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Drinking can impair your judgment, which is why you should never drive under the influence.  However, already impaired judgment often leads to the decision to drive.  You may also not realize how impaired you are, or you may think that you are OK to drive a short distance.  In any case, it’s a mistake that can happen to people with even the best intentions.  Not to mention, a mistake that can lead to very serious legal charges requiring the services of a criminal defense lawyer or worse.

Also, if you have been charged with driving under the influence in Glendale, Arizona, you need a DUI law lawyer.  Meaning, a DUI law lawyer with experience and skill who can work with you to try to get the best outcome for your case.  In addition, the DUI law team at My AZ Lawyers is ready to help you.  Particularly, our lawyers have experience defending DUI cases and other criminal charges.  Furthermore, our DUI attorneys understand the laws concerning your case and what options are available to help you protect your rights.

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    Why Hire A DUI Lawyer?

    Depending on the circumstances of your case, a Glendale DUI attorney may be able to help you get the charges against you dismissed altogether or to get you a reduced sentence.  Generally speaking, plea bargains may be used to help you serve community service or to pay a fine instead of serving jail time.

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    Glendale My AZ Lawyers DUI Team

    Additionally, our Glendale DUI lawyers have extensive experience representing clients who are charged with or are facing DUI charges.  Therefore, our familiarity with the law helps us to make your case and to represent you in and out of the courtroom.  Consequently, DUI laws in Glendale are very strict and we know that a Glendale DUI can impact your entire future.  Thus, think about the effect a DUI can have on your everyday life, such as your job, the ability to take your children to school and much more.  Therefore, when you have been charged with DUI, you need the best legal team for the case.  By all means, contact our Glendale DUI lawyers as soon as you can to make sure your rights are protected right from the start.

    Glendale DUI Defense

    Glendale DUI Defense from My AZ Lawyers 85308

    By hiring a competent and experienced Glendale DUI attorney, you ensure that you get the best possible defense.  Also, our lawyers are extremely familiar with DUI checkpoints and testing and may challenge the legality of the checkpoint in court.  In order for results collected at such checkpoints to hold up in court, the police has to follow stringent procedures exactly.  In particular, our lawyers can help you to determine if the procedures where done according to Arizona law.  Also, to have the best DUI defense available is an important first step in protecting yourself and your future.  Therefore, ask your DUI lawyer in Glendale any questions you may have about the best defense strategy for your DUI case.

    Legal Representation Importance

    My AZ Lawyers in Glendale Legal Representation

    If you have been charged with DUI in Glendale or surrounding communities, it is of utmost importance that your retain legal counsel, as fast as you can.  In other words, do not think for one moment that you won’t need a lawyer to get your charges thrown out or keep your license. For example, most drivers who do not have DUI counsel, aren’t aware that they must take action in order to prevent their license (which was most likely been taken by police) from becoming suspended.  In any event, an experienced Glendale DUI lawyer can assist you with retaining your license and advise you on the best course of action to boost your chances when you actually go to court to argue your case.

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    To summarize, there are no guarantees for how your case can be resolved when you are working with a lawyer.  However, you can be much more certain that your case will not turn out as well if you are working on your own to defend yourself.  By all means, call My AZ Lawyers today to find out how one of our DUI law attorneys in Glendale may be able to help you protect your legal rights and get a better outcome for your case.  Additionally, DUI charges can seriously jeopardize your future; make sure you are taking the steps to protect it today!

    Lastly, our Glendale DUI Law attorneys offer free initial consultations for those facing DUI arrests in Glendale, Peoria, and Arrowhead.  We also offer payment plans for every budget and also have reasonable monthly payments available.

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