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Personal Injury Attorney Services

Why do you need a Personal Injury / Accident Lawyer?  My AZ Lawyers Personal injury and accident attorney can provide services for all stages of your case.  Furthermore, our team is qualified to represent clients in Arizona in their personal injury cases.

  • Communications  (with negligent party / insurance company)
  • Paperworkmy az lawyers personal injury attorney services in arizona
  • Claims and matters with claims
  • Assistance with vehicle arrangements:  rental car/ vehicle repair
  • Assistance in finding medical care
  • Claiming all pertinent damages and collecting damages
  • Investigating the facts of your case
  • Collecting compensations
  • Obtaining all necessary documentation to advance the case
  • Dealing with the insurance company
  • Working for the best interest of the client
  • Giving you a detailed understanding of your rights
  • Finding any weaknesses in your car and proving the strengths


My AZ Lawyers wants to protect your rights!  Until you consult with an attorney, we recommend that you do not discuss your case with any insurance company or give statements or sign any release documents.

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