DUI Guide: 6 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make during a DUI Arrest

You know you shouldn’t drink and drive. But when you drink, you aren’t in your right mind to make the best decisions. You might think you are “fine” when you’re not. Or you might think that it will be OK to drive since you are only going a short distance. But the best thing you can do after you’ve been drinking is to ask a friend to drive you or to call an Uber.

If you get pulled over while you are under the influence, everything that you do can determine whether you are convicted of a DUI and what your penalties will be (if any). By keeping some of your senses about you, you can save yourself a lot of trouble. If you can remember, here are six mistakes you shouldn’t make if you have been stopped by an officer or are being arrested for a DUI:

Police Officer Intervene Driver

Say Too Much

Police tell you, specifically, when they read you your rights that anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. That goes for anything you say before or after your arrest. Saying too much can give authorities more ammunition against you in court. Don’t go into the details about the party you were just at or the amazing drink your friend made you. Answer all questions as simply as possible – with just a “yes” or a “no” if you can. The less you can say, the better off you will be.

Offer a Bribe

You are already being arrested and facing criminal conviction. Don’t make your problems worse by committing a crime. Offering police officers a bribe of any kind – whether it’s with money, other items of value, or favors – will result in more charges being offered to your arrest. Don’t think that you’re going to get lucky and get out of the whole debacle because this police officer will be the one who accepts the bribe. This attempt will almost certainly backfire.

Run Away

You are not going to be able to outrun a police officer – especially after you have been drinking. Do not ever attempt this. Attempting to evade arrest is a much more serious offense, and you will be facing stiffer penalties if you are convicted (which you almost certainly will be since the officers on site will testify to your actions). No matter how bad the situation may seem, it is always better if you cooperate with the officers.


Remember that anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. That includes lying. If the officer asks you how many drinks you’ve had and you say “two” when the truth is six, that can come back to haunt you. The judge may be less lenient at sentencing. Instead, you can decline to answer the question. Just do it politely. If you are hostile to the police officer at all, that can also come back to haunt you.


It’s not a crime to be rude, but no one ever got any favors by being a jerk. It’s always better to be cooperative and polite. Not only will you avoid saying anything that can be used against you in court, but you also won’t antagonize the officer or other law enforcement that are involved in the case. You want people to be more sympathetic to you, and that won’t happen if you are arguing and being rude.

Fail to Hire a Lawyer

No matter what the circumstances of your DUI arrest, you need legal counsel. An experienced DUI attorney can help you understand your legal rights and give you guidance on how to move through the legal process to minimize your penalties. More importantly, your attorney will put together a case that may be able to get the charges against you dismissed or may be able to have your penalties reduced. You won’t be able to do any of that on your own, and you may even make the case against you worse with your actions or the things you say.

There is too much at stake if you are arrested for a DUI. Remember these tips, and you’ll get out of your arrest with the least amount of damage. Don’t do these things, and you’ll end up with more jail time and other penalties.

If you have been arrested for a DUI, call My AZ Lawyers for experienced legal help. Our DUI attorneys can help you understand your legal options. They will explore all strategies to try to get the charges against you dismissed. When that’s not possible, they will fight to have your penalties reduced so that you can start over as quickly as possible. Call us today for a consultation with an Arizona DUI attorney.


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