arizona Team

Our team of friendly professionals are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate legal assistance. With a wonderful team of paralegals and expert attorneys, your satisfaction will certainly be guaranteed. Get the legal assistance you need and make sure that your children are well cared for. We can help you determine which kinds of child custody arrangements there are and which ones will work best for you and your child.

Types of Child Custody Arrangements

There are many different kinds of child custody agreements that can work for you and your family. From legal custody, physical custody, sole custody, and joint custody, there are plenty of options that can determine how much you or your ex-spouse see of your children. Our caring professionals will make sure you understand every option before you come to a decision about the well being and care of your child.

With plenty off locations to suit your needs, My AZ Lawyers can help you anywhere in the Valley. Ranging from Avondale and Glendale to Mesa and Tucson, we can provide the best legal assistance that you need in order to determine the right kind of child custody and visitation agreement. Let us help you.

With our low cost services and professional legal help, your satisfaction will be guaranteed. For more information about our extensive range of services and to schedule a consultation with an experienced attorney, contact us today.
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