The Purpose of the Parent Information Program in Glendale

Divorce can be devastating to a family. Not only can it be emotionally wrenching for the couple who has decided to dissolve their marriage, but it can also be very difficult on the children, who may feel confused and lost. Psychology Today says that divorce is a major event in a child’s life, and children of divorce experience a major shift in identity and way of life.

The Purpose of the Parent Information Program in Glendale

The Purpose of the Parent Information Program in Glendale
Learn how the Parent Information Program can make things easier for you children.
Glendale, AZ

When you consult with a divorce attorney in Glendale, you may be surprised to learn that the dissolution of your marriage is not just as simple as hammering out the details of the division of assets and custody. In fact, your Arizona family law lawyer will tell you that you have to attend classes as part of the Parent Information Program before you can complete any divorce proceedings, finalize any child custody arrangement, or close any other case related to a domestic issue.

Purpose of the Program

The Parent Information Program requires that parents going through a divorce or formal separation attend a class that discusses how the separation impacts the children involved. Contrary to what some may think, the classes are not parenting skills classes. Specifically, the classes talk about what the children are going through and how parents can be empathetic to their feelings or help them manage those feelings.

Both parents must attend these classes, but they must attend separately. The reason the courts require separate attendance is to prevent any potential for abuse or harassment between the parties.

Specifics of the Program

Parents who are undergoing a divorce or separation are not the only ones required to attend the Parent Information Program. Parents who are involved in other family law issues may also be required to take the classes. Such legal actions include paternity suits, child custody cases, child support cases, and other domestic disputes.

The court may also require that parents attend the classes if a child custody arrangement or child support case is revisited and modifications are requested. The reason is that these renewed discussions could cause continued discord that could negatively impact the children. The classes help parents to understand what they’re children might be going through so that they can help them through it.

Those who do not complete the required classes will not be granted their petition, and they may be found in contempt of court, which could carry jail time or a fine.

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The fee to take the classes is $50 per person. The classes are offered throughout Arizona, including several locations in Glendale. Parents who prefer to take another class that they feel would be a suitable replacement can do so if they petition the court and get permission.

When you consult with a Glendale family law lawyer, you will be advised as to what classes are suitable and where you can take them.

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