Is It Safe To Change Lawyers In The Middle Of a Divorce?

Can I Change Lawyers Once The Divorce Proceedings Have Started?

Switching to a new attorney amid a divorce can be tricky sometimes, but not impossible. You may want to change your lawyer because you’re not happy with the progress, or you feel uncomfortable with the lawyer’s techniques. Regardless of the inconveniences you find, you have the right to change the attorney, but you must first evaluate your situation. 

Before contacting an experienced Mesa divorce lawyer, take note of the following recommendations to be well-prepared if you decide to change lawyers. 

Is It Safe To Change Lawyers In The Middle Of A Divorce?

Analyze Your Problem

Firstly, you have to think about why you want to change your attorney. Is it a solvable problem? Is it the legal fees? Some problems can be resolvable because they’re not caused by the lawyer, but other issues may be a warning that your attorney isn’t a good option for you. 

If the problem is how much time the divorce is taking, then reevaluate your thinking as it is out of your attorney’s hands. If you have an issue that can be easily solved, then consult it with your attorney before switching to a new one. 

If the issue is caused by your attorney, choosing another one might be a good idea. A lawyer that doesn’t have clear communication with you or does not keep you updated about every part of your case might not be the best for your situation. 

Choosing a family law lawyer in Glendale might be a bit complicated sometimes, but if you study well what you need first, the choice will be easier.

Warning Situations To Consider

Consider these telltale warning situations if you are not so sure whether your lawyer is causing issues or not: 

  • Unanswered calls. Although lawyers are always busy and they sometimes have no time to answer calls, they always let the clients know when that happens. If you’re constantly playing phone tag, or your messages are often going unreturned for over 24 business hours, then the problem may be bigger than you think and it can be caused by the lawyer. 
  • Lack of planning or order. If your lawyer is constantly asking you for the information you previously sent, or signing papers you already signed, then it may be a warning sign that your lawyer isn’t well-prepared for your case.
  • Failure to meet deadlines. If your attorney misses deadlines without valid explanations or due to problems within her or his control, then there’s probably a lack of management, and that can affect your case in the end. 

Any of these signs may be a solid reason to switch to a new divorce lawyer in Mesa, but remember that your current attorney is still human and mistakes aren’t impossible. However, if you tried talking to your lawyer and that didn’t solve anything, then you may need to get legal assistance elsewhere. 

What To Do Next?

After analyzing the warning signs, you can now check back the reviews and credentials that initially made you decide on the first divorce lawyer. Were these credentials enough to show experience in your specific situation? Were the reviews made on rating services or impartial websites? Were the credentials updated and in good relation with the state’s bar association? All of these questions matter, so weigh them against your own experiences to have a better understanding. 

If you have an issue with your attorney, other clients may have too, that’s why you should always check the reviews and credentials. On the contrary, if your attorney is highly reviewed, then try talking to see why you are not having the same experience as other clients.

Choosing An Experienced Divorce Attorney In Mesa

You can now feel better about your decision to switch to a new attorney during a divorce. To start your search properly, remember to check the credentials and reviews of other divorce lawyers in your area. Feel free to discuss legal options with people who have hired divorce or family lawyers before, they may have excellent opinions and tips to help you choose better.

Choosing a new lawyer in the middle of a divorce can be a bit difficult, but if your current attorney is not doing a good job, then you must seek legal guidance from another professional who can handle your legal issues properly. At My AZ Lawyers, we can make your case a priority and make your divorce case more manageable.

Our experienced divorce lawyers can help you get a fair resolution for your case, so contact My AZ Lawyers to set up a FREE, no-hassle consultation.



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