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Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers

Bankruptcy Attorneys in Glendale, Avondale, Peoria, & Surprise, AZ

Bankruptcy services in Glendale Arizona | Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers

Like many other communities throughout the United States, the community of Glendale has been continuing to struggle through years of a weak economy. Some people may have experienced layoffs, and others may have remained underemployed for long periods as they were unable to find skilled work in their fields. They may have turned to personal loans or credit cards to help them make it through the hard times. Despite their hard work and their best intentions, those debts may have gotten away from them.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, My AZ Lawyers may be able to help you get the debt relief you need through bankruptcy.  The Glendale Bankruptcy Lawyers of My AZ Lawyers offer free consults and payment plans for people in need of debt relief in Glendale, Avondale, and Surprise, Arizona.  Though many people think of bankruptcy as a sign of failure or defeat, it is actually a program created under the law for people like you who are struggling with overwhelming debts and who need a second chance.

One of our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers from My AZ Lawyers will work to help you understand your options under this legal protection program. Other reasons you may find yourself needing to consider bankruptcy include having gone through a recent divorce or a major illness or injury. Bankruptcy may be able to help you discharge unsecured debts such as credit cards, medical bills and personal loans while possibly keeping assets such as your home and car. In other cases, bankruptcy can help you reorganize your debt so that you are making one payment that you can afford under a lower interest rate.

Call the Glendale bankruptcy lawyers from My AZ Lawyers today to discuss the details of your case and to find out if a bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help you get the debt relief you need. You may be able to start reclaiming your finances sooner than you think and start creating the life you want again.  Our consultations are free and can be either in office or via phone.

Our Glendale bankruptcy law office located at 20325 N 51st Avenue in Glendale, Arizona is convenient to people seeking bankruptcy in and around Glendale, Peoria, North Phoenix, Arrowhead, and North Scottsdale.  With same day consultations in most cases, our Glendale bankruptcy lawyers will quickly get you the “fresh start” you are seeking.

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