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bankruptcy attorney in Avondale, Arizona BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY IN AVONDALE

Avondale residents overwhelmed by debt find bankruptcy a valuable tool for helping find financial relief. My AZ Lawyers bankruptcy lawyers are experienced in the Arizona bankruptcy law and are experts in navigating the legal process. A bankruptcy lawyer at our law firm will provide legal services while helping you understand your rights and options.

family law and divorce lawyer in Avondale FAMILY LAW AND DIVORCE LAWYER IN AVONDALE

Avondale family law attorneys at My AZ Lawyers provide family law legal services including divorce, child support, spousal support (alimony) division of assets, adoption proceedings, and case modifications. Experience in family law cases helps us support our clients who are facing difficult family issues. Divorce may be a complex legal battle, and when children are involved, the legal complexities need to be dealt with professionally and effectively. Contact our family law legal team to discuss your specific case, Our law firm is dedicated to producing the most successful resolution for a case.


Injured victims of an accident caused by another party’s negligence seek legal assistance at My AZ Lawyers. Our personal injury attorneys in Avondale understand that accident victims suffer financial, physical, and emotional damages. Let us protect your rights and recover compensation for all damages have impact on your life after an accident.

criminal defense attorney in Avondale CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY IN AVONDALE

A criminal charge and conviction can have a life-long impact. Charges may stay on your permanent record and affect many areas of your life. Our Avondale criminal defense lawyers will represent your charges. Schedule a free case review with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to consult about your specific situation.

DUI attorney in Avondale, Arizona AVONDALE DUI DEFENSE LAWYER

If you are facing a DUI conviction in Avondale, you need the best legal DUI representation and experienced Arizona DUI lawyer. Contact My AZ Lawyers Avondale DUI attorney dedicated to producing the best possible outcome for your case. A DUI conviction can have a devastating consequences. To protect your future and your rights, let a DUI attorney at our law firm provide you with answers and options. My AZ Lawyers offers a free consultation for potential DUI cases.

Car Accident Attorney in Avondale, Arizona AVONDALE CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY

If you have been involved in a car accident in Avondale, Arizona, contact our law firm to discuss your potential personal injury case. An auto accident can happen in an instant, and in that moment completely turn your world upside down. Injury and damages due to a car accident can seriously affect all aspects of your life. The Avondale car accident lawyers at My AZ Lawyers will provide the legal representation necessary to recover maximum compensation incurred due to a vehicle accident.

Personal Injury attorney in Avondale, Arizona AVONDALE PERSONAL INJURY ATTORNEY

Personal injury cases in Avondale including car accident, slip and fall, pedestrian accident, premise accidents, dog bite, serious accidents, or crime victim accidents need the legal representation of an experienced Avondale personal injury lawyer. Discuss your specific case with a professional attorney at our firm knowledgable in the Arizona personal injury law. Contact My AZ Lawyers to schedule a free initial case evaluation and consultation with an attorney.


Avondale Legal Services at My AZ Lawyers

With Avondale located just outside Phoenix, you have many options for legal representation. However, the team at My AZ Lawyers offers a range of services to meet the most pressing legal needs you are likely to have.

Our Avondale lawyers are ready to help you through your divorce or your family law matters in Avondale, AZ such as child custody hearings or child support settlements. These are difficult times when a lot is at stake, and working with an experienced lawyer can help you fight for the best outcome for your case. Our team of Avondale family law attorneys has the expertise and the sensitivity to handle these cases.


If you are struggling with financial issues, our lawyers may be able to help you file for Avondale bankruptcy to get the fresh start that you need. Your attorney can help you analyze your options to determine the best course of action to meet your goals. Contact our Avondale bankruptcy lawyers today.

Finally, if you are facing criminal charges, such as driving under the influence in Avondale, our team may be able to help you fight the charges or to get a reduced sentence. By working with a legal advocate, you may be able to mitigate the impact on your Arizona criminal record with Avondale criminal defense and open up more opportunities for your future.

My AZ Lawyers provides these and other services for people throughout Avondale and the surrounding area. Our team of attorneys has years of experience and specialty training in these specific areas of law. That means that they can help you through the process to make the situation as easy as possible, and they can fight to help you protect your rights or to try to get the outcome you would like. If you live in Avondale or the surrounding area, you should call us today if you are in need of legal assistance for any of these issues.

Legal Services in Avondale with My AZ Lawyers

Avondale Accident Lawyer

Avondale accident attorney free case review

If an accident due to the liability of another party cost you or a loved one or family member injury, contact My AZ Lawyers accident attorney in Avondale to discuss your potential case. Damages and losses from an accident may be significant – both physical and emotional – and the impact of an injury could affect every part of a victim’s life. In order to recover financial compensation for medical expenses, property damages, medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, or wrongful death, our Avondale accident lawyer will assist you with legal representation and the pursuit of maximum compensation. Accidents for which damages may be recovered include:

  • Auto accidents (trucks, cars, motorcycles, ATV’s, scooters, semi-trucks)
  • Slip and Fall accidents
  • Premises Liability accidents
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Personal Injury Accidents
  • Serious Injury Accidents
  • Catastrophic Accidents

Avondale accident attorneys at My AZ Lawyers provide experienced legal service and are committed to the best possible result for personal injury cases.

Avondale Experienced Accident Lawyers

It is important to seek the representation of My AZ Lawyers if involved in an accident in Avondale. An attorney handles all the legal process as well as negotiates and communicates with insurance companies. Personal injury cases may be complex, and in order to get a settlement that is fair for the losses suffered because of an accident, victims need the support of our legal team.

Order of Protection / Restraining Order Attorneys in Avondale

Restraining orders provide a legal protection to prevent ongoing harassment or violence. The orders of protections involve family members, partners, and order of protection attorney in Avondale household members. Victims of physical of emotional harm may contact My AZ Lawyers to discuss an order of protection. Our Avondale restraining order lawyers are knowledgable of the law, and are experts at the legal process regarding orders of protection.

An emergency order of protection allows for the restraint to be entered without notice or presence of the opposing party. This serves as a temporary order of protection intended to provide relief for a short period of time. Again, enlisting the help of our restraining order attorney in Avondale ensures that an order of protection is properly filed and a victim’s rights are completely protected.

If you are in need of an order of protection, contact My AZ Lawyers to protect yourself.  We can help you to understand the restraining order process and answer any questions you might have about filing a restraint.

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