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An automobile accident case or personal injury case involving a vehicle accident in Arizona frequently includes damages:

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1. PROPERTY DAMAGES. Property damage claims in Arizona may include:

  • the cost of repairs to the vehicle
  • the cost to recover the fair market value of the vehicle (in the event that the vehicle is a total loss)
  • reimbursement of rental car expenses incurred while the vehicle is not drivable
  • compensation for loss of use of a vehicle
  • residual decrease its the vehicle’s fair market value after repairs.

2. MEDICAL BILLS and EXPENSES.  A person claiming personal injury is entitled to recover the necessary and reasonable expenses for treating injuries:

  • medical costs
  • hospital bills
  • prescription medicine expenses
  • diagnostic testing
  • doctor treatment expenses
  • ambulance / paramedic charges
  • surgery costs
  • physical therapy
  • medical supply expenses
  • related / necessary medical costs
  • future medical attention needed because of injury

3. LOST INCOME and WAGES.  If it is determined that due to a personal injury, you have orders that you may not work, or you need to miss work because of medical appointments or procedures,  you are entitled to reimbursement.

  • Recover lost wages
  • future wages

4. PAIN & SUFFERING.  Persons suffering from Personal injuries sustained (physical and emotional) as a result  of the negligence or intentional harm of another person are entitled to recover compensation for pain and suffering. Each case has unique issues, so consult with an experienced Arizona Personal Injury Law Attorney.  Clients often seek Monetary Compensation for

  • physical pain
  • effect of the pain and injuries
  • effect of injuries and pain to do work abilities
  • effect of injuries on family life
  • effect of injuries on social activities.
  • future pain and suffering / healing time
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5. OTHER TYPES of DAMAGES.  Some cases have such a significant impact on one’s life, that lifestyles and relationships are greatly affected. Separate damages may be claimed for a family member, or in some cases, punitive damages are sought.

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