How an Arizona DUI Conviction Can Influence Child Custody Arrangements

DUI and Custody Agreements.  Can DUI Charges Affect A Child Custody Case?

There is a correlation between DUI and Custody Agreements.  Being convicted of driving under the influence can lead to serious legal consequences in Arizona. You can have your license suspended or revoked, be ordered to pay a steep fine, be ordered to install an ignition interlock device on your vehicle (at your own expense), and more. You can even spend time in jail. It’s important that you hire a Tucson DUI defense attorney when you are arrested so you can fight the charges and reduce the likelihood of facing these and other consequences.

In addition to the immediate penalties you may face from a DUI conviction, there are other, long-term consequences that can follow you. For example, you may find it hard to get hired for a job, to be approved to rent an apartment, or to be approved for professional licensure. The reason is that a DUI conviction is seen as a sign of your moral character, your stability, and your sense of responsibility.

For the same reasons, a DUI conviction could come into consideration if you are involved in (or will be involved in) a child custody dispute.

DUI and Custody Agreement. Your Arizona Lawyer. How an Arizona DUI Conviction Can Influence Child Custody Arrangements

Arrested for a DUI may influence your custody agreement.

Child Custody Considerations

When a judge makes a ruling about child custody, they will consider what is in the best interest of the child, primarily. A DUI and Custody agreement influence one another.  In almost all cases, what is in the best interests of the child is to have regular time with both parents.  This creates the development of a healthy relationship with both of them. Judges will typically only rule against such an arrangement if there is a strong reason not to, such as evidence that one parent or the other is not able to provide proper care for the child. Evidence of abuse or neglect would most often be cited in such cases.

Drug abuse and alcohol addiction can also be cited in child custody cases.  Plus, a DUI conviction could be cited as evidence to support these claims. Typically, a single conviction would not be enough to make this case.  However, if one parent has enough other evidence against the other in addition to the conviction, then the incident can be convincing.

The circumstances of the DUI arrest are also important. For example, if the parent was convicted of driving under the influence after getting into a serious accident that also resulted in the injury of the child, that could negatively influence a child custody decision.  Circumstances aside, DUI and Custody agreements impact one another.

Indirect Consequences of a DUI Conviction for Child Custody

Even if the DUI conviction itself isn’t enough to influence a child custody decision, other consequences of the conviction could influence the case. For example, say you are convicted of DUI, and then you lose your job. Not only have you now been fired, but you also have a DUI conviction on your record.  Therefore, a DUI conviction, which could make it very hard for you to find a new job. Without steady work, you may struggle to pay for a stable place to live.  Additionally, you may also struggle to maintain your vehicle.  Thus, with no vehicle, you can get to work or take kids to school.

In such a circumstance, your co-parent might be able to argue that you cannot provide a stable environment for your children.  Also, they could argue that you cannot provide for them.

Getting Legal Help

DUI cases can be more complicated than they appear, and child custody cases are always complex. Thus, you shouldn’t try to handle these matters alone. You should always hire the best legal representation you can to get you the best outcome. Therefore, if you are currently facing DUI charges, you need to hire the best DUI defense attorney you can find to fight those charges and do everything you can to avoid conviction. A good Tucson DUI lawyer can also fight to have your charges minimized if a conviction cannot be avoided, and that can help to minimize your consequences, so you can move forward more quickly.

If you have a DUI conviction already on your record, and you are dealing with a child custody dispute, you need to hire a good child custody lawyer to represent you. Therefore, a child custody lawyer in Tucson will help build a strong case on your behalf to minimize the impact of the DUI and to showcase your abilities as a parent, despite having made mistakes.

My AZ Lawyers, Your DUI and Custody Attorneys

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