5 Questions You Are Likely To Be Asked By Your Divorce Lawyer

Experienced Divorce Attorneys Explain How To Be Prepared For Your Divorce Interview

After you’ve decided to end your marriage, one of the first things you need to do is see a divorce lawyer. A divorce attorney will talk over the circumstances of your marriage and separation with you and help you understand your rights in your coming divorce. The attorney will also help you understand the different strategies you can take to meet your goals – as well as giving you a proper understanding of what’s possible.

Separated Couple Ready For Their Divorce Interview In Mesa

Before you go to the meeting with a divorce attorney, you need to be prepared to present and review a lot of important details, including information about your finances, your relationship, and your family. Here are five top questions you are likely to get during these interviews:

How Long Have You Been Legally Separated?

Arizona does not require you to be legally separated before getting a divorce. However, some couples choose to legally separate as a precursor to getting divorced. When they do, they put terms in place to protect them during the separation, potentially including rules for spousal support, child custody and support, and separation of property or other assets.

If you have been legally separated, your divorce attorney is going to need to know all the details. Any agreement you made during a separation may impact the resolution for your divorce.

Where Are You Living?

Have you moved out of the marital home? Or has your spouse? This could influence the outcome of your divorce settlement. Moving out of the family home doesn’t necessarily give up a claim to it, but it can be used in an argument for who gets to keep the home or how the proceeds from the sale of the home should be distributed.

Do You Have Children?

If you and your spouse have children together, that is going to play a big role in your divorce negotiations. Your attorney will work with you on issues of child custody and child support. Where the children live and how they split their time is likely going to be a big point of contention. Your attorney will talk with you about your goals and help you determine the right strategy for achieving them.
Questions of child custody and support are often heavily influenced by emotion, so it’s important that you work closely with a divorce attorney on these issues to stay on track and to reach a satisfactory resolution quickly.

Why Are You Getting Divorced?

Arizona is a “no-fault” state when it comes to divorce. That means that you don’t have to have a reason to get a divorce. It also means that if your spouse did something to make you want to divorce them, you don’t get special compensation for it.

There are exceptions, however, and your divorce attorney will want to discuss the circumstances of your split to see if they apply. For example, if your spouse committed adultery, you may be able to argue that you deserve a greater share of marital assets because your spouse spent marital assets on the affair. Your attorney will help you understand what’s possible based on your circumstances.

What Are Your Priorities?

Do you want to keep your house but you don’t care about the retirement account or the boat? Or do you just want to walk away with full custody of your children? The divorce attorney will talk to you about what your priorities are to determine what the right strategy will be going forward – and to determine if achieving those priorities will even be possible.

This discussion will also help you focus so you can determine what your priorities are, if you hadn’t already. Some people show up to that initial consultation just feeling mad and wanting everything they can get. Your attorney will help you focus in on what’s important so that you can figure out a way forward.

Every conversation will be different, based on your particular circumstances and what you hope to achieve through your divorce. However, these are the questions that will help guide the conversation. Think through these issues ahead of time so that you are prepared to have a productive conversation with your family lawyer.

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