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Hire our drug crimes attorney if you are facing charges in Arizona.  Many Arizona residents facing charges for a drug crime likely have concerns and questions concerning a conviction. My Arizona Lawyers is an experienced drug crime defense law firm. In Arizona, a drug offense is prosecuted aggressively. Meaning, offenders are sentenced severely and charges are investigated thoroughly. By all means, contact our drug crime defense law firm for a free consultation with an attorney.

In addition, an Arizona drug attorney examines the details of your case and begins to build a strong defense for your charges. Plus, our legal team takes on all Drug Crimes Attorney, Lawyers for Drugs in Arizona types of drug offenses. Experience representing drug charge cases makes our firm the best legal defense for a client arrested for a drug crime.

Examples of felony drug charges we have defended include;

  • Possession of drugs
  • Drug possession with intention to distribute
  • Distribution of drugs
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivating
  • Trafficking of drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia

In addition, crimes involving the manufacture, possession, and distribution of drugs are very serious offenses in Arizona. As a result, the Arizona criminal justice system carries out tough penalties as a result of a drug crime conviction.

Therefore, one of our experienced drug crime lawyers will fight the charges and protect your rights. As such, a conviction means fines and jail time and can have a major effect on your personal, professional, family and financial life.

Drug Possession Lawyer in Arizona

Drug possession in Arizona is a serious crime.  The police and prosecutors take drug possession and drug crimes seriously.  Thus, if you are facing charges in Maricopa, Pima, or Pinal county in Arizona, you should seek the assistance of our Arizona Drug Crime Attorney right away.

Additionally, possessing a controlled substance without a prescription is illegal. Plus, the type of drug in possession and its quantity matters for the charges and penalties. Also, a possession arrest can be made if any type of illegal substance is found on a person or in a person’s house, car, or office.  At the same time, Arizona has different classes of felony, and each conviction carries a different sentence.

Therefore, time in jail is a real possibility if you face a drug possession charge.  Plus, the penalty for drug possession in Arizona depends on the kind of drug and how much of the drug of which you were in possession. Also, repeat offenders have a greater likelihood of jail time.

Drug Distribution

Selling, transporting, and distributing narcotics, marijuana, or other dangerous drugs is a class 2 felony in Arizona. The penalty for a class 2 felony could be up to five years in prison.


First-Time offenders

Felony class

         Sentencing for felony offense

Class 2

Minimum 4 years, maximum 10 years

Class 3

Minimum 2 1/2 years, Maximum 7 years

Class 4

Minimum 1 1/2 years, maximum 3 years

Class 5

Minimum 3/4 years, Maximum 2 years

Class 6

Minimum 1/2 year , Maximum 1 1/2 years

Repeat offenders

Felony class

           Sentencing for felony offense

Class 2

Minimum 14 years, maximum 28 years

Class 3

Minimum 10 years, Maximum 20 years

Class 4

Minimum 8 years, maximum 12 years

Class 5

Minimum 4 years, Maximum 6 years

Class 6

Minimum 3 years , Maximum 4 1/2 years

Defending Drug Crime Clients in Court

My AZ Lawyers are prepared to defend drug crime clients in Arizona courts.  Therefore, you should allow us to protect your freedom. Keep in mind, Arizona drug crime convictions have harsh penalties. By all means, contact our Arizona drug crime attorney for a free consultation and drug crime case evaluation. Also, our firm will discuss your case, give you options, and begin legal representation building a case to defend your arrest.

Lastly, Arizona has drug courts to order supervision and treatment of drug-addicted drug crime offenders. Meaning, the Arizona drug court are intended to help addicted individuals. This means rehabilitation, not jail may be the penalty to reduce a future, repeat drug crime.

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