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Too often in Mesa, people are arrested or face criminal charges for the first time.  When this happens, often, these good people (guilty or non-guilty) simply plead out to the charges in front of them accepting consequences in hope of putting the incident behind them. In many of these Mesa Criminal Cases, the results are coming back to haunt them.  For example, one criminal conviction (Even on a Misdemeanor DUI) on a person’s permanent record can prevent them from obtaining certain employment, professional licenses, and advanced degrees.  

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Being convicted of a crime in Mesa, Maricopa County, Arizona can be debilitating. Additionally, a conviction can affect careers and future job opportunities.  Also, you jeopardize the ability to obtain housing and maintain relationships with family and friends. A conviction for something as seemingly small as a traffic offense may lead to more than just the loss of your freedom.  Other possible pitfalls include: losing your ability to drive, you can lose your civil rights, and possibly even contact with family.
Criminal charges in Mesa are not something to take lightly.  You need to defend your right to freedom  Seeking the advice and representation of an experienced Mesa criminal defense attorney, make prevent lasting and serious consequences of an arrest.


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Just because you were arrested on a criminal matter.  One brush with the law should not be allowed to ruin your life. Therefore, our Mesa criminal defense attorneys can answer your questions.  Additionally, our defense lawyers will explain your options and provide you with a strong, well-researched defense.

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