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Contact our Tucson Criminal Defense Lawyers when facing criminal charges can be one of the most life-changing things you can ever experience. Once you are convicted, you can be branded a criminal and have to fight the stigma that comes with it your whole life. Depending on the charges, you may have a hard time getting a job. You may have trouble getting credit. You may not even be able to vote. Even if you are facing minor charges, such as traffic violations, you may find yourself dealing with the consequences for many years to come – even if it is only to struggle with regaining your driving privileges.

It is critical that you work with a criminal defense attorney when you are facing criminal charges. In fact, it is so important, that you are guaranteed the right to a criminal defense by law. A Tucson DUI and criminal defense attorney can help you to protect your legal rights and to mount a defense that may result in a reduced sentence or even no sentence at all.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Tucson, the experienced attorneys at My AZ Lawyers may be able to help you. One of our lawyers may be able to work with you all the way from the arraignment to the resolution of the case. An attorney may be able to mediate your case, submit a plea bargain or represent you at trial. Each case is unique, so each defense will be, as well.

Tucson is a land of opportunity. It is a place where you can build a life and raise a family. Don’t let those opportunities slip away from you because you made a mistake or found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Speak to My Arizona Lawyers today to find out how one of our criminal defense attorneys may be able to help you.