Do I Need A Lawyer If I Was Hit In A Crosswalk?

What Are My Legal Rights If I’ve Been Injured In A Car Accident?

Each year, there are hundreds of car accidents involving pedestrians in Arizona. The vast majority of these accidents result in significant or severe injury, or worse. This means it’s important for pedestrians to be fully aware of their surroundings and know what to do if they are struck by a vehicle while in a crosswalk. If you’ve been hit by a vehicle while in a crosswalk, contact an experienced Arizona personal injury lawyer to discuss your situation and learn about your legal rights.

Crosswalk In Arizona

Who Has The Right Of Way In Pedestrian Accidents In Arizona?

Generally speaking, pedestrians have the right of way at intersections. One notable exception is when the crossing signal clearly indicates that pedestrians should not cross the street. If a pedestrian is partway across the street when the signal changes, drivers have the responsibility to be aware of their presence.

However, Arizona law indicates that pedestrians may not cross a road without allowing an approaching vehicle sufficient time to come to a complete stop. Additionally, pedestrians are prohibited from “jaywalking,” or crossing a road without using the specified crosswalk. To comply with the law and to protect their own safety, it’s crucial for pedestrians to cross the street only at intersections, crosswalks, or other designated walkways, and only when the crossing signal, if present, indicates that it is time to do so.

How Does Right Of Way Affect Personal Injury Cases?

After an accident, insurance adjusters, law enforcement officers, and Chandler personal injury attorneys who are involved in the case will examine the evidence and make a determination of who was at fault in the crash. The person who is at least 51% responsible for the collision is responsible for paying damages to the other parties involved. Damages and financial compensation, whether through a settlement or a court ruling, are reduced according to what percentage of fault each party is assigned in the accident.

In some cases, the vehicle’s driver will attempt to prove that the pedestrian is at least partially responsible for causing the accident in hopes of increasing their own compensation or reducing their responsibility.

Right of way, traffic laws, witness statements, video surveillance footage, and many other pieces of information are used to piece together fault after an accident. Whether the right of way was followed or traffic laws were violated is a crucial aspect of determining fault after a car accident.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Hit In a Crosswalk In Arizona?

After being hit by a vehicle, especially in a place such as a crosswalk where there is a reasonable expectation of safety, most pedestrians will feel some shock, adrenaline, fear, and even anger. The most important things you can do in that situation remain calm, control your anger, and get out of the street to a safe location if physically possible. 

Immediately after a car accident, follow these steps:

  • Contact law enforcement: Arizona law requires that the local police be notified of the incident so that a report can be filed. Even if your injuries appear to be minor or the driver has fled the scene, it’s imperative to contact law enforcement immediately.
  • Get contact information from the driver: Obtain contact and insurance information from everyone else who was involved­­­­, and be prepared to share your information with the other parties as well.
  • Take photos of the scene: If you are physically able, take pictures of the accident and your injuries. Try to get photos of the entire intersection, street signs, and any other information that may be helpful later.
  • Get medical attention: Even if you feel fine, get medical attention right away. Many injuries are not immediately apparent due to adrenaline after an accident. Failing to seek medical attention can adversely affect your personal injury claim later, which is why your Phoenix personal injury attorney will always recommend getting medical care even for seemingly minor injuries.
  • Contact an experienced attorney: Contact a Gilbert personal injury lawyer immediately after your accident. Your lawyer will work to protect your rights, represent you to insurance companies, and help you obtain the highest possible compensation for your damages.

How Can An Attorney Help Me After a Crosswalk Accident In Arizona?

If you’ve been struck in a crosswalk, your rights need to be protected, and that’s where a trusted personal injury attorney can become your new best friend. Your attorney will provide legal guidance through every step of your personal injury case. They will conduct their own investigation into the circumstances of your accident to help determine liability so you can work toward the highest possible compensation. Don’t try to face an insurance company alone after your crosswalk accident! Get in touch with a trusted  Glendale personal injury lawyer right away.

Get The Guidance You Need From An Experienced Personal Injury Law Firm

After an accident in Arizona, pedestrians need representation. Let the experienced team at My AZ Lawyers help you understand your legal options and provide the representation you need as you recover from your injuries. We provide compassionate, professional legal services and will be by your side every step of the way. Trust us with your case! Contact us today to schedule your free, confidential consultation.


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