The Multiple Steps of a Glendale Divorce

Getting a divorce in Glendale can be fairly simple or quite complicated, much of it depends on the people involved. It’s not advisable to attempt to make your way through the divorce process without the guidance of a Glendale divorce lawyer experienced in family law. The following are the basic steps involved in a Glendale divorce.

Steps of a Glendale, AZ, divorce

The Multiple Steps of a Glendale Divorce
Find out what steps to take during Divorce.
Glendale, Arizona


The first step is to file a petition with the court for dissolution of marriage. Your divorce lawyer will need your input as to what you are asking for, including property division, who is responsible for which debts, and child custody, support, and visitation. Your spouse will be served a copy of these documents and is then entitled to file opposing documents.

Temporary order

While the case is pending, temporary orders can be set determining such things as who will stay in the home, who will have temporary custody of the children, and who will be responsible for which bills. The divorce process can take several months and during this time both parties generally attempt to negotiate an agreement with the help of a divorce lawyer experienced in family law.


It is less costly, less time consuming and less upsetting if the parties involved can negotiate an agreement rather than going to trial. You can maintain more control and confidentiality by reaching a negotiated settlement. Both sides will be more likely to stick to their own agreement rather than commands levied by a judge. If you’re having difficulty reaching an agreement a judge can order mediation in an effort to settle some of the issues. Although your divorce lawyer will be essential in guiding you through this, in the end the decision whether or not to accept a settlement is yours.

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If the parties involved are unable to reach a settlement the case will go to trial. In a divorce trial you will each tell your side of the story to the judge. Based on your testimony, the testimony of others and the admission of applicable documents the judge will make a ruling and the divorce is granted. This ruling will state how your assets and income will be divided as well as when each of you may see your children.

Negotiating a divorce agreement or making your way through a divorce trial can feel like making your way through a minefield. The guidance of an experienced Glendale divorce lawyer can be instrumental in achieving the best possible outcome. At My AZ Lawyers our family law team only uses attorneys who have experience and  specialized training in divorce and family law.

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