Divorce Strategies a Narcissist May Employ

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Narcissists can be hard to deal with, especially if they’re a spouse in a divorce. You may feel undermined, ignored, and like you are not good enough. Unfortunately, unless you want to spend time trying to undo the damage narcissists have done, you may need to learn how to cope with them.

There are several manipulation tactics that narcissists use in an Arizona divorce. A Glendale divorce lawyer will share some of the most common below. 

But first, let’s understand what a narcissist is. 

A Divorce In Arizona

What Is Narcissism?

Narcissism is a personality disorder frequently connected to other personality disorders (Bipolar, Borderline, Psychopathy, and others).

Narcissists are obsessed with illusions of infinite self-importance, success, and power. They overstate their success, appeal, and standing in society.

They take advantage of or abuse others for their gain. They desire excessive adoration because they need to feed their egos. To acquire what they want, they compete against one another. 

They isolate you from worried friends and family to dominate and take control of them. They manipulate with threats and lies to influence emotions like fear and rage.

Narcissists make people pay and become outraged when they do not receive the approval, admiration, and respect they believe they deserve. They anticipate unquestioning acquiescence from those around them.

Narcissists are harmful to both people and situations. They are only polite to those who agree with their agenda. However, they dismiss or treat poorly anyone who dares to disagree with them or expresses a different viewpoint. 

Now imagine having a narcissistic spouse while divorcing. That’s a challenge! This is why you need a highly skilled Gilbert divorce lawyer and a strong commitment to assert your rights. 

When narcissists’s self-worth is threatened, they may experience “narcissistic damage,” which can lead to aggressiveness, distress, and even abuse. As a result, when it comes to narcissists and divorce, such a substantial life change can be devastating to your spouse’s self-esteem, so brace yourself for the worst.

Beware Of These Sneaky Divorce Tricks

When divorcing a narcissist, it’s critical to understand that the conflict will stretch beyond the courtroom. Narcissists frequently engage in dishonest behavior throughout the process out of resentment for what you are doing to them. You should be aware of a few cunning divorce strategies they may employ.

First Tactic: Playing The Victim Card

A narcissist will likely engage in the blame game during your divorce. Narcissists cannot take responsibility for anything, let alone something as important as divorce. Throughout the process, the narcissistic spouse can tell you that you caused your marriage to end when in reality, he or she is oblivious to their guilt.

Second Tactic: Prolonging The Conflict

One of a narcissist’s key goals in a divorce is to make your life as miserable as possible. To accomplish this, they could act out and refuse to negotiate with a Mesa divorce lawyer, prolonging the process as much as they can. They don’t care how much money or time the divorce costs, as long as you are suffering with them. Their purpose is vengeance.

Third Tactic: Hiding Assets

Narcissists may not be honest when declaring their assets because they believe they are entitled to anything they want out of the divorce. They may try to conceal assets from you to prevent you from obtaining them. It’s crucial to discuss your choices with your attorney if you believe this is the case.

Fourth Tactic: Gaslighting

Gaslighting is the most visible method used by narcissists during a divorce. While blaming is certainly part of it, it can also include outright lying, projecting their actions or words onto you, using what is important to you against you, and other methods intended to make you feel less of a human being.

Keep in mind your spouse may lie not only to you, but also to the judge, lawyer, children, and more. He or she may also deny conversations and even create events that never happened. 

Counter Tactic: Contact a Trusted Divorce Lawyer

When your spouse employs narcissistic techniques against you, remember that you do not have to put up with it. Your  Phoenix divorce lawyer can advise you on the best course of action and can assist you in taking actions to protect yourself.

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