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After a slip and fall accident, the physical pain and mental trauma may be serious. As victims recover from injury, they often take on added stress because of medical bills and lost wages. My AZ Lawyers personal injury and accident attorneys are experienced in representing slip and fall cases. In order to receive proper compensation for damages due to an accident, contact our law firm for expert legal representation.

Slip and fall accidents can happen in a split second. One moment and one negligent or reckless action by another can result in an injury. Property owners are required by law to maintain their premises and may be held liable if they fail to do so. An injury caused by a slip or fall can happen as a result of poor lighting, uneven floors, or a slippery surface.

When there is not enough traction between the bottom of the foot and the surface being walked on, a slip may occur. When a person hits an object and loses balance due to the collision, one trips.

Both a slip or a trip can result in a fall that could result in injury or wrongful death. Poorly maintained property conditions that may cause a trip or a slip and fall include:

  • Uneven walking surfaces (indoor or outdoor)
  • Broken or unsafe stairways
  • Handrails that are loose
  • Unguarded city equipment or manholes
  • Floors that are wet, oily, or covered with debris
  • Poor lighting conditions
  • Construction site conditions that are unsafe

Laws regarding slip and fall cases may be complex, and each accident has its specific circumstances. There are many variables that come into play: where the accident occurred, statute of limitations, and negligence. Property owners have a duty of care and responsibilities to make sure there are no potential dangers. Business owners must ensure that there are no hazards and their property is safe for visitors, public, and customers.

Victims of slip in fall accidents in Arizona contact My AZ Lawyers to discuss their specific case. Our legal team knows the law and has experience with all the different considerations that must be explored in a slip and fall injury case. Call to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with an attorney. Discuss your potential case with a lawyer to get options, advice, and excellent legal representation. Any victim of a slip and fall injury has rights. My AZ Lawyers will protect your rights and recover maximum compensation for your damages and losses associated with your accident.

A slip and fall injury victim has the right to compensation if another party is liable for the accident. Some injury due to slip and fall accidents are minor, some are serious. Often a slip and fall accident can cause injuries which require long-term medical care or rehabilitation: broken bones, head injury, or torn muscles or ligaments.

After seeking medical attention for your injury, contact My AZ Lawyers immediately. In order to establish if a property owner was negligent, it is important to understand the specific of the case right away. Our slip and fall legal team will investigate, examine evidence, protect your rights, negotiate with insurance companies, and handle all the legal representation and communication.

Defending slip and fall victims’ rights

Different laws may be used to defend a victim’s rights, depending on the specific circumstances of the accident. Workers compensation, for example, or premises liability are common slip and fall cases.

Premises liability

Premise is a building and its grounds or other attachments. Liability means monetary obligations or money owed.  Premise liability law makes a premise of property owner responsible for certain injuries that may result from any person present on the premises who has an accident.

Often in slip and fall or trip accidents, a proper owner allowed an unsafe condition or did not exhibit reasonable care to warn of a hazardous condition on the property.

If you believe that you have a potential case, that you or a loved one’s injury due to a slip and fall accident was due to a property owner’s negligence, or could have been prevented, contact My AZ Lawyers today to discuss your case.

The legal team at My AZ Lawyers understands that you have to recover and heal, and that any kind of injury can be traumatizing. When you get hurt, get medical care right away, then call an attorney at our firm who will protect you by starting on a slip and fall injury claim immediately. In order to preserve evidence, the scene of the accidents, and the condition of the property, time is of the essence.

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