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Phoenix is not only the capital of Arizona, but it is also its largest city and is the sixth largest city in the country by population. Its central location also makes it a popular stop for tourists, as it provides convenient access to numerous attractions in the surrounding area. Phoenix is a popular destination for golfers since it is home to more than 200 golf courses. Nature enthusiasts also flock here for the Casa Grande ruins National Monument, MonteZuma’s Castle, the Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument and more. The city is a unique mix of dessert, mountains and metropolis.


Mesa is also in Maricopa County, and is about 20 miles east of Phoenix. It is the third largest city in the state and is the seat of the East Valley. Like Phoenix, Mesa is a big attraction for golfers. However, it is also a thriving cultural center, and it is known for its many historic properties and arts venues. Popular attractions include the Mesa Arts Center, Mesa Ampitheatre, Arizona Museum for Youth, Arizona Museum of Natural History, Mesa Historical Museum and the Mesa Grande Ruins. It has many homes and schools listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Mesa is a blend of the big city and the small town past. Visit our My AZ Lawyers location in Mesa.


Glendale is about 9 miles from downtown Phoenix. While it may not be the capital, it is still “Arizona’s Antique Capital.” The city earned the honor for its thriving antiques market, which has been recognized by publications such as USA Today and Sunset magazine. The city is also known for a bit of a sweet tooth since it celebrates the Glendale Chocolate Festival each year and is home to the Cerreta Candy Company, which offers tours to the public. Celebrities like Jennie Garth, Jordin Sparks and Stephenie Meyer call Glendale home – as do more than 220,000 other people, including the Glendale branch of My AZ Lawyers.


Chandler is one of the major suburbs of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Mesa lies to its north, and it is sandwiched between Phoenix and Gilbert. The city’s large population continues to grow, in part thanks to large companies like Intel and Orbital Sciences Corporation doing business in the city and attracting new residents with jobs. Cultural events and attractions include the yearly Ostrich Festival, the Arizona Railway Museum and the Holocaust and Tolerance Museum. The city has also been recognized for providing spaces for children that promote healthy exercise and play.


Gilbert lies southeast of Phoenix. Technically a town and not a city, Gilbert is actually the most populated town in the country, with just over 200,000 people in a 76 square mile area. The town takes its name from William Gilbert, who gave up land for rail line connecting Phoenix and Florence in the early 1900s. Once known for its hay production, the town’s economy now revolves around education, government services, health care and retail. Its intimate community atmosphere, low crime and quality schools have made Gilbert an attraction place to live for many.


Tucson is the second most populated city in Arizona, and it is home to major attractions such as the University of Arizona and Old Tucson Studios. The city is located about halfway between Phoenix and Mexico, making it an attraction location for those who enjoy weekend travel. Tucson is the home to a number of annual events, such as the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, the Tucson Festival of Books, the Tucson Folk Festival and the Fiesta de los Vaqueros. Numerous celebrities have lived in Tucson, including authors David Foster Wallace and Barbara Kingsolver, producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and gymnast Kerri Strug. Visit the My AZ Lawyers branch in Tucson.