Wanting the Creditor Calls to Stop in Glendale?

Is there anything worse than constant creditor calls?

Rude bill collectors repeatedly calling you trying to get money, they usually call several times a day. Harassing phone calls can disrupt both your personal life and your professional career. The Federal Trade Commission forbids creditors from calling before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. local time, but the FTC doesn’t stipulate how many times a creditor can call during acceptable hours. Thus, persistent bill collector will often call multiple times a day.

How To Stop Creditor Calls by Filing For Bankruptcy With My AZ Lawyers in Glendale One way that you are able to get calls to stop from bill collectors is to simply ask them to stop. I know that this sounds too easy, however, Congress enacted federal legislation that regulates debt collectors and collection agents/lawyers calls and bill collection practices all while protecting the rights of debtors. This law, The Fair Collection Practices Act, makes it so that debt collectors have to stop phoning you to collect their bill once you ask them to stop. The law requires that you make your request to the creditor in writing, you can ask them to stop the next time that they call but to be safe, send your request via a certified letter through the USPS, return receipt requested.

Another way to get creditors to stop calling would be to hire a reputable Glendale bankruptcy law firm like our Arizona bankruptcy office. One of the many benefits that we offer our clients is that we start taking creditor calls for our retained clients, assuring that our clients are no longer being harassed by unwanted creditor solicitation. Once you are represented by one of our experienced bankruptcy lawyers, creditors are no longer to contact you directly but have to call our office instead of harassing you at home or work.

Our bankruptcy attorneys and staff recommend to our clients that they inform their creditors when they call, “I am filing for bankruptcy. I have an attorney and he told me not to talk to you. If you have any questions please call his law office”, give them our phone number (602) 509-0955 and then just hang up the phone. There is no sense trying to talk and/or reason with a creditor as they are not your friends and are not trying to be helpful.

Your creditors will call our law firm in most instances to confirm that you have actually hired an attorney. Giving your creditors our phone number will stop 99% of the creditor calls. If your creditors do call you again after you have given them our phone number, please let us know and we will call your creditors and demand that they stop contacting you and direct all communications for you through our office. Some creditors like pay-day and title loan companies, furniture stores, and other minor creditors are notorious for continuing the calls until the bankruptcy is actually filed. To assure your piece of mind, we will deal with your creditors.

If you are interested in making the creditor calls stop and want to have peace and quiet installed back into your life, please contact our Glendale law office today and set up a free consultation with one of our bankruptcy experts. Our consultations are FREE and you can get your questions answered and find out the options available to you through debt relief. We make creditor calls cease! Call us today, (602) 509-0955.

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