Divorce Rates in The United States

Divorce Rates in the United States with Tucson, AZ family law office My AZ Lawyers It seems like so many people are getting divorced, ever stop and wonder, How does the United States rank among the world nations in divorce rate?

Russia is at the top of the list of nations with highest divorce rate. It is believed that Russia is trying to appear more western and is exercising its freedoms, which includes divorce and and the breaking up of family/relationships. Another reason for such a high divorce rate in Russia is that there is a possible distrust among the people and their government. This distrust has in many ways and somewhat of a corruption has caused some disintegration of the traditional social structure. All these factors leave Russia as the number one nation when discussing high divorce rates.

Aruba has the second highest divorce rates in the world. This may be surprising, as Aruba is so beautiful with it’s; (sandy-beaches-vacation-destination-island) Aruba has a high standard of living and a low unemployment rate. Otherwise a completely desirable country ranks number two of all the nations in the world for divorces.

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America is a desirable country as well, where does the US fall into the rankings? The US comes in #3 on the list of highest divorce rates in the world. What makes the divorce rate in the US higher than in other nations? How did we end up at number 3 on this list? Possibly it is due to a culture that promotes individuality. We are taught at a very young age that we should do whatever we want to do and what makes us happy. We socially accept simply walking away from a difficult task or situation instead of working hard or spending time trying to fix something.

Another angle when looking at the high divorce rates in America would be to consider the financial problems that occur in relationships per a country that measures successes and failures based on money and income. Is it that the past few and present generations hasn’t learned the value of commitment or the respect for the institution of marriage? America is the land of freedoms and opportunities and conveniences, so when a marriage is no longer desirable or convenient or easy, Americans call it quits. Plus, chances are, the current generation have stood by and watched either their parents or their friends’ parents go through a divorce because they were not happy. Growing up around divorce being socially accepted leaves the option of divorce as a viable one.

Let’s put marriage in an international perspective. Marriages are more common in the US than in other nations, thus, the fact that we recognize more marriages may in turn explain the higher divorce rate. The US ranks one of the highest in marriages, and thus, in divorces among developed nations in the world. Americans experience more transitions in and out of marriages than do persons in other countries. These transitions can also be seen in a general trend of relationships: cohabitation, same-sex relationships, and not only divorce, but a higher number of multiple unions — women and men divorcing and re-marrying 1-3 times. The US has a unique statistic of a combination of high marriage and high divorce rates, which also sets it apart from other nations.

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Another factor that factors into the equation is that the institution of marriage and the family system in our country is definitely distinct from other nations. History has shown how marriage has changed over the decades. Husband and wife used to have defined roles; the husband was the “man of the house,” the “breadwinner,” and “head of the household.” In American society today, we know this is no longer the case. Possibly the economic status, income, and standard of living of Americans has something to do with the higher divorce rate. Possibly as times have changed and as our country progresses and advances, marriage is an institution that is respected less and “to death do us part” is not appreciated or taken seriously.

Marriage was once viewed in our society as a sacred relationship. Well, that was also “the good ol’ days” before technology, social media, the internet, and additional opportunities for both men and women have led to an ever increasing numbers of marriages ending in divorce. If you find yourself in a marital situation that you are unhappy, consider contacting an experienced Tucson family law attorney and find out what choices are available to you.

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