What If I don’t like my Tucson Family Lawyer? Can I get a Different One?

What If I don't like my Tucson Family Lawyer? Can I get a Different One?

What If I don’t like my Tucson Family Lawyer? Can I get a Different One?
Learn what you can do when your not happy with your family law lawyer.
Tucson, Arizona

If you feel your Tucson Family lawyer is doing a bad job you have every right to fire them. But there can be several problems involved in firing your lawyer and hiring a new one, so this is not a decision to be made hastily, especially if you are angry. When you hire another lawyer you will have another lawyer to pay. Unless your first attorney is fired for something seriously unethical or incompetent you will still be required to pay them for whatever work they have done. Then when you hire a new attorney you will have to pay their fee for handling your case as well. One thing you should always do before you resort to firing your Tucson attorney is to schedule a face to face meeting to discuss the issues you are dissatisfied with.

It’s not unusual to feel skeptical about your lawyer at some point in the process. The most common reason people become disenchanted with their lawyer is because they fail to return their phone calls or to explain why things are moving more slowly than expected. This can leave a client wondering if their attorney is working on their case at all. That’s usually a misconception due to the fact that most attorneys stay too busy working on their client’s cases to get around to making phone calls. Often lawyers feel that making phone calls wastes valuable time that could be used working on their client’s files. So before you decide to fire your attorney and hire another, schedule a meeting to talk about your case and how it is progressing. You may find your lawyer has accomplished far more than you thought and that your case is moving along nicely.

If you assure your attorney that you appreciate how busy he is, but that you really need an occasional update, they will most likely oblige. On the other hand, there are viable reasons to fire a lawyer such as a conflict of interest, or anything dishonest or unethical such as if your lawyer requests that you lie or commit perjury or fraud. In these cases you should file a complaint against the attorney and you generally will not be required to pay that attorney fee. Don’t make a rushed or uninformed choice when you hire a Tucson lawyer or it can negatively affect the outcome of your case.

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