Common Causes Of Lengthy Divorce Proceedings & How To Cope

Our Phoenix Family Law Lawyers Discuss The Frequent Complications That Cause Delayed Divorce Cases

Many people may agonize over the decision to divorce, but once they reach that decision, they are ready for the break to be made as quickly as possible. As long as the divorce drags out, they can feel like they are “in limbo,” or that they cannot truly start their new lives.

Working with the right divorce lawyer can help you to get the fastest divorce possible. However, even with a great Arizona divorce attorney on your side, there are still many reasons why you might face delays. Here are some of the common reasons that divorce proceedings can take longer than you’d like:

Phoenix Family Law Lawyers Explaining The Frequent Complications That Cause Delayed Divorce Cases In Arizona

Marital Discord During The Divorce Process

Most people are very angry and resentful by the time they reach the decision to get a divorce. The fight over child custody, who gets the house, and who gets assets like investments or vacation property can all bring out the worst in people. Some people don’t want to give up anything because they feel they deserve it more, and others don’t want to give in on anything because they want to punish their spouse.

A Gilbert divorce attorney can help you work through some of these disputes, or can represent you in mediation to try to help you and your spouse reach a resolution. However, you should also work with a therapist to sort through your feelings so you can approach the proceedings with a more constructive mindset.

Disclosure & Discovery Problems: Hiding Assets & Finances Before Divorce

Your spouse will be required to turn over information about finances, including assets, as will you. Your divorce attorneys will look at this information to determine an appropriate settlement. Of course, there will be disagreement over what is fair to each party, but at least the attorneys will be starting from the same information.

Discovery can be delayed if your spouse refuses to hand over the required documentation, or if your spouse claims to have provided all documents but is actually hiding assets. Your Phoenix divorce lawyer may need to subpoena records or may have to hire a forensic accountant to find the information that is being hidden. Having a full understanding of your spouse’s income and assets is essential to ensuring that you get a fair divorce settlement.

Scheduling Issues For The Court

Sometimes, your divorce proceedings can be delayed through no fault of your own – or of your spouse. Sometimes, the courts just get backed up, and it can take some time to get your hearings scheduled. If you require multiple court appearances and the court is operating on delays, that means that every time you need to schedule something, you could fall farther behind.

Your Phoenix divorce attorney can help you explore options for getting around these delays, such as reaching a settlement through mediation. Just talk through the options with your attorney and do what you can to have patience if you face unavoidable delays.

The longer it takes your divorce proceedings to play out, the longer it can take for you to get the settlement you need to start your life fresh. The longer it can take for you to get the child custody agreement that you feel is right for your family. The longer it can take for you to heal emotionally. Work with the right divorce attorney to expedite the process so you can start working on the healing that you and your family need. Your Gilbert divorce attorney can help you expedite discovery through subpoenas and other strategies, can make adjustments to your strategy based on court delays, and can help you reach resolution faster through mediation or other strategies.

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