How Limited Scope Firms Can Damage Your Family Law Matter


Family law, on its surface, seems like it would be a fairly straightforward field of law. Besides, what could people need out of family law services besides divorce and child custody/support? However, these two matters on their own can become far more complex than one would expect. Several other issues fall within the realm of family law, and whether clients come to us for those services or originally come for a “boilerplate” divorce or custody matter, end up needing those services anyway. No attorney can predict with 100% certainty what will occur in your family law case, which means you should hire an attorney who is prepared to handle anything. Don’t let a limited-scope law firm take your case just to leave you hanging when you need quality representation the most. Our Arizona family law attorneys offer full-service representation in family law, as well as expertise in related areas of law. When you’re ready to take start the process with your free phone consultation, call us at 480-448-9800

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Limited Scope vs. Full Service Law Firms

Unless you have extensive legal knowledge or a background in litigation, you may have never heard of the terms “limited scope” and “full service” law firms. Many attorneys portray themselves as full-service attorneys when they truly operate on a limited scope. Full-service attorneys offer a wider array of representation in legal matters than limited-scope attorneys. Here’s an example of how this may play out in a family law context. 

Let’s say that a married couple has decided to get divorced after a relatively short marriage, but the spouses share one or two children under the age of 18. The spouses don’t have much of a marital estate to argue over in property division and agree to share 50/50 custody of their children. The mother has retained what she believes is a full-service family lawyer, and doesn’t realize otherwise during her fairly simple divorce. However, issues arise after the divorce is finalized. Perhaps the father develops a drug or alcohol problem or interferes with the mother’s custody rights. At the very least, the mother will want to petition the court to modify their current custody orders to protect her rights. This would be a terrible time for her to find out that her family law attorney doesn’t handle modifications and other disputes that arise after a divorce has been finalized. Similarly, the attorney could have no experience in mediation, protective orders, or other specialized issues that are still related to family law. 

Hiring a limited-scope family law firm puts you at risk of being unprepared for unexpected issues throughout your case. The issues being fought over in family law court are usually invaluable, so the risks of hiring a limited-scope attorney don’t outweigh the benefits. My AZ Lawyers is staffed by experienced attorneys who won’t abandon you when you need help the most during your family law matter. To learn more about the benefits of hiring our firm for your case with no risk or obligation, click here or call 480-448-9800 for your free consultation. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using a Limited Scope Firm For a Family Law Matter?

Just because you are consulting a family law attorney for “just” a divorce, legal separation, etc., doesn’t mean that you may learn later on that you need help with more detailed and specific areas of law. Forgoing a full-service family law firm means potentially accepting several disadvantages throughout the process, including:

  • An unexpected loss of legal representation
  • Lack of foresight regarding related family law issues while addressing the primary legal matter
  • Reputation is unknowledgeable within the legal community
  • Less working relationships with other family law counsel and familiarity with family law judges
  • Having your case reviewed by someone more concerned with money than how your legal matter transpires
  • Lack of security knowing your attorney can handle any legal matter thrown your way

Family Law Clients May Be Forced To Represent Themselves Once Limited Scope Attorneys Bail

Oftentimes, when a legal matter concludes, a family law attorney will withdraw as the attorney on record after a certain amount of time has passed with the general assumption that the client can come back in the future if they ever need family law help again. If that client does later need an attorney for a matter their former attorney doesn’t handle, they will need to start the search for a family law attorney anew. Things will become even more stressful for the client if this happens during their family law matter. Here, finding a replacement attorney could be difficult, if not nearly impossible. Some attorneys may not be willing to step into a legal matter that has proceeded so far, especially if the prior attorney has made mistakes or oversights that will make getting the case back on track harder. You may have an upcoming hearing which may not give a new attorney enough time to prepare. 

A limited-scope attorney isn’t going to step aside from a case when it is simple and easily manageable. When their scope reaches its limit, it will be when a case is at its messiest and most complicated. Ending representation at a time like this could put their client in a legally and emotionally vulnerable situation. Our entire family law team prides itself on providing compassionate, quality legal counsel not just when it’s easy, but when our clients need it the most. To get an honest and thorough review of your family law matter, click here or call My AZ Lawyers for your free consultation at 480-448-9800

Discuss Your Case With a Lawyer, Not a Salesperson

Limited scope firms aren’t just limited in the types of legal matters they can handle- they’re also limited in the legal professionals they have available to discuss your case within an initial consultation. At My AZ Lawyers, you have the confidence of knowing you’re discussing your case with a lawyer who has years of experience helping clients in situations very similar to yours. 

Telling the difference between a salesperson and a true legal professional isn’t supposed to be easy. Limited-scope firms rely on the fact that most people aren’t familiar with how full-service firms operate when they get clients to retain. Consider the following questions during your family law consultations to be on the lookout for limited-scope firms that disguise themselves as full-service. 

  • How long have you been practicing family law in Arizona?
  • Do you have receptionists and staff who take your calls or do you use an out-of-state call center service?
  • Are there any types of family law matters that your firm DOESN’T handle?
  • Under which circumstances would your firm need to withdraw from my case?
  • What is the name of the attorney(s) who would be handling my case?
  • How have your cases turned out with clients similar to me and my situation?
  • How much does my initial consultation cost?

Of course, the best salespeople might still be able to wriggle their way out of answering these questions fully and honestly. This is especially true if you are under extraordinary stress due to the root cause of your family law matter. Start your search for family law representation with a firm that handles a variety of family law and family law-adjacent issues. To schedule your free consultation with My AZ Lawyers, click here or call 480-448-9800.

Hire Lawyers With Expertise & Passion For Arizona Family Law

Some lawyers join the field because they want to make money, and some join because they want to help people. Family law attorney who truly wants the best for their clients will make sure they are experienced in any type of issue that could arise in their clients’ cases. At My AZ Lawyers, our staff and attorneys know just what it takes to come out on the other side of a family law matter with as little damage as possible. We will treat your case with all the care and attention it deserves because it could be time with your children, your financial future, and more on the line. Don’t let a limited-scope family law firm damage your case, potentially beyond repair. To schedule your free initial consultation contact us through our online form or call 480-448-9800


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