Bankruptcy myth: Filing bankruptcy is too difficult. BANKRUPTCY MYTH: It is too difficult to file bankruptcy.

When My Arizona Lawyers provides experienced, trusted, and expert legal representation for ZERO MONEY DOWN, erasing debt may be a reality. With the assistance of the bankruptcy legal team at our law firm, our clients discover that a potentially stressful bankruptcy process becomes a successful experience with a good attorney. A bankruptcy petition does require much documentation and paperwork by an attorney. The documents your attorney will need from you to file a bankruptcy petition are reasonable. Depending on the specific circumstances of your case, typically clients have the documents needed available to provide to the lawyer. There are certain factors (such as being recently divorced or being married, only receiving social security income, or being involved in a lawsuit) that may cause the need for more documentation for the attorney and bankruptcy trustee. The process will go much easier if the important documents are available, like tax returns and six months paystubs.

After the applicable documents have been submitted to the attorney for your case, the lawyer will draft your bankruptcy petition, go over this with you to make sure you understand it, then you sign it. Also, before filing bankruptcy in Arizona, you will need to take an online credit counseling course. The attorney files the petition on behalf of the client. A Meeting of Creditors or 341 Hearing will take place approximately 30-45 days after filing.

When clients are prepared for this hearing and do not pursue any reaffirmation agreements, this is the only court appearance in the bankruptcy process. Once the case is filed, you will need to take an additional online counseling course. Finally, after meeting all requirements of the bankruptcy court, and after the 341 hearing, your case is eligible for discharge.

Bankruptcy should not be a complicated or difficult process, as long as you have organized personal financial documents and an attorney to assist you through every step. Again, after documents are properly prepared and submitted, you sign the petition, take online counseling courses, attend 341 Hearing, and communicate with your attorney.

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