Drivers Running Red Lights and Causing Fatal Accidents is at a 10 Year High

AAA is recommending that drivers and pedestrians use caution at traffic signals, as the number of people killed by drivers running red lights is higher than is has been in a decade. According to AAA data and crash data, in 2017 (the latest data available), 939 people were killed because of a vehicle going through on a red light.

Because of drivers who will not stop for the red light signals, two people are killed daily in the United States. AAA reports these numbers are 28% higher than in 2012.  Clearly, when a driver decides to blow through a red light instead of stopping safely makes a choice that puts other drivers and pedestrians in danger.

Why the numbers for deaths due to drivers not obeying the red light traffic laws has risen is not clear. In fact, the overall number of highway deaths rose 10%, while the number of deaths due to red light running rose 28%. AAA suspects that perhaps distracted driving may play a role.

Possible solutions to curb the increasing death rate at intersections include increasing red light cameras and law enforcement. AAA recommends drivers proceed with caution when a red light turns green, to make sure all cross traffic has stopped. Also, pedestrians and bicyclists shouldn’t assume traffic will stop or even notice you are using the roadway. Pay extra attention, be visible, and don’t use headphones — stay alert.

What should you do if you are hit by a car that ran a red light? Intersections controlled by traffic lights is where many accidents occur. There are all too common scenarios that happen at intersections, whether the driver is distracted, or avoids stopping when seeing a yellow light. Vehicle driver as well as bicyclists and pedestrians are at risk for an accident that can result in devastating injuries. When a traffic light turns green, it should be safe and it is lawful to proceed through the intersection. However, if any driver fails to stop at the light as they are supposed to, an accident may happen.

A victim of injury caused by an accident that involved a driver running a red light may be entitled to compensation. Proving who is at fault in the accident is necessary. An experienced attorney at our law firm works for injured clients and determine negligence. Damages incurred by victims that may be recovered include medical costs (present and future), loss of wages, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma.

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