Post-Divorce Work Life: How to Re-Enter the Workforce

Return To Work Guidelines And Tips After Going Through A Divorce

During your marriage, you may have stopped working for a short time or for many years. You may have stopped working so that you could raise children, or you may have stopped working so that you could pursue personal interests. If your spouse was able to earn enough to provide for your family, it wasn’t a problem.

Now that you’re getting a divorce, that source of support is disappearing. It may be that your Arizona divorce attorney can get you alimony, or spousal support, but that is unlikely to offer you the full support you need for your new lifestyle. You may need to go back to work. But now that you’ve been out of work, you may not know how to get back. Here are a few tips to help you with the transition:

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Develop a Plan

Just writing down your thoughts can help you to become more focused. Before you start your job search, work out a plan for what you would like to achieve and how you are going to set about doing it. Your plan might include a schedule for job searching, a quota for how many contacts you would like to make or resumes you would like to send out each day, or a timeline for when you want to be hired. Create your plan and refer to it often to keep yourself focused and motivated.

Get New Education

If you have been out of the workforce for many years, you may not have the experience or education you need to get the jobs you want. You can remedy that by starting with some new education. That doesn’t mean that you have to go back to school and getting another four-year degree or even go to graduate school. But you may want to consider taking a few online classes or even finishing a certificate program to get some new skills and maybe even a new certification.

Tap into Your Connections

Many people get jobs because someone they know lets them know about an opportunity that’s not being publicized or puts a good word in for them with the hiring manager. Start your job search by letting the people in your network know that you’re looking and asking them for their recommendations. You might learn about a great new opening, or you might just get some good advice for how to get noticed and move ahead in the hiring process.

Consider Your Interests

You may find that the work you used to do is either no longer available to you or is no longer of interest. Don’t limit your search to what you used to do. Think about all the things that interest you, and widen your net. You may find that you have to start in a lower-paying position, but keeping yourself open to these possibilities may lead to an extraordinary new career.

Prepare for Some Awkwardness

Maybe you haven’t been out of your job for too long, so you’re able to return to your old one. Or maybe you just made contact with someone at your old company and you’ve been able to get hired back on in another job or department. You are going to see some of the same people you knew in the past, and they are going to have some assumptions when they see you again – like that you’re married. Prepare for a bit of awkwardness as you navigate these interactions. The best thing to do is be direct and brief, and then move on to other topics of conversation.

Work Closely With Your Divorce Attorney

Finding work after your divorce is just one of many challenges you will face with this transition, but you can be successful with support and perseverance. Working with a good divorce attorney in Mesa can help you through many of the other aspects of your split, including making sure that you get the right settlement to support the start of your new life.

Call My AZ Lawyers in Phoenix today to talk with a divorce attorney. We’re ready to help you understand your rights in your divorce and to help you fight for the settlement you need to create your new life. We’ll help you fight for the share of marital assets that you deserve, and if you have children, we’ll help you fight for the right custody agreement for your family and the appropriate support amount. Call us in Phoenix today to schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer.


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