Debt Collection Harassment: How To Stop Calls After Bankruptcy

How To Deal With Creditor Calls & Letters After a Bankruptcy Filing In Arizona

One of the first signs that you’re having problems with debt is that you are getting letters and phone calls from your creditors asking you to pay and warning you about the penalties for failing to do so. As the debts continue to be unpaid, you may start getting incessant phone calls and letters. You may dread answering the phone or heading to the mailbox.

When you file for bankruptcy, you can put an end to those calls and letters. A bankruptcy filing triggers what is known as an automatic stay. That means that all debt collection activity has to cease until your bankruptcy filing is resolved, which is usually through a discharge. Even legal action like foreclosure or a lawsuit will be paused during this time. If the bankruptcy is discharged, it may be that the legal action is permanently suspended. Any debts that are discharged in the bankruptcy will no longer be legally collectable. You should not get any calls or letters about those debts ever again.

A couple suffering from creditor harassment after filing for bankruptcy in Glendale, AZ

The Bankruptcy Notice To Creditors: Miscommunication & Improper Timing

Sometimes, you may get calls or letters after your automatic stay has gone into effect simply because the creditors have not received the notification or because they have not entered it into their systems yet. They have people working in call centers off lists, and it can take a bit for information to trickle down sometimes. These creditors may not be intending to violate the automatic stay; their representatives just may not realize that it’s in place.

If you get any calls, you can gently but firmly notify them that you have filed for bankruptcy and refer any questions to your Glendale bankruptcy attorney. If you get any letters, call the number on the correspondence and notify them of the same.

Take Notes & Keep Records Of Creditor Harassment

Notifying the creditors that you have filed for bankruptcy in Glendale should be enough to put a stop to the phone calls and letters, even if they did get their wires crossed about the automatic stay in the first place. But some creditors will still push boundaries and do things they aren’t supposed to do. You need to keep records of the calls and letters you receive. Take notes about what is said during the phone call. Then you can have a record of what information has been shared to use in any legal action you need to take.

Take note of the date and time that you receive calls or letters. Write down the name of the person you talk to, as well as notes about what they say.

Talk To Your Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney About Legal Action

If creditors persist in harassing you about the debt, you have legal options. You may be able to sue the creditor, and you may be able to get restitution for the harassment. Talk to your bankruptcy attorney about what you are experiencing and what your options are. Typically, contact from your Gilbert bankruptcy attorney will be enough to put an end to the action. But you may need to file a lawsuit against especially aggressive creditors.

Filing for bankruptcy should give you immediate relief from harassing phone calls and constant correspondence from creditors. Once your bankruptcy is discharged, you should also get great financial relief. However, if your creditors persist in harassing you after your bankruptcy filing, you do have legal options. Always work closely with your Ahwatukee bankruptcy attorney to navigate this process and to understand what your rights and your options are. You don’t have to continue to suffer under the weight of debt or the constant harassment of creditors.

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